Let Me Explain

It was raining so hard yesterday that our office was forced (forced talaga kasi never nila ginawa yun) to suspend work. Kebs lang sakin kahit nakabihis and make-up na ako and ready to gora na  (deep inside, saying talaga yung BB cream kasi malapit na maubos yun eh wala pa akong pambili pero oh well. Mas oks nay un kesa yung gas yung nasayang) so ginising ko nalang si Kyx for breakfast tapos natulog nalang ulit kami after.

I wanted to blog sana kaso aside from inuna ko pa maglandi (lambing lambing with Kyx kahit ang busy niya sa pagpipinta) natulog nalang ako maghapon. Binawi ko ang sleepless nights ko kaya wala ako buong araw yesterday, di rin yata ako nakapagbasa ng mga comments and di ko na-check mga blogs ng “everyday reads” ko hayyy. Pero okay lang, babawi ako today!

Bakit ba ako go na go sa pag-bablog? Why am I so agit to blog, update my blog and read your blogs? It’s simply because the only interaction I seem to enjoy nowadays are from the blogosphere. Aside from the fact that I don’t have many friends in real life, I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs. I learn a lot from you guys and I feel happy when you are, I feel sad when you are, I feel angry when you are. Ganon levels.

So anyway, what do I have to share? I think about the topics and stories I have been meaning to write about but siyempre, nalimutan ko. I really should start writing kahit keywords lang sa phone ko para hindi ganito. How are you guys? Magbabasa na ako ng blogs niyo today! Excited ako sa mga new updates, and sa mga busy and hindi pa nakakapagupdate ng blogs nila, I’m looking forward to your stories hihi.


Hello, Monday!

When I was in my senior year in high school, I LOVE Mondays! It means, more silay, more fun! I was stil crushing on Kyx back then and I am excited to see him or make him see me. HAHA!

Back then, when I know he’s in the same area as me, I wouldn’t look at him nor let him see that I even noticed him. Instead, I will make sure that he sees me pero ako, deadma lang. Ganyan ang pa-landi and pabebe effect ko.

I also remember getting so excited that finally, the weekend is over and I’ll get to see my friends (di ko na sila friends now, just saying hahahahaha) we’d hangout and talk about random things. It was fun (while it lasted) –I am trying to be funny ha, it’s not as if I’m bitter (defensive?) lels.

In college, I look forward to Mondays because in Miriam, we don’t have Monday classes. Mondays are meant for resting, activities, org days, plenary sessions and whatnot. In short, we get to have Mondays off from school (most of the time) so I liked Mondays.

Now that I am working, I don’t get excited knowing that it’s Monday, it’s gonna be Monday or it’s going to be Monday soon enough AGAIN. Ano ba. I guess, I wouldn’t complain so much if I didn’t have to work for 6 days a week. Lord, grant me patience, peace and strength. HAYYY.

This post is walang kwenta but I just really want to say that as of the moment, sobrang ayaw ko ng Monday. Punyeta.



  • I added a new menu thingy on my blog, it says “Everyday Reads” and there I (and will) put the links of the blogs I read every day. If you are interested in checking out their blogs, go see the “Everyday Reads” page. I added it because it’s hard for me to keep track of the blogs I read every day, as in I go to the “following” page wherein I get to see the people I follow and then get the URLs and then copy paste it. Hayy. I don’t know any other way to have a link to their page so I made something like this haha. I also need to fix it soon or edit it cause the last time I checked, some links are not clickable. *sigh*
  • I am also planning to add a category wherein I decipher song lyrics hah!
  • I want to have my weekend updates back again but I’m still thinking about it. Some weekends are fun but some aren’t. Nonetheless, maybe I’ll write about it anyway. Let’s see.
  • I wrote a lot of stuff but all are unfinished. I also ran out of scheduled posts now so maybe I’ll work on writing tonight.
  • What else do I have to say? Oh! Listen to Tired (Kygo Remix) ! I just learned of that song yesterday and I can’t stop singing it since then hah!

Don’t Let What You See On Social Media Get You Jealous

Why you need to stop bothering and getting jealous over people who post their stuff and life over social media.

There’s nothing wrong with posting the things you want to appear on your social media sites. After all, we live and let live. I mean I don’t care about the humble brags and #Blessed, I don’t even roll my eyes on those posts (although I do so before) because for me, anyone can post anything they like as long as they’re not putting other people down, as long as they’re not hurting anybody. If you want to flaunt your stuff or post unnecessary statuses just so you could brag, then go ahead and do so. Haters gon’ hate and you shouldn’t care about them.

I think, the percentage of insecure and jealous people went up when social media started poppin’. At least that’s what I think. Hah!

So here’s why you shouldn’t get jealous over stuff posted online.

  1. Look at it this way, people will want to project their lives as seamless and almost perfect. I mean, some even do it for the sake of likes (papansin) that’s why you shouldn’t be jealous of how “perfect” other people’s lives are compared to yours. Not everything you see on a social media platform is what it is in real life.
  2. I admire travelling and in fact, I love seeing people I know (blog friends x real life friends) travel and post their beautiful photos online but never have I ever felt a pang of jealousy over travelling. I mean someday, I know I’ll go to places I’ve never been to and I wouldn’t throw a tantrum or feel insecure just cause I can’t go anywhere else as of the moment. It’s okay to be in awe pero yung mabaon sa utang just for the sake of likes? Wag na uy.
  3. What you see online is not the whole picture. It’s just what was filtered already. I remember when my (ex) friends and I went to Bolinao. It was one of the worse trips I have ever been to. Super tiring, uncomfy and just blah—but I loved it cause I enjoyed every bit of it with my (ex) friends. So when we posted the photos, we all looked so happy and jolly as if like we’re having the time of our lives on a fun vacation when in fact it was filled with so much hassle and nakakainit ulo feels! So you just get to see the tip of the iceberg diba? Akala mo ang saya saya kasi ang saya sa photos pero di mo alam may mga grudges pala na tinatago tapos nagpaplastikan lang pala kayo. CHAROT. (HUGOWWWT)

Pero going back, why am I saying this? It’s because I know a lot of people (in real life lels) that feel like they are missing out on a lot of things especially when they tell me “kainggit si ganto” etc etc. I mean, the stuff we see on social media is other people’s lives and experiences and you have your own life to create and enjoy diba. In a nutshell, we shouldn’t be jealous because there’s nothing at all to be jealous about anyway.