Watercolor Chronicles: Is It Summer Yet?

One of the many things that can actually help me destress is through watercolor painting.

This painting is inspired by one of Maria’s paintings (her ig is @ maria_morjane)– a watercolor artist. She’s really amazing, friendly and an overall great person.

I used winsor and newton cotman set for the most parts but used Gouache at the same time.


Weekend Update: (March 17, 18, 19)

Let’s try my consistency when it comes to my “Weekend Update” segment for the Life of an Introvert

Friday March 17, 2017

  • It was a super busy day for me at work. I scraped out all my pending work for the month of May and hustle like I never hustled before. I wasn’t able to see Kyx for a day (and night lol) because I slept at my Mom’s house Thursday night. So to give recognition to my hard work both emotionally and mentally, Kyx and I decided to have dinner at Roadhouse Texas Grill (I freaking forgot the exact name but all I know is Roadhouse Texas whatever) I had a Boneless BBQ Chicken with special rice and mixed buttered vegetables while Kyx had Flat Ironed Steak with Mashed Potato and Shredded Corn. I also ordered a glass of Mojito because why the hell not? Here are our food! It’s really good, the price is just right for it and I guess we both enjoyed it. I enjoyed it (I think Kyx did too lol)

Saturday March 18, 2017

  • Work day for me again. I hustled and tried to finish as much as I can so I wouldn’t have to dread Monday so much LOL. My friend Dinah, brought cooked dried fish called Danggit (from Cebu) and we devoured those bad boys for lunch. I loved it so much! Good thing I brought red rice (I can’t eat white rice anymore. I know right, it sucks. Good thing there’s red rice haha) After work, I went out with a few of my office mates and joined them at the nearest Starbucks because Kyx would be 30mins late. After a good chitchat with them (I think we still talked about work but whatev) Kyx arrived and so Dinah and I said bye bye to our friends.
  • We dropped Dinah off nearby and Kyx & I went to the dentist for our scheduled teeth cleaning. After that, we went home and did our own thing. I painted 4 little paintings while Kyx worked on his painting project for work. I also watched This is Us and fell asleep while watching. I couldn’t even remember what happened because when I woke up, I have no memory of Kyx telling me to move and all that. When I woke up Sunday morning, my paint materials, book, laptop is neatly placed on top of my study table. I guess Kyx fixed it hahahaha. (Aww)

Sunday March 19, 2017

  • Happy Happy Birthday to my college best friend, Bea Bianca!! I made a photo collage for her and I’ll share it with you guys below.

  • Woke up sorta brunch-ish so we weren’t able to eat breakfast. I just read and finished the book by Jennifer Niven called Holding Up The Universe. I love how light it is while tackling very sensitive and relevant life issues. The story is not too heavy to bear in the heart but it’s really deep and relatable. I love it! I loved it so much!

  • We were supposed to eat Ramen for early dinner but Kyx is still not finished working on his painting so we had to cancel dinner plans. When he finished his painting, we watched a Korean movie. I liked it but not as much as I always did on other films.

My weekend pretty much sounds boring and monotonous, to be honest, I didn’t even feel it. Like it just swung by and the next thing I know it’s already Monday! Nonetheless, I like that I was able to do stuff I wanted for the weekend. I am thinking of cheese sticks to incorporate on my next weekend. Looking forward to it already! YAHOO!

Watercolor Chronicles: Small Art Pieces

This is how I am spending my Saturday night; shaking off all the bad vibes and stress this week has given me. Whoo!

These small art pieces are painted using winsor and newton cotman 45 half pan set on canson watercolor paper. Pēbēo was used for some details. 🤗

Art inspiration from Pinterest of course 💖

Watercolor Chronicles: “It’s All I Have”

When you’ve given everything but it’s still not enough. When they ask you “is that it?” and you answer “it’s all I ever have to begin with”

I got me some art inspiration from Miss Enon De Belen. (look her up on instagram)

I first saw her loose watercolour portraits last year and that’s when I started to like watercolour. All her artworks are my peg but I can’t seem to come close to her magic. She’s really such a talented artist! You better check her out!


This was painted on Canson Watercolor Paper using 2 brushes (I forgot the sizes) together with Wisnor and Newton 45 half pan set (cotman;student grade paints)

Watercolor Chronicles: “Silent Screams”


The ironies of life are sometimes hard to carry. More often than not, you want to scream so bad but you need to be silent, calm and focused.

Silent screams are sort of a power. You acknowledge the heaviness and the burdensome feeling yet you choose to keep quiet because sometimes, all you can do is focus and not lose your shit.

Again, I have a different picture in mind but somehow, my hands have a different plan. As usual, it turned out as something I wasn’t expecting but nonetheless, I guess it’s still fine.

This was painted on Canson Watercolor Paper using 2 brushes (I forgot the sizes) together with Wisnor and Newton 45 half pan set (cotman;student grade paints)

Watercolor Chronicles: Bittersweet

Seeing the sunset is one of the greatest things life has to offer. How glorious it is to witness nature unfold in front of you? I dare say I love looking at sunsets, I love the sky in general. It gives me a lot of electric emotions. It gives me so much more that sometimes, I forget how to handle my own heart.

Sunsets are great but it symbolizes a lot of things. Both happy and sad. Sometimes hopeful, sometimes tragic.

Processed with VSCO with n2 preset
Bittersweet (2017)

I’ll share with you the poem I created after painting the (melt-y) sunset. I pictured it differently but somehow, I liked how it turned out.

“It’s when the world seems to be melting right before your eyes. When the sun is setting yet you don’t want goodbyes. When you are forced to close the chapter but you know it’s still not going to be better. When it’s the end but you are not ready, not yet, it can’t be over” (Althea CCC 2017)


I picture something I want to paint inside my head. I don’t look at references most of the time and then I end up not being able to deliver or execute how I pictured it in my head so that’s why it turned out to be melty. Sometimes, I’d look at references and deliver okay looking paintings but I feel empty. Now, I picture my own image and it turned out differently. I don’t know why I am telling you this though HAHAHA.

Silent Celebration

I’ll call this artwork “Silent Celebration”

Before anything else, apparently my scheduled posts were not posted because I think it is scheduled for 2018 🤦🏻‍♀️ my bad. I shall edit it in a bit.

Just updating and sharing with you what recent life struggles brought me to painting this “wolf”. I know it may not look like one but I did try my best though. Hah!

Will be keeping ya’ll posted soon!

Daddy’s Harley

I’ve been experiencing this my whole life and now I feel like I realized yet again a wonderful thing. People are not just people, not someone we can lean on when we need someone—when we need a shoulder to cry one. We are not mere people existing for ourselves and for others, we exist with a purpose and it’s not just to be there, but to be someone more in depth, more connected to the soul. Many times we meet people and all of a sudden they get close to us and we get so attached to them not because they give us gifts, not because they give us what we want but because they exist in our lives as blessings.

Daddy Eddie is the dad of my brother’s wife. He lives in the States and has not came home for 8 years but just last week (was it last week or last last week?) he came home! Ate Erin (his daughter, the wife of my brother) was so ecstatic when she gave me the news that her dad will be home for a couple of weeks! She also told me that her dad hasn’t come home for a long time and now he will be here again, I was so happy for her! She would finally be with her dad again after soooo long plus Nathan, her son would have the opportunity to spend time with his grandfather again. I was genuinely happy for them, for everyone. I am a very family oriented person and I am so attached to everyone in our family, especially with my mom. For me, it is true that family comes first. It’s true that I will literally drop everything when it comes to my family and so that’s where I was coming from.

I didn’t meet Daddy Eddie the same day he arrived, I couldn’t remember if I was stuck at work or somewhere. Then I guess after a day or two, I went to our house and finally met Daddy. He was very cheerful and friendly. He greeted us immediately with warmth and that’s the beginning of a fun relationship with Daddy. It was followed with several drinking nights with the whole family just talking about stuff and that’s for me—a great thing. You know, having your kids around you, you guys drinking together and talking about random things, laughing about every single thing? It’s quite a wonderful blessing if you ask me.

But the days are really quick and time flies by when you are having fun. Tomorrow, Daddy leaves again for the States and I’m guessing it would take quite a bit again before he comes back home. So before he leaves, Kyx and I decided to give him a piece of our hearts through a watercolour painting.

Daddy enjoys his Harley when he has free time, he talked about it and told us stories, how fun it was and all that, which is why Kyx and I decided to paint a Harley motorbike.

This is the same model as Daddy’s Harley but we played with the colors to symbolize fun and adventure. I thin daddy’s motorbike is black or somewhere between dark hues so I feel like if we painted it the same way it might look dull ? So that’s why we sort of played with it lol.

This painting is accomplished using:

Winsor & Newton Cotman set (watercolour), Pebeo’s Gouache paints with Deovir sable brushes on Canson Montval 140lb cold pressed watercolour paper.

Sketch by: Kyxarie Peralta (check him out on http://behance.net/kyx )

Color by: Althea Cargado (Yours Truly) and Kyxarie Peralta

This painting symbolizes passion, love, adventure and fun.

Thank you daddy for imparting your knowledge and showering us with your love and thoughtfulness. We will surely miss you and we are looking forward til your next visit. We love you so much Daddy!

Elephant For My Mom

My mom has this huge elephant collection. It’s not like she have hundreds of figurines but she has a lot of elephant stuff. From stuffed animals, socks, key chains, coin purse—whatever that has elephants in it, she surely would have it.

I have an elephant key chain given to me by a friend as pasalubong from an out of the country trip. My mom saw it and asked if she can have it! I was like “why are you loving all these elephants?” and then she blurted out that she feels like the elephant is her spirit animal and she adores its symbolism. She said elephant is a symbol of strength and that’s what she’s holding onto most of the time.

After a while, I read from somewhere that elephant is the symbol of strength, wisdom, family oriented values and patience. It hit me how much my mom is like an elephant. She cares so much for her children without needing a husband or a man beside her for she can do whatever it is for her children. She’s independent enough, strong willed and amazing with soft spots and harmlessness. She’s everything. This is why, the first painting I made out of my new paint set is for my mom.

I found inspiration over a watercolour magazine someone lent me, I saw beautiful elephant pieces. Though I wanted to sketch this myself, I feel like it will be nice if I collaborate with Kyx!

This concept was inspired from a photo we saw on google and an art magazine. Credits to the original artist who whipped this concept. (Though this is our own version but still..)

The sketch is by Kyxarie Peralta (a digital artist *a terrific one!*) you can check his artworks on http://behance.net/kyx

Watercolour art is by Althea Cargado (that’s me!) and Kyxarie Peralta

Stuff used: Winsor and Newton Cotman Set, sable brushes, Canson watercolour paper, Pebeo’s Gouache paints

I hope you like it!

To My Mama,

This elephant symbolizes everything that you are mom. The strength and perseverance you have no matter how tough life is. The wisdom you have that never fails to amaze us and leave us very much inspired to be as wise as you are. The patience and positive outlook you have on life which makes us look back, eyes with soft and happy tears knowing that you went through everything without lashing out on people around you and encouraging us that it will always get better no matter what. Lastly, the love you have for your children is incomparable. With that love, you taught us how to love, you taught us how love should be. Without a doubt, I will strive to follow your footsteps, to be at least close to how you are as a person. To strive for goodness and everything you stand for. I love you, Mama. I really do. Until my last breath, until my time ends. I will love you forever and nothing can ever change that. As I keep saying, I will always always choose you to be my mother if I would be given a chance in a different lifetime. In all lifetimes, I will choose you. Ikaw at ikaw lang ang gusto kong maging nanay sa lahat ng oras at lahat ng panahon. Kung papipiliin ako, ikaw at ikaw lang ang paulit ulit kong pipiliin.


Today, I can officially say TGIF. I usually can’t enjoy Fridays knowing I still have work on Saturdays. Tomorrow being a Saturday is an exception though since it’s Chinese New Year! The bosses here are Chinese and 3 of my office friends are Chinese as well.

Now having a 3-day break (I’m on leave on Monday), I feel like I will not be able to expand the usage cause I’ll probably just sit at home reading, painting or watching an anime movie with Kyx. Most of our free times are spent doing introverted things and I am happy with the way things are not to mention that we do go out or have out of town trips from time to time.

I was planning to have a weekend getaway but I think I am too lazy to go out. So I’ll probably just go painting over the weekend. I do hope I get something done productive though.

I also did my first painting from the W&N cotman set and I can’t wait to show you guys the artwork. It was a collaboration between me and Kyx! Before I show it to you guys, let me tell you something about the set I got!

  1. The thing is pretty much old I think. I mean it may be a pretty old stock? I can’t say I want something new but whatever. All of the paints are moist already (which is far different from mint condition paints cause typically, it should get off of their pans) being moist actually saved me from the hassle of dealing with the pans being thrown out of place.
  2. The half pans are wrapped individually and it took me I think a good 30 minute before I have finished unwrapping all of them! It was quite a chore but I was so excited it didn’t matter.
  3. Finally trying the paints, I loved it! So vivid, so bright, so saturated! I loved it soooo much!

Now I can’t wait to show you the first artwork I made using the watercolour!