Inside Aila’s Life Day in Day Out

Why do I write so often? As in everyday, may posts ako siguro 1 to 3 posts a day? How do I do that? Kahit hindi naman ako sikat na blogger sadyang ang dami ko lang sinasabi lagi HAH!

Hi guys! Here are several reasons why I can write so many posts or how I can write daily (except on weekends)

  • I don’t have many friends I can talk to on a daily basis. So I end up writing everything that I could have told a real life person. (sad nu hahaha chos)
  • I think about a lot of random things and I want to share it with other people but I don’t have anyone aside from Kyx and my mama who would listen to all of those random thoughts so I end up writing it here on my blog hehe.
  • I work as an in-house copywriter. I write a whole lot of contents for newspaper, social media, magazine and all that. No one bothers me in the office, not so much. So when I get burned out, I’ll write something using MS Word and people still think I’m working on an article hahahaha ‘kala niyo ang dami kong time ‘no? HAHAHA! ßeto talaga yung reason kung bakit nakakapagsulat ako ng madalas sa blog eh. Sana hindi mabasa ng officemates ko. If mabasa niyo, guys ginagawa ko naman work ko eh. Sadyang need lang ng break daily diba? LELS. Hahaha
  • I am very very quiet in real life. Especially in the office. Backstory: it took me a good 6 months before I warmed up to my officemates. They are very friendly and warm, when I was new here, a lot of other people are also new (so hindi ka ma-OP talaga diba) but I am very distant. I don’t talk to them unless I need to or they need something from me, I don’t eat lunch with them, it’s either I wait for all of them to finish eating before I eat or I wait for Kyx’s lunch break (dati same building kami nung nag-ooffice pa si Kyx) Now, I talk to my officemates and I eat lunch with them. I’m also a bit talkative now but really, I’m a quiet and shy type of person MEHEHE. I only ever unleash my mind and soul here on my blog, dito nabubuhos.
  • I find it hard to speak. I am an awkward person and conversations in real life kinda make me cringe so as best as I could, I communicate with my office mates through chat or emails HAHAAH. So maybe, I write a lot cause this is the only space I have wherein I can talk wholeheartedly? And twitter!!

Elephant For My Mom

My mom has this huge elephant collection. It’s not like she have hundreds of figurines but she has a lot of elephant stuff. From stuffed animals, socks, key chains, coin purse—whatever that has elephants in it, she surely would have it.

I have an elephant key chain given to me by a friend as pasalubong from an out of the country trip. My mom saw it and asked if she can have it! I was like “why are you loving all these elephants?” and then she blurted out that she feels like the elephant is her spirit animal and she adores its symbolism. She said elephant is a symbol of strength and that’s what she’s holding onto most of the time.

After a while, I read from somewhere that elephant is the symbol of strength, wisdom, family oriented values and patience. It hit me how much my mom is like an elephant. She cares so much for her children without needing a husband or a man beside her for she can do whatever it is for her children. She’s independent enough, strong willed and amazing with soft spots and harmlessness. She’s everything. This is why, the first painting I made out of my new paint set is for my mom.

I found inspiration over a watercolour magazine someone lent me, I saw beautiful elephant pieces. Though I wanted to sketch this myself, I feel like it will be nice if I collaborate with Kyx!

This concept was inspired from a photo we saw on google and an art magazine. Credits to the original artist who whipped this concept. (Though this is our own version but still..)

The sketch is by Kyxarie Peralta (a digital artist *a terrific one!*) you can check his artworks on

Watercolour art is by Althea Cargado (that’s me!) and Kyxarie Peralta

Stuff used: Winsor and Newton Cotman Set, sable brushes, Canson watercolour paper, Pebeo’s Gouache paints

I hope you like it!

To My Mama,

This elephant symbolizes everything that you are mom. The strength and perseverance you have no matter how tough life is. The wisdom you have that never fails to amaze us and leave us very much inspired to be as wise as you are. The patience and positive outlook you have on life which makes us look back, eyes with soft and happy tears knowing that you went through everything without lashing out on people around you and encouraging us that it will always get better no matter what. Lastly, the love you have for your children is incomparable. With that love, you taught us how to love, you taught us how love should be. Without a doubt, I will strive to follow your footsteps, to be at least close to how you are as a person. To strive for goodness and everything you stand for. I love you, Mama. I really do. Until my last breath, until my time ends. I will love you forever and nothing can ever change that. As I keep saying, I will always always choose you to be my mother if I would be given a chance in a different lifetime. In all lifetimes, I will choose you. Ikaw at ikaw lang ang gusto kong maging nanay sa lahat ng oras at lahat ng panahon. Kung papipiliin ako, ikaw at ikaw lang ang paulit ulit kong pipiliin.