Thank You for Saving Me

This is probably the hundredth time I am writing this. I was actually about to post something like this yesterday after working so hard on it, but I feel like it’s filled with drama and grabe ako makaemote so I’m going to start all over again and we’ll see if this gets published.

How do you say thank you to people whom you have not met but were there for you any time of day when you needed them? How do you say thank you to the ones who have saved your life a couple dozens of times and they have not even seen you face to face? So here’s to you guys, to every single one of you who have been so helpful especially in times when I was in a dark dark place. Basically, everyone on my “Everyday Reads” and a couple more who have reached out to me one way or another. I wanted to post all the comments you left that really made a big impact in my life but there’s just so many that choosing only a couple from each person would not do it justice. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Every comment you left, every comforting words you shared with me when I was just about to pull that trigger (metaphorically ah. I don’t have a gun lol) helped me heal, helped me see the light, helped me think about things rationally.

I guess I wouldn’t be here, physically present, if it were not for people like you. Our simple conversations and exchange of thoughts mean a lot to me and I am hoping we continue to have this kind of relationship until the end of time. (see? Ang drama)

Also from spending time with me in hard times to enjoying with me in funny times (when I wrote the KyxAila serye haha) thank you so much.

Thank you for being there when no one else was.


TFIOB Coffee Date!

TFIOB (The Fault in Our Blogs)  is a group of Filipino bloggers from all over the world. It started as just a simple connection until it all turned into camaraderie.

I remember writing about how happy I am that I got over the biggest blow of my life and I wanted to celebrate (metaphorically) but heaven’s gate opened when Kuya Jheff wanted to celebrate as well because it was his birth month (last November). For a while he invited our fellow bloggers but only a few confirmed because most of our blogger friends live far away or their schedule just wouldn’t permit. Anyway, the group have decided to have a coffee date on December 2, 2017. Just as when it was a few days away, Kuya Jheff reminded me of the event WHICH I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT. wth.

I had a problem with my schedule because I am bound to visit my father in Nasugbu Batangas and supposedly, I should be leaving Manila on the 2nd of December but since there’s a coffee date with our blog friends, I told my aunt that I will be leaving Manila in the morning of December 3.

I was also a bit hesitant at first to join the coffee date. I find it exciting to finally meet the people behind the blogs I read but the introvert in me was not ready to meet them. However, I said YES already and it’s not at all too bad to go out of your comfort zone right?

Kyx: Go na. Kaya mo yan, mabilis lang yan.

Me: Pero nahihiya ako. Di ko pa sila na-meet ever.

Kyx: Pero nakausap mo na sila before. Okay na yan.

If it was not for Kyx, I would have bailed, I think. Or if it was not for Kuya Jheff, Jas and the rest of those who agreed to meet up, I wouldn’t have found the courage to go out of my way and have a coffee date with them.

I was patting myself in the back the whole time because finally, I am embracing change! If this happened about 6 or 7 months ago, I wouldn’t have gone and met these amazing people!

I was late. I didn’t expect that it was a bit hard to manage time when riding a public transportation, but all is well. When I got there, they all looked so welcoming, they looked so jolly and it’s as if they are not bored. It looked like they were having fun. I sat and tried my hardest to chitchat with them the way I do online. IT WAS SO EFFING HARD. I wanted to cry. HAHAHA. But I guess they made me really comfortable so it’s not as if I was out of the place, more like I AM ALL OVER THE PLACE.

When I was talking to them, when we were having fun, sipping our coffee, talking about random stuff, I felt like I knew them in real life talaga. Like they were really a part of who I am as a person, yung hindi ko lang na-meet randomly sa blog? I felt so comfortable that talking to them didn’t seem a burden for me. GRABE.

It’s as if I can tell them everything and they would listen to me, that they will not judge me, that they will tell me what’s up without being mean. It’s crazy but it’s true!! Parang hindi namin first time magkita kita, hindi ko alam kung magic ba yun or basta. Iba talaga. Feeling close kasi ako sa mga TFIOB bloggers kaya yun din siguro nakatulong sakin hahahahahha. Parang ang tagal na namin magkakakilala, walang dead air, walang dull moments. Ang saya lang hahaha lalo kami ni Jas HAHAAH di ko sure pero close na close talaga kasi kami sa mga commentan namin, umabot pala in real life. ❤ Si Rhea siguro ako siya if hindi ko nakakausap sina Jas sa comments hahaha. Medyo hiya ako kay rhea at first pero nowwww HAHAHAH hindi na ❤ love ka na sila ni Jas hehe

I’m still shy but I’m looking forward to meeting them again and hopefully, other friend bloggers would join us too!

Kuya Jheff, thank you so much for this coffee date. Thanks din sa pa-doughnut mo!

Kuya Keso and Ate, ang saya niyo kasama! 😀

Jonathan, hahaha nice to meet you hhaaha.

Rhea, ang cool mo, magkita tayo ulit!

Jas, beshhhh hahahahah ang saya sayaaaaa love it!!!!!!!!!

It was so lovely to have met these people and I was enjoying myself the entire time I am with them. We talked about a lot of random things and ang cool lang to meet fellow bloggers. I would want to meet a lot of other bloggers as well, especially the ones from TFIOB.

I guess what makes it special when fellow bloggers meet up intimately like this is when you sorta know each other just by reading their blogs and talking to them through comments hahaha. Hindi awkward eh.  I hope to meet you guys again and I hope to meet our fellow blogger friends in the near future ❤

Here are the photos that I got from Jas 🙂

I had so much fun! Ulitin natin ito ❤

Mystery Blogger Award


Rules of Award:

  1. Put the award/logo image on your blog
  2. List the rules
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide link as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. You have to nominate 10-20 people
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)

(For future nominees, you may use the above “rules” to comply on your award post)

I was nominated by Zheng Fan to do this Mystery Blogger Award. It’s such a pleasure to be nominated to something like this not because of the “award” or title itself (I’m basically clueless about these things) but because people thought of me to be part of this and that’s what matters most.

To Zheng Fan, we only interacted very little for the past days simply because I think we just found each other’s blogs very recently. Now that I kept reading what you write, I feel like (aside from regularly reading your stuff now) I found someone who I can relate to and someone I’d learn a lot of stuff from. Thank you for nominating me!

Answering your questions are fun and refreshing!

3 Things About Myself:

  1. As much as possible, I write not only to express my raw emotions but to help other people learn from my experiences.
  2. I have depression, anxiety and OCD. But that is not going to stop me from being successful. I have suicidal tendencies but I try to be as strong as I can!
  3. I love my mom and the rest of my family so much.

Wow, these 5 questions are so simple but so hard to answer! It took me a lot of minutes to get through these simple questions and I found myself weighing things like my life depended on it. Nonetheless, I found it enjoyable!


  1. Who is your one favourite public person (in the history of mankind)? Why?

Oh my god why is this so hard to answer? I don’t know a lot of public people, like I don’t know their advocacies and principles in life. I guess my favourite public person would be none other than, Oprah Winfrey. She went through hell and back but still managed to become a successful individual. She did not let her struggles get the best of her and that is very inspirational for me. It makes all my struggle easy to deal with by just knowing that people like Oprah fought their way to success even if it was so hard to do.

  1. What is your one favourite song? Why?

I have a lot of favourite songs and it’s hard to choose just one. But maybe, as of the moment, I’ll go with “Grace to Grace” by Hillsong United. If you haven’t heard of that song, listen to it especially when you feel like everything is fucking up. It helps so much!


  1. Define yourself in less than 15 words?

I am friendly online, very shy in real life.


  1. What is the one most important trait you look for in a partner?

Loving. When you are loving, everything follows. A loving person cares, when a person cares, they wouldn’t want to break your trust, they’d stay loyal and support you no matter what. When they love you, they’d tell you when you did something wrong so you can improve yourself and when you did something awesome, they’d appreciate it.


  1. What is life to you?

For me, life is an awesome adventure. The image of adventure to me is where you find purpose, learn that purpose, meet amazing people, learn a lot of lessons the hard and easy way, accepting defeat and standing tall after every fall. That for me is an adventure—and that’s how I see life.

My Nominees:

  1. Addie

2. Anaida

3. Fernanda

4. Kendall

5. Lu

6.  Bharath

7. Kate

8. Lorraine

9. Phoebe

10. Owning A Dog With Anxiety


My 5 questions:

  1. What is your advice to people going through a friendship breakout?
  2. What is your advice to those who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives?
  3. What is your life motto or mantra?
  4. What is the number one lesson in life you learned that you want to share to others.
  5. If you wish to visit any country what would it be and why?


My Best Post:

My best post would probably be this I Need Your Opinion, Please Not because of the content itself but for the support I got from you guys. ❤