Those Who Are Mean Are Unhappy

Those who are mean end up always angry, lost, confused and unhappy.

Before I talk about anybody else or just in general, I’d like to talk about my own personal experience about this.

There’s something liberating about being stripped off about who you really are. All the bad things you did big and small thrown out there for all the world to see. At first, you’d see it as something so painful and humiliating. But once you get to the path of realization, you’d have a clear vision of who you were, how heavy you felt, how toxic you have become and you’d know who you really want to become.

Like I said here and here, I didn’t realize that I was becoming a monster. I didn’t know that what I said in the past would be blown out of proportion and that it would be a big deal! I was so confused but I barrelled through these emotions and I saw everything I was. It felt like I was looking at myself but that person is a different me. It feels like I lost touch of who I really was and I became this mean, insecure lost person. I saw myself and that was enough to keep the change coming. That was enough to knock some sense in me and make me who I really was. You know Te Ka and Te Fiti from Moana? It’s like she’s the exact same person but without her heart, she was really bad but when Moana returned her heart, Te Ka changed back to Te Fiti? That was me. I felt like it was a good representation of who I originally am then transformed into who I became without my heart then returned to my original self.

When I was mean, I was always angry and agitated about everything. I make comments so easily and I feel like I hate everything and everyone. For the most parts, I was just really lost, confused and unhappy. I cringe at my old self. Looking back at her, I felt like I didn’t know her.

Now that I’m trying to be a better person, someone who is not mean anymore, I became happier and contented. It’s as if my rants now became less frequent and I don’t overthink about other people and what they think of me unlike before! So however you want to put it, people who are mean to others, unforgiving and can only think about others in a bad shape would mean unhappiness and confusion. They may not realize it but it’s going to be a never ending cycle until you decide to be a better person.

Mean people = Unhappy people and vice versa. If you want happiness to come and stay for good, you have to be a kind person. Positive energy attracts positive energy. ❤

When you’re happy, you’re kinder. When you’re kinder you’ll like yourself even more.


Do I Look That Pathetic?

I was attempting to not write this and exposing the truths about my personal life but it’s not working. I have been trying to write this for the last 15 minutes and with no avail, I can’t filter everything.

(I am still attempting but whatever) About a week ago, I was making amends with a girl who cut me loose in her life. I mean we weren’t that close (for her at least) but I felt bad about all the drama and I feel like:

  1. Life is too short for unnecessary dramas. Come on, there’s more to life than this I’m sure.
  2. We’re all too busy about work, life and everything in between. Why do we waste time brooding over bad blood?
  3. It’s easier to love than to hate. I like myself better when I’m loving than when I’m hateful.
  4. Naturally, I don’t like having a beef with someone. I mean why can’t we all just live a happy and peaceful life?
  5. We might die sooner than we’d like to be so when we’re alive, I think it’s best to just free ourselves from pain and hurt?

So what I did was, I tried to reach out to her. I called her but we didn’t really talk about it because her battery is about to die I think? Then I just sent her a lengthy message apologizing for what happened, for the pain I have caused. I mean I didn’t bother telling her that hey, what you think, it wasn’t true! It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it. But I just really wanted to just get over bad things and I know that even if it wasn’t me, the misunderstanding caused her pain and I’d like to apologize for it.

People think reaching out, apologizing for the things you didn’t even do in the first place and being the one to make the first move is pathetic and delusional. For me, it’s not. I may look THAT pathetic and delusional to you but that for me is a sign of strength and maturity. Above all, that’s a sign of love prevailing in a spiteful world of cruelty and hate.