“The Only Difference Between Your Opinion and Pizza is that I Actually Asked for Pizza”

How many times did we let other people’s unsolicited advice get on our nerves? How many times did we let it slip and slide because, well, we don’t like offending other people.

But you know what, if someone does something you don’t like, something rude or uncalled for, tell them off instantly. Of course, be respectful but be frim and truthful.

Just like yesterday, someone commented that I eat too little rice and another one chimed that maybe because I was on a diet. They’re talking about me on the 3rd person perspective as If I wasn’t there, they weren’t my close friends but they’re not doing it to bash me. They’re just thinking out loud and I understand that. However, you can’t go commenting about other people especially if their opinion is not being asked for. I wasn’t entirely THAT offended because it was true! I don’t eat a lot of rice because I am trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle no matter how hard it is and I don’t need people commenting about it especially that we are not even close. I laughed but I said in all honesty “someone asked your opinion?” I was smiling and they were laughing like it was a joke. But I said it because that’s the truth! I didn’t ask what they think, I didn’t ask for their opinions. Totoo naman eh, eh sa hindi ko naman talaga hinihingi ang mga opinyon nila eh?

And that my friends is how I was still perceived as the masungit, speaking her mind biatch.

I don’t care because as far as I am concerned, I am done taking crap from other people.



Pagkatapos kong malugmok, ipinakita sakin ni God na masyado akong naka-focus sa mga nakakapag-pa-stress sakin kaya kinailangan pa niyang ipakita sa akin na kaya kong maging okay.

  1. After writing about my little drama I had, I felt better. Moreover, I felt even better when you guys commented and helped lift my spirits! No matter how simple your messages were, it was enough to make me feel better again. Nakakaiyak yung mga comforting words niyo huhuhuhu 💖💖💖
  2. I keep a copy of the Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff OMNIBUS at my work table. I usually read it every morning but it has been a few days since I last opened it. When I did, what I saw left me surprised and tearful. The title is “Light a Candle Instead of Cursing the Darkness” it says that instead of stressing ourselves out over the problems we face, it’s best to find a solution. The line that caught my attention the most was this “taking positive, solution-oriented steps toward improving a situation instead of complaining about what’s wrong. It means being more a part of the solution rather than a reminder or reinforcement of the problem” (I must remember this)

Another one is this “When we focus too much on what’s wrong, it reminds us of other things we disapprove of or wish were different, which can lead us toward feelings of discouragement and being overwhelmed”

                As much as I can, I shall try to remind myself of these techniques or strategies in order to avoid dramas and too much stress.

  1. I was informed today that some of my overtime pay will be credited on this particular cut-off. I didn’t know how to react. I will have my pang-shopping and my sister’s school fee! Muhahahahahahahahah.

Aside from those, I realized that God and the Universe is really trying to make me feel better through small things that go unnoticed. Traffic wasn’t so bad today despite the fact that traffic was 10 million times heavier yesterday in Pasig compared to most days! It was insane. So I sort of expected another grueling battle with the traffic in Pasig. Surprisingly, it was moderate and actually a bit fast moving! My coffee has just the right amount of sugar and creamer. You see, being a batanguena I like my kapeng barako black. But my mom insists on putting creamer and sugar in it para hindi daw masyadong matapang. I don’t like creamy coffees and yesterday, my coffee is way too creamy for my liking. Today, it was just perfect! Another thing is that, payroll has been credited early!! Compared to other companies, our payroll gets credited later than everyone else’s kaya hallelujah talaga sa salary kanina! HAHAHA.

Ayan na si Kyx 😂

Paepal lang 😂

Yung pinagpeprepare pa ako ni mama ng baon ☺️

Mama and Aila 😘

Lastly, siguro hinga lang ng malalim, tapos laban lang ulit!

Crazy and Emotional

Last Saturday, I got to talk to one of my friends. That friend was part of the circle I left. I asked her what she thinks about the death of Horacio Castillo III and in the middle of our short discussion, I noticed that she hasn’t accepted my friend request on Facebook (the FB I am using now is a new one) so I asked her why, she said something like “Wala na ba yung fb mo dati? Di ko inaccept pa kasi baka lalo pa magkagulo gulo eh, gets mo naman siguro diba” HINDI KO GETS. (“Is your old FB gone for good? I didn;t accept it so as not to make things worse, if you know what I mean”—that’s the closest translation I could come up with lol)

It got me thinking, why do people who are not involved with the whole drama—involve themselves as if they’re part of it all. That person, was one of those who I think didn’t choose sides but, well, I don’t know anymore.

I was going back and forth, thinking if I should discuss any of this with Kyx but I chose not to because I feel like the more I keep talking about it, the more I bring myself despair and a lot of negative vibes to think about. Yet here I am, talking about it. I guess I only ever freely talk here on my blog.

With that incident, I keep thinking about it even if I know it’s not worth my energy, time and mental health. I hate myself for feeling bad about things that I can’t fix, things that I don’t even want to fix.

I’m sorry that you’re reading this crazy and emotional thoughts I’ve had over the weekend on a Monday (or Sunday or whichever day you’re reading this)

Let’s continue moving forward!

Don’t Let What You See On Social Media Get You Jealous

Why you need to stop bothering and getting jealous over people who post their stuff and life over social media.

There’s nothing wrong with posting the things you want to appear on your social media sites. After all, we live and let live. I mean I don’t care about the humble brags and #Blessed, I don’t even roll my eyes on those posts (although I do so before) because for me, anyone can post anything they like as long as they’re not putting other people down, as long as they’re not hurting anybody. If you want to flaunt your stuff or post unnecessary statuses just so you could brag, then go ahead and do so. Haters gon’ hate and you shouldn’t care about them.

I think, the percentage of insecure and jealous people went up when social media started poppin’. At least that’s what I think. Hah!

So here’s why you shouldn’t get jealous over stuff posted online.

  1. Look at it this way, people will want to project their lives as seamless and almost perfect. I mean, some even do it for the sake of likes (papansin) that’s why you shouldn’t be jealous of how “perfect” other people’s lives are compared to yours. Not everything you see on a social media platform is what it is in real life.
  2. I admire travelling and in fact, I love seeing people I know (blog friends x real life friends) travel and post their beautiful photos online but never have I ever felt a pang of jealousy over travelling. I mean someday, I know I’ll go to places I’ve never been to and I wouldn’t throw a tantrum or feel insecure just cause I can’t go anywhere else as of the moment. It’s okay to be in awe pero yung mabaon sa utang just for the sake of likes? Wag na uy.
  3. What you see online is not the whole picture. It’s just what was filtered already. I remember when my (ex) friends and I went to Bolinao. It was one of the worse trips I have ever been to. Super tiring, uncomfy and just blah—but I loved it cause I enjoyed every bit of it with my (ex) friends. So when we posted the photos, we all looked so happy and jolly as if like we’re having the time of our lives on a fun vacation when in fact it was filled with so much hassle and nakakainit ulo feels! So you just get to see the tip of the iceberg diba? Akala mo ang saya saya kasi ang saya sa photos pero di mo alam may mga grudges pala na tinatago tapos nagpaplastikan lang pala kayo. CHAROT. (HUGOWWWT)

Pero going back, why am I saying this? It’s because I know a lot of people (in real life lels) that feel like they are missing out on a lot of things especially when they tell me “kainggit si ganto” etc etc. I mean, the stuff we see on social media is other people’s lives and experiences and you have your own life to create and enjoy diba. In a nutshell, we shouldn’t be jealous because there’s nothing at all to be jealous about anyway.

What Your Big Sister Wants To Tell You

Here are the things your big sister wants to tell you and hopefully, you understand it and realize whatever you need to realize before it’s too late.

  1. Stop seeking comfort from other people. Friends and boyfriends/girlfriends.

There’s nothing wrong with telling your friends, boyfriends/girlfriends your problem. But turning against your family or choosing other people over your family is not good. I understand your teenage years are full of angst and irritation. “No one understands me” “My family is not there for me, they don’t understand me” you know those are not true.

  1. When you think you can fool us, you can’t. We just let you be.

You don’t get to fool us because before you go through that shit, we’ve been there, and have done that. “Papunta ka palang, pa-balik na kami. Nakailang balik balik na kami” so no, you ain’t fooling nobody.

  1. Education is so important. Don’t let the privilege you are given to go to waste.

Education especially here in the Philippines is a huge privilege. You don’t know how hard your parents and those who support you work just so they can give you the best education they can.

  1. Stop stressing yourself over small things and making a huge drama over it.

Life is much harder after school. Stay grounded, understand that life is not fair but people who love you try their hardest just so you can have a better life so why ya stressin’ over sh*t? After all, 10 years from now, these dramas wouldn’t even matter.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up.

You want to be an adult already? So you can just live your life the way you want to? Trust me, it’s not as fun and easy as it seems. One day you’ll look back and wish that you’d be in your kitchen at home with yo mama helping her wash the dishes instead of living the adult life.

  1. Learn to appreciate and be grateful of everything.

Your family and those who support you give you their everything, the least you can do is be grateful that they choose to love you and provide for you no matter how much of a prick you are.

  1. Don’t be jealous of the people around you.

So what if they have the latest gadgets, trendy clothes, branded stuff? That is not important nor it is the measurement of happiness. So stop looking at what others have and focus on what you have.

  1. Your mom and your sister should be your best friend.

There’s no one else in the world who will love you no matter but your mom and your family. The people who won’t judge you whether you fail or not. Those who will be there for you when no one else would be. Learn to love and treasure them before it’s too late, before their or your time runs out.

  1. Choose what’s right.

If it feels wrong and it goes against your beliefs and principles, do the right thing.

  1. Go after your dreams.

Go strive for that one thing you dream of doing. No one can stop you if you’re determined enough.


Life is short to waste it on crap, know what would help you, know what works for you. Your angsty teenage years will pass and all of this will be nothing but a memory so do what’s right for when you should look back, you’d have nothing but happy tears. You are young, enjoy it while it lasts and listen to your elders because it’s true, they want nothing but the best for you.

16 Things For a Better Life

In a lot of my rocky roads and tumble turns I have went through in my short 26 years of existence, I have learned a couple of things that may be helpful to some. This is also like a “note to self” thing so when I lose track of myself and the essence of everything, I can look back and see this.

15 Things that I have learned, been taught and realized–that may actually help others too!

  1. Your perception of what is right does not mean it is the only thing that’s right.
  • There are a few hundred more angles to look at things and you may find yourself in a situation wherein you know you are right but it’s not the only “right” thing in that situation.
  1. You cannot impose your beliefs and others cannot impose theirs on you.
  • You may have beliefs and principles you abide by but this doesn’t mean you can impose it on other people. The world is a vast and cruel place and people have different perceptions and beliefs on certain things. You can’t force each other to do what you do for your beliefs and the best you can do is educate yourself as to why some don’t support what you support and why some support what you don’t. (however, this is a tricky topic especially when it comes to social and political issues kaya wag na tayo mag-dwell masyado dito. Chos)
  1. Communication is the key.
  • If you want to resolve things with a co-worker, friends and family it is best to communicate with them rather than letting things go only to have them piled up. I have learned this in a hard way and part of what I changed was saying what I think and feel rather than keeping quiet only to bottle my feelings all up until I explode. It’s always a matter of how you say things and not what you actually said (given that your words are professional, civil and objective)
  1. Your feelings are not the only ones that matter.
  • There will be times that you would think your feelings matter the most and are important but needless to say, others’ feelings are equally important as yours.
  1. You don’t need to be cruel to make a point.
  • Need I say more? There’s always a work around in most circumstances.
  1. Doing mean things just because you feel like the other person “deserves” it anyway.
  • That’s what they did to me and I know how wrong it was. It almost killed me when they did so before you start doing something mean to other people, think about how you can almost kill a soul.
  1. You will regret not apologizing.
  • At some point, God or the universe will make you realize the wrong things you have done and you will regret for not apologizing. Maybe at some point you will think that you don’t need to apologize because “you have done nothing wrong” but in the long run, you’ll see and you’ll know.
  1. You will regret not forgiving those who have hurt you.
  • Forgiveness is a freedom and a gift you give yourself more than what you can give to those who have hurt you. If you don’t and can’t forgive, you are only trapping yourself inside a jar that refuses your growth and hinders the love you can give to yourself and other people.
  1. Always say “Please” and “Thank You”.
  • These things are appreciated and doesn’t even take a dollar to do so.
  1. Be there for your Family.
  • They are the ones who will be there for you FOREVER. People come and go but family won’t even if they want to kill you (metaphorically) No matter what happens “hindi mo yan kayang itapon at hindi ka kayang itapon niyan.” Be there and LOVE them wholeheartedly.
  1. Choose your friends.
  • Not everyone you meet will stick by your side through thick and thin. This is true and I have learned it the hard way guys. Kahit gaano pa kayo katagal mag-bestfriend niyan, you’ll never know kaya choose them wisely.
  1. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • It’s not that hard when you think about it. Masyado lang natin iniisip yung sasabihin kasi ng iba kaya laging nasusugarcoat or hindi na nasasabi at all.
  1. Bad days and Good days are not gonna stay that way for a long time.
  • So you better learn to cherish every moment whether it is good or bad.
  1. Appreciate what you have.
  • Count your OWN blessings, hindi yung naka-focus ka sa blessing ng iba.

15. It’s okay to be alone sometimes.

  • Alone time teaches you a lot of things.

16.Tell the people you love how much you love and appreciate them.

  • ‘Cause you’ll never when they’ll be gone.


August, It Was Such A Blast!

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday but I don’t know why I didn’t schedule it. Hay buhay.

August went by pretty fast, it’s my favourite month but it’s also one of the most challenging for me. I love August because of so many reasons, events and I just feel light, determined and happy everyday no matter how challenging some of my days were.

My August Highlights:

  • On Kyx’s birthday, the first of August, I surprised him with a cake when the clock struck 12. I sang him a happy birthday song and he cried like a baby hahaha. I kept the cake from him and wrapped the box with so many newspaper so he wouldn’t see it hah!
  • Surprised Kyx too for his birthday celeb! I invited our super close friends and we ate at Ippudo. I loved how we enjoyed our favourite food, with our favourite company.
  • Angge’s art show with Crist. I always love art shows that our friends have. Aside from we get to see the art they put so much of their lives into, we get to spend time together. Most of our friends are artists (painters, digital artists, designers) and we rarely see them! Kyx is busy himself with his work as a digital illustrator (check his art out at behance.net/kyx )
  • All the family time we ever did. I love spending time with my Family. My brother who lives and works at UAE went home last August and we got to spend time! It was short but it was definitely sweet.
  • I got to bond with my team at the office in a deeper level. We (were forced to) participate(d) in the Amazing Jeepney Race and our team was asked to play the game. We didn’t like the idea of it but we loved it when we were there trying to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Our many overtimes were spent together and it made the OTs bearable. I guess it’s safe to say that I have friends at the office (already hahaha)
  • Chill hangouts at Kapitolyo. Nothing beats spending time with friends you love the most.
  • Celebrating our anniversary! Kyx and I have been together for 3 years now. From high school friends, to super close friends and now best of friends—I love every single day spent with him.
  • Learned new things, realized a lot and made friends with people in the blogosphere! I have met so many friends here (I consider the people I meet here on my blog as friends. They now me all too well now and I don’t regret anything) the people who have helped me overcoming my painful past—especially Zheng, Lu, Kendall, Anaida, A and my TFIOB family. I love you all!

Overall, August is still and will be my favourite month. It went by so fast so…August, I’ll see you again next year!


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Aldwin, Althea, Mama, Atalanta, Aldous (Altheo is not in MNL, he’s in UAE)

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Wacky Family! ❤

Atalanta (little sister), Aaliya (niece), Althea (me), Erin (sis in law), Avril (niece), Alex (niece)



Office BFFs


Constants ❤


Artist Friends (Photo from Garu and Camille)