Raw: No Time

I just feel like this week has been such a heavy week for me not to mention that I didn’t get to see or even bond with Kyx. Ang pabebe ng problema ko diba hahaha pero it’s so hard to have Saturday work! I only ever get 1 day off per week and I’m so close to just leaving this company. (chos. di pwede pa eh haha)

Today, I will meet up with 2 of my friends from Telus. Ya see, we became friends while we were still working at Telus so that’s why I call them Telus friends lels.

Tomorrow, Kyx will have a meeting for work and I might just go to Laguna with my mom and sister.

What rest?

Followan nalang tayo sa twitter 🙂 it’s @xoxthea if gusto nyo ng chikahan at rants hahaha chos.