Mercury Retrograde Hitting Us Hard + What a Saturday/Sunday!

Okay, let me start off by saying that I cannot wait until Mercury finishes its retrograde. I can’t emphasize enough how stressful it has fucking been!!

Saturday – I was supposed to be at home but I had to work on a few articles in the office so I had to go to work. It’s not at all that bad, my day went like a breeze and it’s alright. Fast forward to going home.

Went home, had a handful of cashews for merienda and waited for my mom. We just had a quick chitchat and Kyx and I agreed on going with our friends to a gig in Paranaque.

As I was changing my clothes and getting ready for it, I realized that most of my good stuff were at my mom’s house and I have nothing but office clothes at Kyx’s house. He suddenly blurted out “magpapayat ka na kasi para hindi ka mahirap bihisan”. Right then and there it only took 5 seconds for me to go ape shit on him. I was so wild I had to find it in me to control myself. It was so hard because I want to rip him apart! As in gagoooo ka baaaa???? Are you fucking body shaming me???? As in I want to strangle him so bad, I want to turn into a hyena and just wag him off from my mouth like fucking crazy. I was so mad.

(just a disclaimer: I have been on a diet for so long but losing weight is just so hard. If only I have all the time in the world, I’d go boxing 24/7 but I have 6 days of work in a week, traffic is so bad in Metro Manila, healthy food is super expensive, so tell me? Would it be easy to fucking work out after a stressful day at the office + 2 hours travel time? Not to mention boxing is also expensive! I do workouts at home and even Yoga but it won’t help me lose a ton of weight in a flash okay? Okay fuck you okay? Ahah)

We were arguing for a good 2 hours or so and we had to cancel with our friends because I was crying so hard and Kyx was also angry at himself and in the whole situation.

(As in ang lala. Nagaaway kami because I was so fucking hurt with his stupid comment. Like????) and it escalated pa because he retorted that he wants to be proud of me daw and I went ape shit again kasi ARE YOU NOT PROUD OF ME YET? Hahahah as in tangina, I am doing the best I can and I’m losing weight because I want to, not because people want to look at me and say I’m pretty and hot and sexy??? So???

As in hindi natatapos. I don’t know how it happened but Kyx apologized and I cried some more. He explained himself and told me he wasn’t body shaming me (eh ano lang?!?!?!?!) and said na maybe his words weren’t right or maybe he could have said it better and after 2 hours, we’re ready to go.

Of course we didn’t make it to the gig and so we just hung out at a restobar in the streets of Makati. Chill place, awesome friends to hangout with, overall good shit. We even played beer pong. Airah and Digs came too. It was a fun night until that home along da riles experience.

After drinking, around 2 in the morning, we decided to eat at SEX (Sinangag Express located in Makati), we all had a few drinks, we decided to Waze our way to SEX. Fucking Waze led us to the PNR riles and it went downhill from there.

We were panicking so hard but Kyx managed to find the road back, reached SEX and we’re good.

UNTIL we saw that our tire was slashed!!!!

Kyx thinks it was slashed by bolts or the train thing from the railway. Naloka ako. The tire is so fucking flat. As in.

Kyx had to change the tire and it was a fucking funny experience. Good thing Kyx knows everything he needs to know with basic car stuff like this. Hayyyyy. We were almost fucking doomed! Hahahaha (akalain niyo sa payat niyang yun he managed to change his tires! haha okay, stop with the body shaming thing)

Our friends were there and they helped us, laugh with and at us. Kakaloka!

We got home at around 5 in the morning and overall, it was a fun Saturday/Sunday. It’s just a crazy weekend. But I can’t say I hated the experience, I somehow learned a lot from everything that happened and I loved how the day turned out. (Kahit we will shell out 20k because Kyx wanted a new set of tires na HAHAHA)

I guess the good thing was that even though the situation is so stressful, no one was in a bad mood. As in everyone was laughing like crazy and trying to get out of this bad tire situation–even Kyx was laughing his ass off! God’s grace saved us that day. ❤


My Stars Are Aligned (I think. At last!)

Everything simple that I hope for was granted to me and I am glad everything fell into place. Lol.

  • I am just about to finish my period before our swimming schedule next week and yassss I’m so happy cause I can swim without worrying about getting my period while on vacation!
  • The Althea box that I have been waiting for finally arrived. I was getting anxious because Kyx and I would be away during the holidays!! Buti nalang dumating na lels.
  • I was almost late for work for like 2 times this week but the heavens managed to help me be at the office on time. Hurrah!
  • You know what I did yesterday and today? I deleted all the photos of my ex best friends!! Every photo I have that reminds me of them, all the places we went to, all the group photos and selfies we took are now GONE!! I finally managed to get rid of it! It felt so light that I was actually able to delete it as if it’s nothing to me. I wasn’t even nervous or angry or lost or confused. I just deleted them straight up! HAHA!

I am looking forward to spending the 13th of November until the 15th with Kyx at Nueva Ecija. Kyx’s dad is originally from Nueva Ecija and they have a house there. One of the many fun things to do at their casa is SWIMMING!! Can’t wait to swim all day, all night for the next 3 days. Lol baka sipunin hahaha. I find swimming at Kyx’s house in Nueva Ecija relaxing, soothing and calming. Tahimik kasi and of course, wala masyadong tao muhahaha.

I feel happy and positive. Sana forever na to lol.

Weekend! Sept. 30 – Oct. 1

My weekend wasn’t fancy nor was it something great but some weekends are meant to be laidback just like this one.

September 30 – Saturday

  • It wasn’t too busy at work although I wish I was somewhere else instead of spending 8 hours at work.
  • After work, I met up with 2 of my Telus buddies, Suz and Crissy. We chose to spend time chit chatting at Costa coffee near my office. It was homey and cozy and not a lot of people hangs out at underrated coffee places like Costa hehe. After coffee, we went to Mercato at around 7pm. I ate lehon and a whole bunch of isaw manok and baboy. I was soooo full.
  • When I got home, I puked everything that I ate. My mom said it was “indigestion” hahahaha ang takaw ko daw kasi. Ayun, sinuka ko din lahat and until now, masakit pa rin lalamunan ko huhu.

October 1 – Sunday

  • I was still not feeling well so I didn’t get to go with my mom and sisters when they visited Laguna. Then Kyx had to go to his meeting so I was left at my mom’s house and slept the afternoon away. I even packed my watercolour and art materials thinking that I’d spend a lot of alone time for the day but boy was I wrong HAH!
  • Kyx picked me up at around 6pm and he bought my favourite goodies from Bread Talk which I absolutely loved!
  • When we got home, we had dinner with his parents and afterwards, Kyx and I watched movies. First movie was Gerald’s Game and the second one was a Korean film. I slept halfway the last movie and felt so sorry because Kyx wasn’t able to work that evening just so we could have our time together. Hehe. Anyway, he deserves time off! He works every freaking day (he’s home based so well, whatev)

Overall, I think my weekend is pretty nice. Minus the fact that I acquired an eye irritation due to allergies. Until now, I have this floater; a sac thing with water inside and it’s so itchy.

How was your weekend?

Oh btw, I’ll post the photos here later 😀

Raw: No Time

I just feel like this week has been such a heavy week for me not to mention that I didn’t get to see or even bond with Kyx. Ang pabebe ng problema ko diba hahaha pero it’s so hard to have Saturday work! I only ever get 1 day off per week and I’m so close to just leaving this company. (chos. di pwede pa eh haha)

Today, I will meet up with 2 of my friends from Telus. Ya see, we became friends while we were still working at Telus so that’s why I call them Telus friends lels.

Tomorrow, Kyx will have a meeting for work and I might just go to Laguna with my mom and sister.

What rest?

Followan nalang tayo sa twitter 🙂 it’s @xoxthea if gusto nyo ng chikahan at rants hahaha chos.


September 16 and 17

After the book signing, Kyx and I went to Ayen and Bella’s simple but fun 21st birthday celebration. I love spending time with these youngins cause I feel young too hahaha I’m their Ate and even if I am 5 years older, we still click together eh.

We stayed for about an hour then left for ramen at Makati with his friends.

This is my 2nd try at Mendokoro Ramenba. I didn’t like it the first time we went there but maybe because I ordered their tantanmen which is clearly not the best-seller (or ako lang nagdecide na hindi siya for best-seller?) Anyway, we were there around 9:30? Traffic from Pasig to Makati wasn’t that bad, it’s in fact very light and smooth. We picked Suwa up at Glorietta 4 and we went to Mendokoro Ramenba where we waited for Kenneth and King. We were in line for about an hour, there are a lot of people and we didn’t know it’s a big hit. I always thought of that restaurant as meh but then it changed! HAH! We ordered the Super Chashu, I didn’t order my own bowl cause I ate at Ayen and Bella’s birthday gig and I was still full so Kyx just gave me some of his and I LOVED IT GRABE ANO BA. Huhuhu. I always thought Ippudo was the best ramen place here in PH but I think I love Mendokoro Ramenba now!

After eating, we hung out for a bit with the boys and talked about life and all the fun stuff they have to share hahaha. Kyx’s friends are my friends too and it’s always nice to hang out with them.

Sunday, Kyx and I did nothing but cleaned our room, watched K-Movies and slept. I like slow and lazy Sundays more often than not. Nakapahinga ako ng maayos.

How was your weekend guys?
I was planning to go to the last day of the Manila International Book Fair 2017 at SMX Moa but decided not to. Aside from the fact that traffic would be so bad, there would be lots of people too and there’d be loads of books that I would buy even if it wasn’t part of my budget so I chose to sleep instead. Magagastos ko talaga yung buong sahod ko don kaya I didn’t trust myself hah!

My Happy Weekend (Sept. 2-3)

That was the first time in a long time wherein I actually enjoyed my weekend.


  • Morning, I woke up to a serving of hot taho and pan de sal.
  • Went grocery shopping with Ate E and bought ingredients for Sinigang.
  • Since I rarely spend weekends at mama’s house, they gave in to my request of Sinigang for lunch!
  • After lunch, brought mama to the salon she goes to (it’s a small salon but she loves Levy, the person who takes care of her hair) and then bought a rack for our pantry.
  • After buying the rack, we went back to the salon and mama asked Levy to dye my hair. She said my hair is so black and that I look older with it so she wanted my hair to be a bit lighter. ~I didn’t want to color my hair but I did it anyway for a change and I liked it. I mean it takes some getting used to hehehe. (nagsugat scalp ko afterwards. Masyadong matapang yung color and oh my gahd my pamilee hahaha ang sheket)
  • Went home then Kyx picked me up. We were supposed to go to cubao expo but it’s almost 11pm and he said he didn’t feel like going out super late. Tss hahaha.


  • Woke up and ate breakfast with Kyx.
  • Wrote a bit and read a few blogs.
  • Ate lunch with Kyx and family.
  • Took a nap.
  • Went out to have dinner with friends

Simple weekend, nothing fancy but my heart is happy!


Slow Saturday

This is one of the lucky Saturdays that I do not have work.

In the Philippines, yesterday was a Holiday. Our office then decided to offset our Saturday so I had to work on a holiday (without holiday pay) and now I am typing this, loving a non-working Saturday! Hayy for the first time in a long time, I am at home on a Saturday afternoon.

I woke up with taho waiting for me. After that mom gave me pan de sal with nutella and I wrote a bunch of stuff. After that, we went grocery shopping and went kangkong hunting (PureGold C. Raymundo, bakit wala kayong kangkong?)

Not working on a Saturday, spending time with my family and doing things with them make me so happy.

I guess when you’re growing old, you realize what’s more valuable and what you need to be grateful for.