TFIOB Meet Up Ver 2.0

TFIOB 2nd Meet Up (Photo from Kuya Jheff)

Saturday, January 6, 2018 – TFIOB Meet Up Ver 2.0

Of course, since I have to work from 9am to 4pm, I can’t make it on time. OBVS.

Right after work, I asked my officemate/friend, Anne if she can help me and my late sorry ass to go to Gateway Cubao. There was this “hidden” pathway called Butas and from there, we rode a tricycle heading to Guadalupe and then we rode the MRT going to Cubao. It was a fun experience because I don’t get to do that very often and I learned a lot from that trip (I’ll write about it some other time) Basta ang hirap huminga sa loob ng MRT, I swear haha.

When I arrived at Banapple, Gateway Mall (where the meet up was held) almost everyone was there. I didn’t get to talk to them as intimately as I’d liked to but it was still a fun experience. Those whom I met at the first meet up grew closer to my heart and the ones I’m meeting for the first time made me look forward to the next meet up.

There are still a lot of other Filipino bloggers from TFIOB that I’m looking forward to meet and talk to in person. Hopefully on the next meet up, I’d be able to see everyone.

On this meet up, I was able to meet these wonderful people and we all have different blogging styles, topics, culture, backgrounds and means of living but one thing that I realized is that everyone of us clicks just about right! We were able to set aside our differences and ang saya lang talaga hahah.

I’ll talk about the amazing things I experienced and realized while I was with them.

  1. I realized that I went out of my way for this people because these are the people that helped me when I was down and I love to see them and be able to talk to them personally.
  2. They helped me to get the hell out of my shell. When I am with them, I am not quiet and just a tinee weeny bit shy. It’s like they’re pushing me to give my full potential when socializing.
  3. They are really wonderful people. Go meet a writer and you’d feel like they really understand you to the core ?? And if not, they’ll try to understand you. I can’t explain the feeling, but just the openness of everyone? It’s impeccable!

Here are the bloggers I have met! Visit their blogs and see for yourself how wonderful these people are.

  • Kuya Jheff – He’s the one who organized the meet up hehe. Probably the kindest person I have met. He’s very patient, honest and nice. I really like him as a person. He inspires me to be better.
  • Rhea – Met her on the first meet up but I was not able to really socialize with her until the second meet up. She’s this strong amazing woman and she inspires me to be closer to God. 😀
  • Jas – The ball of energy that she is, is amazing!! She’s the life of the party and there is no dull moment when you are with her.
  • Jonathan – met this guy on the first meet up but was not able to really know him well, the second time I met him, I realized he’s kind, funny and a great person!
  • Kuya Keso and Ate Chococake – I was able to meet their kids at the meet up and huhuhu they are family goals talaga! Haha
  • Aysa – I was not able to talk to her that much because I was late and she needs to go home early hehe. But just like how she is in her blog—natural, kind and maganda!
  • Ely – I was looking forward to meet this person! KAKAIBANG FEELING! I didn’t know that Ely will be going talaga sa meet up and nung nakita ko na siya, NATUWA TALAGA AKO HUHUHU!
  • Kate – I think I knew Kate from the blog even before I knew these people and I was so excited to see her. FINALLY. She’s this amazing person who helped me in my darkest days. Huhuhu coffee date please!
  • Sensei – I was not able to talk to her that much because I was seated far from her although I was able to socialize with her before the meet up through comments and blog reading hehe. I like her!
  • Grace – I met her before at a blogging event but she can’t remember me HAHAHA. She’s this cute woman, very friendly and nice too! Can’t wait to see her again.
  • James – He’s this cool guy and I think he’s easy to get along with. He’s also very nice!
  • Patrick – I was not able to talk to him personally because when I arrived he already left but then he came back so we were just talking in groups with him hehe.
  • Pajama – She’s very mysterious but she has this game lagi vibes.

Overall, it was a nice experience to be able to at least meet the people behind the blogs I read every day. I hope our other TFIOB friends will be able to join us next time! Really looking forward to meeting a lot more people from the blogging community. Kakatuwa!

Hopefully, makita ko na din si Space, Alona, Kat, Jolens, Amielle, Kuya Albert, Jhem, Aubrey, Mikay, Ate Joy, Gerry, Chamy, Left Pencil, Jasmine, Ica, Kris, CJ, Ricaella, Monch, Marts, Meg, Marj, Eca, Princess, Deb, No Juan is an Island, Jirah, Vi, Jen , Idol Wanderer at marami pang iba! ❤

These are the blogs they wrote about the meet up:


TFIOB Coffee Date!

TFIOB (The Fault in Our Blogs)  is a group of Filipino bloggers from all over the world. It started as just a simple connection until it all turned into camaraderie.

I remember writing about how happy I am that I got over the biggest blow of my life and I wanted to celebrate (metaphorically) but heaven’s gate opened when Kuya Jheff wanted to celebrate as well because it was his birth month (last November). For a while he invited our fellow bloggers but only a few confirmed because most of our blogger friends live far away or their schedule just wouldn’t permit. Anyway, the group have decided to have a coffee date on December 2, 2017. Just as when it was a few days away, Kuya Jheff reminded me of the event WHICH I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT. wth.

I had a problem with my schedule because I am bound to visit my father in Nasugbu Batangas and supposedly, I should be leaving Manila on the 2nd of December but since there’s a coffee date with our blog friends, I told my aunt that I will be leaving Manila in the morning of December 3.

I was also a bit hesitant at first to join the coffee date. I find it exciting to finally meet the people behind the blogs I read but the introvert in me was not ready to meet them. However, I said YES already and it’s not at all too bad to go out of your comfort zone right?

Kyx: Go na. Kaya mo yan, mabilis lang yan.

Me: Pero nahihiya ako. Di ko pa sila na-meet ever.

Kyx: Pero nakausap mo na sila before. Okay na yan.

If it was not for Kyx, I would have bailed, I think. Or if it was not for Kuya Jheff, Jas and the rest of those who agreed to meet up, I wouldn’t have found the courage to go out of my way and have a coffee date with them.

I was patting myself in the back the whole time because finally, I am embracing change! If this happened about 6 or 7 months ago, I wouldn’t have gone and met these amazing people!

I was late. I didn’t expect that it was a bit hard to manage time when riding a public transportation, but all is well. When I got there, they all looked so welcoming, they looked so jolly and it’s as if they are not bored. It looked like they were having fun. I sat and tried my hardest to chitchat with them the way I do online. IT WAS SO EFFING HARD. I wanted to cry. HAHAHA. But I guess they made me really comfortable so it’s not as if I was out of the place, more like I AM ALL OVER THE PLACE.

When I was talking to them, when we were having fun, sipping our coffee, talking about random stuff, I felt like I knew them in real life talaga. Like they were really a part of who I am as a person, yung hindi ko lang na-meet randomly sa blog? I felt so comfortable that talking to them didn’t seem a burden for me. GRABE.

It’s as if I can tell them everything and they would listen to me, that they will not judge me, that they will tell me what’s up without being mean. It’s crazy but it’s true!! Parang hindi namin first time magkita kita, hindi ko alam kung magic ba yun or basta. Iba talaga. Feeling close kasi ako sa mga TFIOB bloggers kaya yun din siguro nakatulong sakin hahahahahha. Parang ang tagal na namin magkakakilala, walang dead air, walang dull moments. Ang saya lang hahaha lalo kami ni Jas HAHAAH di ko sure pero close na close talaga kasi kami sa mga commentan namin, umabot pala in real life. ❤ Si Rhea siguro ako siya if hindi ko nakakausap sina Jas sa comments hahaha. Medyo hiya ako kay rhea at first pero nowwww HAHAHAH hindi na ❤ love ka na sila ni Jas hehe

I’m still shy but I’m looking forward to meeting them again and hopefully, other friend bloggers would join us too!

Kuya Jheff, thank you so much for this coffee date. Thanks din sa pa-doughnut mo!

Kuya Keso and Ate, ang saya niyo kasama! 😀

Jonathan, hahaha nice to meet you hhaaha.

Rhea, ang cool mo, magkita tayo ulit!

Jas, beshhhh hahahahah ang saya sayaaaaa love it!!!!!!!!!

It was so lovely to have met these people and I was enjoying myself the entire time I am with them. We talked about a lot of random things and ang cool lang to meet fellow bloggers. I would want to meet a lot of other bloggers as well, especially the ones from TFIOB.

I guess what makes it special when fellow bloggers meet up intimately like this is when you sorta know each other just by reading their blogs and talking to them through comments hahaha. Hindi awkward eh.  I hope to meet you guys again and I hope to meet our fellow blogger friends in the near future ❤

Here are the photos that I got from Jas 🙂

I had so much fun! Ulitin natin ito ❤