Blog Guest # 1 *updated!

Get to know one of my most favorite artists in the 21st century! Naks!

Hi guys, I’d like to introduce you to my first guest here in “The Life of an Introvert”

Ba dum tss!

Today, you’ll know more about Kyx!!! Halata bang wala akong ma-i-guest? Chos. Wala lang, I decided to blog about him and interview him so that you can learn more about him hehehe and also, wala lang. ang saya eh ahhaha


Name: Kyxarie Peralta ; pronounced as Kee-Sah-Ree. Not Kay-sa-ree, not kik-sa-ri, not asdjkhsdklsd but Kee-Sah-Ree.

Nickname: Kyx pronounced as Kiks or Kicks. Not kayks, keyks, kiss but KICKS.

~ ang labo no, kasi kee-sah-ree pero yung nickname kiks. Pero life is complicated kaya whatever.

Occupation: Artist, Digital Illustrator, Pintor

Is it hard to have a name as unique as yours? Yes. I have been into countless awkward situations just by having this name tapos may hit pa rin ako sa NBI wtf diba?

Do you correct other people when they mispronounce your name? Sometimes. Most of the time, kapag hindi ko naman makaka-interact ng todo, hindi nalang. Bahala na sila kung ano yung tawag nila sakin.

Why do you have long hair? Because hello, this is what you want diba? Wala, I guess trip ko lang din yung iba ibang buhok, tapos ngayon long hair ako kasi mas gusto mo yun.

Are you a quiet and shy type of person? Lahat siguro at first quiet and shy. Makulit ako sobra.

Why are you a passive type of person? Because I’m happier that way. I don’t like to stress myself over things that do not matter. I don’t like wasting my time and emotions on things that I can’t do anything about or those that I can’t change. If things don’t go the way I planned it to be, I won’t think a lot about it nor will I dwell on how things are not going my way. It’s more fun to be chill, you should try it.

~ So let’s go to my other random questions about you being an artist naman he he he.

When did you decide that you will be an artist? At an early age, I grew fascinated with art, drawing and the like. But I didn’t know it yet that I could and I would be an artist someday. Whenever they ask me what I want to be when I grow up, sinasabi ko when I grow up, I want to be a Pilot. Hahaha. So siguro I decided to focus on art because before college, I was thinking what I’d actually like to study and what I really wanted to be when I get to choose a job. I can’t see myself anywhere else but in the world of art. Deep inside, di lang ako makadecide agad. Sorry na.

What course did you get in college and what school did you choose? And why din pala? I chose Fine Arts in FEU. Why? Because sabi ng nanay ko magaling daw ako magdrawing eh hahahahahahaaha. Pero yung totoo naman is during my college years, narealize ko din early on na I’m in the right place, trying to take the right path. I was happy and I loved what we were doing. Kahit haggard sa plates hehe. Gusto ko kasi talaga. Yun yung bagay na passionate ako ng sobra siguro.

Was it hard to be a student of Fine Arts? To be honest, when you’re young and a college student, feeling mo mahirap lahat ng bagay. The only thing different is that I enjoyed doing what we needed to do. It’s hard, ang hirap kaya magcommute na may dala kang canvass na malaki na nakapako na sa kahoy. Not to mention, puyat din talaga everyday lalo na naghahabol ng deadlines, iinom pa ako, tatambay. Mahirap talaga HAHAHAHAHA. Pero seryoso, depende sa tao kasi kahit ako 2hrs lang ang tulog, masaya pa rin akong gumagawa ng plates namin. Kapag siguro gusto mo talaga ginagawa mo, hindi masyadong mahirap.

What medium did you choose? In college I didn’t know in an instant what medium I really wanted or where I wanted to excel at. But before thesis, I decided I want to traverse the digital painting world. Aside from the fact that I became really interested in exploring how digital artworks are created, I feel like it is more practical than traditional painting. I have nothing against traditional painting in fact, I respect them so much. I just don’t think I have the money for tradi. Kasi in digital painting, you’ll invest in your pentab, nibs for your pen, high quality monitors (hindi pwedeng may problema sa kulay yung monitor mo like mine huhu) but it’s cheaper than traditional. In tradi you need canvass, wood, white paints, different colored paints, brushes and lots of patience. Bawal pa magkamali kasi sayang eh.

After school, did you get the job you wanted? Hindi. Siyempre kumuha muna experience. I worked as a web designer sa isang BPO. I stayed for 2 years. Nung malilipat na ako sa ibang department at hindi na ako magweweb design, dun na ako umayaw. I realized ayaw ko nang hindi ko gusto yung ginagawa ko. Siguro bigay lang din ni Lord kasi thankfully, may choice ako. I mean wala akong pinapaaral na bata tapos may work pa naman tatay ko kaya hindi rin ako obligado mag-abot monthly, pero hiya ko nalang diba. Iniisip ko nalang, babawi naman ako pag nagkatrabaho na ako ulit.

When you left your web designer job, anyare? It was a slow process for me. Right after I left that job, nagpahinga ako and nagpractice pa ng pag-pepaint. In this industry, if you think you’re good enough and you act like you’re better than anybody else, wala kang mapapala. Kailangang lagi kang nag-iimprove, kailangan gagalingan mo lagi. Siguro applicable naman yan sa lahat ng trabaho pero diba, lalo na sa pagiging artist eh. So I practiced for 6 months. Bakante lang ako non, I do freelance work here and there pero hindi talaga yun ang gusto ko kaya nung nalaman ko may opening for an Illustrator job, I took my chances!

Tell us about your current job. We have clients all over the world, may story behind everything we illustrate or do. Hindi pwedeng naisipan mo lang, you have to understand the story and backstory of every character you’re doing. I love what I do. Sobrang hirap lang talaga but every day is a learning experience, an opportunity to be better.

What’s your advice to young people who dream about being an artist someday? Or kahit hindi young people pala. Mahirap kasi minsan ang daming hamon sa buhay eh. My advice is never stop trying. Wag kalimutan ang iyong passion. Para sakin, maiksi lang ang buhay kailangan magawa natin yung mga bagay na pinapangarap nating gawin. Also, if you think na you’re not improving or you’re not a good artist, if feeling mo ang bano mo, always remember that nobody started as the best artist agad agad. Lahat talaga nadadaan sa practice. If you keep practicing, lalo na ang isang artist, magiging mahusay ka talaga. Pero don’t stop there, always improve yourself. Always push yourself to the limit, kasi maraming artist, maraming magagaling and maraming confident. Don’t get intimidated, basta gawin mo lang yung best mo lagi. Ako I am exposed to a lot of artists. Ang dami kong mga kaibigan na successful na na pintor, mga traditional painter sila and may mga shows na sila here and there, ilang pieces na rin ang nabenta nila pero walang insecure-an at inggitan sa amin, suportahan lang naming isa’t isa and hindi porket successful na sila, hindi ka na magiging successful. May time na ikaw naman ang magshashine. Yesss hahahahaah

I tried working for a job na hindi ko gusto then hobby lang ang pagpipinta pero dun talaga ako masaya. Siguro nadinig ng higher being ang panalangin ko na makakuha ng trabaho na gusto ko talaga. At least now, I get to do a job that I really want and also hone my skills at the same time.

Laban lang! And if naging successful na artist na, keep your feet on the ground. Humble lang dapat.

Sobrang I don’t have an organized set of questions jusme, next time nga magsuggest kayo ng kung ano questions or if you have your own questions sa mga artist na kagaya ni Kyx, please comment hahahaha para alam ko itatanong. Parang ang epal and pabibo lang ng questions ko eh.

Anyway, here are some of Kyxarie’s artworks. Enjoy!

All were created with his Bamboo Wacom Pentab and Adobe Photoshop CS6

Initially, I want to show 5 of his artworks but he wanted to show only 3. Nakakahiya daw HAHAHAHA. Okayyyy.

Saitama Vs Thanos
Saitama VS Thanos
The Reader
The Reader –This is my representation of Aila. I painted this for her 25th Birthday.

Also, I don’t think Kyx is allowed to show the stuff he illustrates for his work. Baka daw hindi pwede so he chose to showcase these 3 practice paintings he did.

The artworks he wanted to show were his best practice paintings but I feel like I want to post more. The ones I find beautiful. If he can choose 3 of his artworks, I feel like I can choose too! mehehehe these are my choices and I know he was just starting when he created some of what I chose but I don’t care, I like it and I feel like it’s beautiful. More beautiful than he thinks.

Blood Bath



I like this because it’s very pretty! Kyx says it’s not his best artwork but whatever.

Environtmental Concept
Environmental Concept

I remember he made this on January 2014. A Happy New Year painting.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

He didn’t like the outcome and feels like he’s such a noob but I like how he drew J.Law

Rose Byrne
Rose Byrne

I love the eyes of this Rose Byrne painting!

Kit Harrington
Kit Harington aka Jon Snow

This was created using a MOUSE. AS IN.


Igorot, one of my most favorite paintings!

He painted this when we are still friends. HAHAHA. Tapos nagcomment ako ng “Wow ang ganda talaga Kyxa!” and ayun, yun ang umpisa ng paglandi ko chosssss. semi-chos hahaha.

Thanks! xox


How Did I Gain New Filipino Friends Here???!! (UPDATED)

Seryoso. Guys, where did you find my blog? Hahahahaha

I can’t believe it. It makes me so kilig that I found new friends here. New followers and that’s not even the catch, the catch is new FILIPINO and Asian followers and friends!

I don’t get as much Filipino blogger friends. I always thought no one in the Philippines ever really reads my blog until Kate came along, then Say Cheese! came along. Until Ica and then the rest just followed!

Why am I so fascinated. Ang babaw ko diba. It’s just that it makes me so kilig and finally, I can write in Filipino. One of the many reasons why I write in English is because I don’t have Filipino followers. Now I can write in Filipino (Tagalog) for more emosyon! LOL.

Just really grateful and I want to thank you all especially my new Filipino blog friends. Again, I don’t get as many kaya I really appreciate you guys.

Check their blogs here:

Ica // Kate // Say Cheese!

Keira // Isabelle // Krishel // Pen and Paper // Princess // Amielle

Vienna // Monch

Did I miss anyone? If so, please comment so I can give you a shout out! whoo!!

Also, do you guys get notified when I put the link of your blog here? If not, how do I do that? or is there such a thing? hahaha Thanks!

Short Update!

Today I realized being an adult can sometimes be too much to handle!

– so tired, drank a bottle of beer last night but I have to get up early even on a Sunday just to workout.

– why am I still having breakouts? I used a Maybelline BB Cream only to have my face break out like a teenager. I wanna cry.

– now I have to do big sister errands and good daughter appointments for my family. Though I love to be of service to my family, I hate how my face has too many little dots hahaha.

– I sketched and painted for a good 15 minutes just so I could release some stress. Here’s what I came up with! 

How’s your day going? I’ll write about my weekend later tonight! 


Learning in My Watercolor Journey

I have written a long blog entry but then I had a problem with my internet so I had to restart my laptop only to find out that I have not saved any of my work and all disappeared to thin air in the digital world. I feel so bummed but hey let’s see if I can still write about what I have written.


Though I absolutely consider myself a noob over watercolour painting and whatnot, I have learned a few things that I want to share with you guys especially if you’re also a beginner like me.

  1. I learned to refrain from using too much paints and too many colors all at once. Aside from being wise with the amount and saving pigments for more paintings, I understood the magic it creates when a few dabs of paint can go a long way.
  2. I learned how to sketch quite a bit. I am not good with drawing and sketching but somehow, I learned it by force. Though most of the time, I still ask Kyx for help when it comes to different perspectives and angles. I have yet to learn how to sketch fully without any guide but right now, I’m happy that I have someone who can help me!
  3. I got to learn my style and preference through watercolour techniques. There’s wet on wet and wet on dry. I prefer the wash style which is wet on wet because then I can fully play with the water and pigments without having to be uptight on rules and proportion. I love playing with the pigments so I enjoy wet on wet more over than wet on dry (but again, that’s just my preference)
  4. I got to know at least more about brands and how these paints behave which makes me like a level 2 student instead of a baby one lol. I honestly without a doubt love Prang! I started out with it and fell in love with watercolour all because of Prang! But as time went by, I keep having problems progressing my artwork into a more saturated, more vibrant painting because with Prang, I can’t seem to get the color I was aiming for which left me frustrated over time. So moving on to a new paint W&N, I would still love Prang but I am excited to move a notch higher!
  5. Got to learn how to use brushes and the difference between a couple of brands, quality and all. I have atleast 2 cheap brushes (which are soooooooo hard to use mind you) and a couple of student grade sable brushes plus a waterbrush for traveling + painting. Right now I want to be able to enjoy my sable brushes. I didn’t splurge on them but it’s fairly more expensive than craft store brushes for kids but overall, I would like to be able to like it first and test it until I move on to a different brush.

I have been thinking of what else to add up to this (not to mention I was trying to replicate the entry I wrote a while ago) but I feel like I should limit it to 5 tips or learning I had over the course of my watercolour painting experience.

If you have anything to add to this, or an experience you want to share, your comments will be very greatly appreciated. You can also direct me to a blog with tips or to your blogs and I’d be happy to pay a visit. Yay!

Happy painting!


Hi! After all your words of encouragement and appreciation, I finally decided that I will upgrade my paint from Prang to Cotman!

I ordered a 45 half pan Winsor and Newton Cotman set and I can’t wait to finally be able to use it! I think it’ll arrive tomorrow or Friday *squealing in excitement*

I got suggestions about getting an artist paint already or something better than the Cotman set. Though I really appreciate your suggestions (many thanks again, I swear I love you guys for that!) I can’t go back now because 1. I ordered the W&N set already and 2. You might think I am really good (do you, or not? Lol) but I am actually not good at it just yet. I have a lot to learn! My paintings are like baby quality compared to some of the beginners. My paintings may look nice but it’s just really blah most of the time.

As I keep saying, I have not made something out of pure emotions cause I have to look for inspiration among other artists which makes me feel like a noob lol. Also, I have to ask Kyx for help if I feel like I am not doing something right so he still needs to guide me. So I guess the Cotman might be a good one for practicing (though I still feel so unworthy of it as of the moment)

It’s not that I am putting myself so down and low and that I don’t believe in myself but seriously you guys, I have artist friends and some of you here are talented enough that can really whip out a good painting and I sit here, trying my best and failing hahaha. Although as I also keep saying, I am quite happy about it I just really need to practice more and more everyday!

So for watercolour artists or enthusiasts, I have a question.

I am using a 200gsm cold pressed Canson watercolour paper. The style I use on painting is “wash” so most of the paintings I do are wet on wet. My paper gets wrinkled (though it doesn’t tear) I have a hard time mixing cause the colors spread out on the wrinkled part instead of the whole paper. Is it the paper I need to change or do I really use a lot of water? (I put water a lot but not so much to make my paper have a meltdown, I hope you know what I mean) So really, please HELP me!

And also, any tips on watercolour you know? A blog or you as a person? Please do help me. I will appreciate it so much!


Pain Isn’t Always Black and White

Pain is both ugly and beautiful. Happy and sad.

I guess what I am mostly feeling and thinking about all the painful bit I ever have to endure is that it makes you a better person. Sometimes, pain can make you think that everything is spiraling down but seriously, pain makes you stronger, better, smarter and wiser. Who says it’s all dark? Who says pain is just all black and white? Because Pain isn’t always black and white. It has color and pretty things attached.

Prang watercolor on Canson watercolor paper.

Watercolor, Arts and Whatnot

I am not a great artist (am I even an artist?) yet and I am losing my mind over buying myself an upgrade paint. I started watercolour painting last June 2016. I have been really into arts even as a kid but I never really paid attention to it, I mean I am more into reading and writing hence the no focus over arts. I’ve got all sorts of crayons, colored pencils, paints like acrylic, poster paint, watercolour etc. I have all the art supply I would ever need but I didn’t really happen to excel on any of it lol.

Now that I am an adult, I tried watercolour painting as a therapy. I mean I made it as a stress reliever and it felt good (for the most part). I have a lot more to learn!! I am half self-taught, half taught by Kyx (my boyfriend who is a digital artist).  He teaches me techniques on sketching, coloring and mixing. He supports me as well and he even buys me some art materials such as a watercolour pad and a detailing brush! (so happpppyyyy)

I started off with Prang watercolour. As a beginner, everything I read said that Prang watercolour is the most beginner friendly watercolour. It has a lot of fun colors and I really had fun painting using it.  After sometime, I figured that I really want to paint using watercolour and not just use it as a therapy. I want to be able to paint and improve and if possible, even become a good artist!

Before 2016 ended, I painted 2 watercolour paintings and I loved it! I felt so proud to even accomplish something like that. Though I am not really good at it (yet), I found it so fulfilling to finish a good looking painting (good looking for me lol). So how was I able to do it?

  1. I looked for art inspirations, references and all. I checked Pinterest and found some good pieces there.
  2. Kyx helped me sketch through my artwork. I really need to improve on my sketching. Kyx—being an artist, told me that I need to master the technique and I need to listen to him whenever he teaches me (most of the time, I get trapped in awe because of how good he is) so I forget the tips and tricks.
  3. I paint my way through the artwork with Kyx’s guide.

After those paintings, I decided to get a different paint. I tested gouache paints by Pebeo which is sorta different from Prang. I mostly use both in one painting. I combine the 2 and I go from there. It’s a bit hard for me to use 2 types of paint but I would always end up liking the outcome.

Here comes the cray part. After 6 paintings that are aesthetically satisfying, I figured I am having a hard time liking Prang for most of my paintings. Simply because I wanted a darker tone which I somehow cannot accomplish using Prang (don’t get me wrong, I love Prang! I really do! But it’s not for the kind of paintings I want) So I looked and checked out stuff online and I have been eyeing on Winsor and Newton Cotman set! They have a wide variety of pan sets which makes it difficult for me to choose!!

I decided I would want 24 half pans BUT they don’t have Cotman half pans in 24 or if they do, it’s almost the same price from the 45 half pans set! Only a hundred peso difference which makes me want to get the 45 half pans right? There ain’t no 16 half pans as well and the only thing I have to choose from is 12 half pans, 14 half pans and 45 half pans. (They do have the 24 whole pans but it’s the same price, as the 45 half pans. Did I say that already?) Now, I am thinking of getting the 14 half pans or the 45 half pans.

*heavy breathing* it’s so hard because both are affordable. I mean the 14 half pans set is more affordable of course with a limited array of colors while the 45 half pans are too much for me considering I am not a good artist (yet)

Kyx said he can help me mix the colors I want if in any case I would be getting the 14 half pans (limited colors to use) then he said, if I then choose to get the 45 half pans, maybe he can use it as well if he wishes to watercolour paint!!!

If Kyx gives me an assurance that he will be painting using the 45 half pans of Winsor and Newton, then I will be super happy to buy it. But if I will be the only one to use it, then I might go with the 14 half pans instead.

I am actually wanting to talk to someone who might know the answer or who can help me figure out what to buy. Would I go for the 14 half pans or the 45 half pans set? Price difference is not too big (which makes it even harder to decide)

If you are a watercolour artist and you began from scratch or at least you know something, please do tell me and help me reach a conclusion *cries softly with fat tears* cause I am very confused already hahahaha.

If I become a full pledged watercolour artist, I will write about watercolour reviews, advice and techniques!

** Do you know a blog that writes thorough reviews with snippets of advice for watercolour artists or beginners? Please let me know!

Arigatou, gracias, Salamat!!

Thank you ❤ xox,T.