Skin Care

I always thought it was too expensive for me and that I don’t need it as part of my basic necessities until I was hopeless.

April 2017 was when Satan had a slumber party on my face and all hell broke loose leaving my face with a bunch of pimples, bumps and now—blemishes. As a teenager, I never had acne problems so when it started sprouting when I just turned 26, I felt terrible.

I was told to go give Korean skincare a try but like I said, it was too expensive for my liking. I am very stingy and I don’t spend money on stuff I don’t *need* until I actually realized that I NEED it all along. I went across Kat’s blogs about Korean skincare and knowing Kat, she’s one of my no-bullshit blogging friends. She speaks honestly about everything and I like it about her. Okay so going back, when I read her reviews, I knew that I need to get my hands on those items because I feel like my skin needs that hahahahaha.

My skin, particularly my face is very sensitive. As in tipong feeling mayaman tong skin ko hindi bagay. You know the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel everyone is so crazy about? My skin broke out when I used it. It gave me bumps, acne and allergies. Huhuhu. So yeah, it was so hard for me to try out different products for my face because it’s either going to give me allergic reactions, bumps or break me out so bad. I was so scared!

It took me about a month or more to finally order all the stuff I need. Mind you, I skimmed through a lot of products and just checked off those that I actually need! Ang kuripot ko talaga I swear!

I also thought that these products would save me a trip to my dermatologist so I gave it a go. Finally. HAH! (although visiting the derma is really important, so ‘wag akong tularan)

While still waiting for my Althea Korea package to arrive (hopefully it arrives next week! It’s been so long lels) here are the products that I have been using since the last week of October until now and I just have no other words but AMAZING. Let’s start off with a quick review, my first impressions I must say because I haven’t been using it for a long time so might as well write an in depth review some other time.


  1. CosRX LowPH Good Morning Gel Cleanser – this serves as my facial cleanser/wash. It’s so gentle ano ba naman!!! I think it smells of tea tree, I have no issues with smells talaga but I think people notice the “odd” smell on this but I like it. This leaves my skin soft and fresh. No tightness whatsoever. I use it in the morning and at night.
  2. Witch Hazel – I got this from Healthy Options. It’s soothing and it’s very gentle on the skin. This is not a part of Korean skincare but whatever. I like it.
  3. CosRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads – there are 70 pre-soaked pads and it smells of essential oils to be honest but I haven’t given myself enough time to check the ingredients so wag kayo magalit sakin hah. I cut the pads in half (para makatipid because this is so expensive for 70 pads ah) It cleanses my face and is very gentle. I feel like it really helps clear off the blemishes and as I am writing this, I have a big zit on my right cheek mainly because I am expecting my period but this pad kinda tamed down my angry zit so it’s a bit smaller than it was. I like this pads soooo much!
  4. CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid – I didn’t know something like this existed until I read kat’s blog. It’s a sort of chemical to help remove blackheads while making the pores smaller? At least that’s what I feel it’s doing haha. It works like a nose strip but it’s not. I hope you understand. Huhu hahaha
  5. CosRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion – a lot of moisturizers break me out so bad but this one hasn’t so I like it. It’s light weight but not as light weight as I wanted it to be pero keri lang. It gets absorbed by my skin easily din!
  6. CosRX Advanced 92 Snail All in One Cream – I don’t really know what it’s for but I’ve heard a lot of good things about snail products. Since I have been using this every night, I noticed that most of my blemishes are gone! I’m not entirely sure if it’s this product that’s doing that but whatever.
  7. Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off – I use this about twice or once a week to exfoliate my skin. You’ll leave it on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes then wash it off. After tht, ang ganda mo pramis. I mean my face is super soft and then parang pwet ng baby feels talaga huhuhu. I don’t know if it helped remove my blemishes but since it removes dead skin cells, maybe it did help remove my blemishes after all!
  8. Klair’s Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion – I was looking for a sunscreen and came across this one in a vlog. I was so convinced I’d like this one and then I saw it on Kat’s blog again so I bought it. I didn’t like it because I LOVED IT OH MY GOD AS IN WHAT THE F! This works sooo good on my skin!!! It has a dewy glowy finish (which I don’t like cause hindi bagay sakin) but topping it off with powder is enough and ang ganda niya!

Everything in here is not clogging my pores and have not caused my skin to break the fuck out so I love love love love everything so far!

In the picture, I have the Innisfree Blur Pact. I haven’t used it yet but Kat likes it so maybe I’ll like it too. HAH!

I’m still waiting for a bunch of innisfree products so until my next quick “review”!

I was going to link Kat’s blog posts sana whenever I mention a product she did a review on but I was too lazy to do so, so here’s the link and find the reviews for yourselves, it’s amazing! You’ll love her! Kat’s Blog!


Your Beauty Doesn’t Shield You From Being Heartbroken

It Has Nothing To Do With Your Physical Attributes

One of the many arguments I have is that when people get their hearts broken, everyone around them would poke a pitchfork around blurting some nonsense about physical attributes. Many times I have heard these things and I still find it annoying and irritating.

“You’re beautiful, a lot of men would fall for you. You don’t need that guy”

“That guy is so ugly. You don’t have anything to lose.”

“That girl is not “all that”—you’d find someone prettier”

“Why did he break my heart? Am I ugly? Am I not pretty enough?”

Those are just a couple of things we hear (and might say ourselves) too often than not and I just don’t get it. I don’t get why it always had to come down to physical attributes when in fact it shouldn’t be like that. The physical attributes has nothing to do with the success and failure of a relationship. It has nothing to do with broken hearts and broken promises. It has nothing to do with being left behind and leaving someone behind. There are more in depth realities and we have to embrace it wholeheartedly. Like I said, the truth hurts but that’s not something we should always be afraid of. The truth is a slap that maybe, you deserve every once in a while right? The truth of the matter is that being beautiful will not mean you won’t get your heart broken, being hot and sexy doesn’t mean you will stay happy in a relationship. It basically HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW YOU LOOK LIKE, OKAY?

The thing is, in this life, we get what we deserve, we get what was written in our fate and we may change it, we may not. We get hurt, we end up happy, we reach success, we gain friends, we lose people, we have enemies, people don’t like us, people like us, we are loved, we are hated and that goes for everyone else. Everything will happen to you gradually or all at once but it happens because it is human nature. We have to battle every demon in our lives and that’s how it should be. So shut up already with the looks comments and remarks. It really has nothing to do with every fucking hurting thing that we will experience.

Art Filled Saturday! (EDITED!)

I am going to write how my Saturday night was filled with Art and passion. I would also be posting pictures in a bit! I am so excited to share my fun experience. *to be edited*


Let me write about our friend—Isadore “Loloy” Lerio’s art exhibition last Saturday at Art Underground in Shaw Blvd (it was a 2 man art exhibition). I was excited because I will see our artist friends and I know it’s always a good time with them. They’re fun, quirky and amazing people. Now, thinking about that night, I am regretting the fact that I was not able to take photos especially of their paintings!!! I guess I was so excited with everything that’s going on and I forgot how I was going to blog about it and share with you guys Loloy’s painting!

Anyway, I have a few photos of his artwork and some photos with the artist friends which I will be posting here.

The name of Loloy’s (and Thirdy’s) art exhibition is “Beauty in Decay”. I was not able to read the write up about it but I am taking it as a ray of positivity. An optimistic energy and approach on terrible things. It was so inspiring.

Loloy’s art was so timely for my search of positivity amidst all the hell-ish things that has been going on. I found it truly significant in everyone’s life and how I wish you guys would be able to see his art too (sadly, again, I was to blame to not be able to take great pictures of it all)

I also found the write up which Art Underground prepared for Beauty in Decay

                Beauty in Decay is a two-man show that necessitates the significance of finding beauty amidst unfavorable circumstances. Artists Isadore Lerio and Thirdy Bustamante present their individual complementing views on the subject through new works in oil on canvas at Art Underground which opens on July 23, Saturday at 6 PM. The exhibit will run until August 6.

Isadore Lerio creates portraits composed of flora and fauna that seamlessly fused on a deteriorating head. By using flowers as the portraits’ prominent feature, Lerio directs the attention of the viewer towards the gratifying elements of his portraits despite it coalescing with objects that suggests the departure of vitality. His new works communicate an optimistic perspective towards troubled times that can be likened to the search of silver linings amongst the clouds.

On the other hand, Thirdy Bustamante approaches the subject by bringing animal welfare to light. “If you want to protect a photo of a loved one, you’d frame it right?” Bustamente says. By relatively framing endangered animals he is able to invite audiences to looks at the bigger picture regarding the state of these animals. In hopes to convey the need to protect a dying breed of species.

AU is located at 814 Balagtas St., Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. Reach us at 721 0745 or 0917 523 7463. Email:
IG: @artundergroundmanila

(Please note: This write up was not written by me and was prepared by Art Underground. Thank you)


Now, I will be posting the photos (the only ones I have) 🙂

See The Blessing Not The Burden

All of his paintings are vibrant and inspiring.

Ignore my awkward self and the awkward beer bottle I am holding

Me and Loloy, the artist behind these amazing paintings!

Posing with Kyx together with Loloy’s artworks!

With some of our artist friends. All so funny and amazing people!

Hopefully, I can get photos from Art Underground as well.

Don’t Let Them Define You Just By Mere Surface

Do not feel bad when people attack you because of how you look. Your physical appearance defines only a little of yourself. It says something about you, yes. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that is WHO you are. If they think you look ugly when you wore this kind of stuff, when you pull your hair like that, you wear too much or too little make up, try not to be bothered about their comments. Anything other people say about you should be looked at objectively and not taken personally. Even if they’re trying to attack you, I was younger, I have been teased by everyone of how brown my skin is. I have a very brown skin, like crisped brown. Something like tan or that sort. I have been called names for it but I didn’t take it as an insult.

I was 4 years old when I asked my mom why my skin is darker than her skin. She said it’s because I got my skin color from my dad. She said it shouldn’t be an issue because my skin looks so beautiful! She even told me that people in foreign countries would love to have a skin color like mine so why should I be bothered? My mom even alled the color of my skin “golden brown”. I loved it!

As I grew older, I became aware of why people wanted to have a lighter skin color. It’s because they have the notion that it looks really nice, clean and whatnot. Their perception of beauty is distorted and I felt bad for them simply because they do not know what real beauty is.

I have been told to not wear a certain shade of lipstick, a certain color of clothing, as certain make-up simply because I have “golden brown” skin. I have met a lot of people (I even have friends and family members/relatives) who think a whiter or fairer skin is the BEST.

I have nothing against any skin color, I just feel like this does not define beauty.

At a young age, I have learned that I should not be bothered about physical things, especially when people attack the way I look, I dress etc. At a young age, I know that I am beautiful in my own way. I know that I cannot be beautiful in the eyes of everyone but as long as I believe in myself, I should not let rude comments about physical attributes.

My mom taught me to not let anything else define me. As long as I can do whatever I needed to do, as long as I am capable of what I wanted to do. Bottomline is, skin color should never be an issure or the basis of confidence, beauty, intelligence and abilities. It does not define you AT ALL.

Physical attributes, the way you carry yourself may have something to say about who you are but it is not the determining factor of your existence. When people tell me about how dark my skin is, how I should not be wearing a certain color because it only makes my skin look darker, I just laugh because these people are so shallow. I mean yes we have different beliefs, styles and views but can people just let other people be? Can the rude comments stop already because it’s just funny now.

I was just recently told that my eyebrows look really bushy and ugly. I was told very recently as well that my skin is dark enough that I should not go to the beach anymore cause it will just get darker. I was told to stop wearing a darker shade because it makes my skin look darker. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT HOW I LOOK AND I AM NOT BOTHERED WITH HOW I LOOK SO WHY SHOULD YOU?

As long as I am not hurting anybody, as long as I show respect and appreciation. As long as I do not trample on anybody, I should be free to be who I am.

You should be too!

Don’t let them define who you are by just the surface. By the mere physical attributes. That is not who you are.