Noong Ako ay Bata Pa

Habang nakikinig ako ng mga OST ng Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) naalala ko yung 90s.
Late 90s na ‘to sumikat satin pero ’92 ‘to nilabas ng mga hapon.

’97-98 ko yata tinangkilik ang Yu Yu Hakusho pero tuwing naririnig ko yung mga OST nila, lalo na yung Smile Bomb, naaalala ko yung kung paano ang mundo ko nung bata pa ako.

*nostalgia coming up*

Namimiss ko yung pag-kagising ko, uupo ako sa upuang ratan na tamang tama lang para sa size ng isang 4 years old. Regalo ito sakin ng lola ko, isang set ng ratan na lamesa na may kasamang 3 upuan. Doon ko nilalagay ang mga palayok (palayok palayukan ang tagawa ko) ko, maliliit din na siyang binili ng lola ko sa kung saan, sa palengke ba? Hindi ko na matandaan.
Doo’y maglulutulutan na ako at tsaka magkukunwaring naghahanda ng almusal.

Tuwing maglalakad ako, kakalembang ang 2 maliliit na belles na nasa anklet na bigay sa akin ng tita ko.

Pabalik balik ako mula sa ratan set patungo sa kama ng mama ko at papakainin ko siya ng almusal-almusalan na kunwari’y ginawa ko.

Namimiss ko ding problemahin kung paano ako makakatulog ng tanghali dahil hindi ako inaantok ngunit kailangan sapagkat hindi ako papayagan lumabas at makipaglaro sa mga bata doon sa looban kapag hindi ako natulog ng tanghali.

Sa banig ako matutulog, habang nakikinig ang lolo ko sa transistor niya (bulag ang lolo ko kaya mas mahal niya ang transistor kaysa sa TV nya)

Kapag nagising na ako, papakainin na ako ng kung nong meryendang inihanda ng lola ko pagkatapos ay manonood ng Ang TV at lalabas na. Makikipaglaro ng kung anong laro ang trip ng mga bata sa looban.

Iba yung pakiramdam kapag lumalabas ako non tuwing hapon. Kalma, hindi na mainit ang araw at nakakatuwa ang ingay ng mga bata (baka ako lang natutuwa kasi bata rin ako noon) Pawis na pawis ako parati at madalas pandilatan ng lola ko pag uuwi na ako dahil ang babae daw ay hindi dapat nagtatatarang at nagtatatakbo sa labas. Pero gusto ko eh.

Nakakamiss maging bata. Nakakamiss yung hapon noon. Yung klima, yung kalma. Nakakamiss ang lolo at lola ko. Namimiss ko lahat.




I don’t think people understood what I was saying or maybe they did tapos ako yung hindi nakaintindi hahahaha. But what I am really trying to say and pointing out is how teka, ayan nafigure out ko na, how people love seeing other people’s lives go viral. How other feel the need to make something viral when they are bashing someone.

Cases in point: Kabit VS Legal Wife, Ex-BF VS Ex-GF retaliating every single detail why they finally broke up. Naniningil VS Nangutang ; Posts usually start off with “Pasikatin natin ito” shaming other people for what they have done.

Ayan shet, nagkakalinaw yung pinoproblema kong hindi ko naman dapat iniisip HAHAHAHA

In line with what I have written yesterday HERE let’s clarify the difference of social relevance, rants and parinigs over social media.

When something is of social relevance like the public must really be involved, something about a crime, a video of people being harassed in traffic, while stuck in traffic or something about a social issue, it’s okay especially if social media is the only way to trace the person you’re trying to pursue.

For instance, I came across a video today that went viral when an elder woman harassed a twenty year old something young lady in a public transportation. In that post, she said that she’s posting it so that she can find that person who harassed her so she can press charges or like at least have her parents talk to that person. So that’s actually something reasonable at least, for me. (or is it not acceptable? Nalilito na ako mamshie)

Then if you rant on your social media or make parinig, I don’t think I get to have a say in it (since I rant so much on twitter) We are all responsible over what we post on social media and if someone calls you out, it’s on you. As for your readers, friends or followers, they can just mute or unfollow, it’s their call.

While writing this, I have contradictions toward my ideas. HALP! What can you say about this issue? Tara let’s discuss! HEHE ❤



Maybe I am PMS-ing, maybe I really do hate people or maybe I just am too sensitive for my own sake lately. Nonetheless, I still hate most of the people I encounter on a daily basis as of the moment but hopefully, this will change in a few days. I’m sure I’ll get my period soon and that’s why I am so irritable and cranky.

Why? Because:

  • Some people just don’t use their well and functioning healthy brains more than they should.
  • Kept repeating shit over and over again. Ano ba? Paulit ulit?
  • Unnecessary comments and unsolicited pieces of advice. NOBODY asked for it, so why the hell bother commenting?
  • I hate when I just sit there or Kyx sits there quietly and hindi mangatwiran when obviously, people are just too quick to jump from one conclusion to another without even bothering explaining or proving your point. I know I have the tendency to prove my point or have my point taken or whatever, but it’s not because I want to be RIGHT but because I want the other person to understand WHY or where we’re actually coming from. Hay naku.
  • People are quick to open their mouths instead of thinking things through. The tendency is to ask stupid questions, provide stupid answers and dismiss the idea of common sense.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I even stick around on earth for this long. Dealing with how annoying everyone is—including myself is a huge suffering. Hahaha

Or I’m just really PMS-ing. Hayyyyy lifeeeee. Now I’m off to write 1 more article and then translate 5 into Filipino. FIGHT!

Awards, Awards, Awards!


The Unique Blogger Award

The Rules:

  • Kindly thank the person who nominated you!
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  • Ask the people you nominated 3 questions.

The Versatile Blogger Award & One Lovely Blogger Award (both have the same rules so 14 facts about yourself in total if you want hehe)

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Thank you Hunida for nominating me. I am happy that you are one of the most genuine people I have met here on wordpress and I hope we always stay in touch ❤

The 3 Questions from Hunida:

  1. If you could live one week in someone else’s shoes who would you choose?
  • Oh this is hard. Uhm, maybe I’ll try
  1. Do you brush your teeth in the shower or do you think that’s extremely weird?
  • I brush my teeth before I hit the shower. Does that make sense? I also tried brushing my teeth while showering and I have no excuse as to why I did it but I did HAHAHA.
  1. Describe your handwriting. Is it big or small? Do you write in cursive, print, or a mix of both? Do you write in all caps or no caps?
  • It’s in print and my proper handwriting (like if I’m in no hurry) it’s like italicized or something.

14 Things About Me:

  1. I have OCD, Anxiety and Depression but I’m still alive and a generally happy person.
  2. I like my friends here in wordpress. I like them better than most people I know in real life, to be honest.
  3. I write for a living and it’s not as fun as everyone thinks but I like it anyway.
  4. I have been working on improving myself for the past 5 months and actually loving myself more.
  5. I like thinking about things and it’s both a curse and a gift, I guess. I waste so much time and energy thinking a lot about trivial things or stuff that shouldn’t matter. For the most parts, I benefit from it I guess.
  6. I am an INFJ. It’s a Myers-Briggs personality type meaning I am introverted, I lean more towards Intuition rather than basing it on facts and experience, I lean more on feeling than thinking and I more inclined with my own judgment than perception. Or I can’t explain it so here’s a link: you can also take the test and see what personality type you have! It’s fun and it’s like putting all the puzzles into place.
  7. I like music, art and reading than being outside and trying out different stuff and going into a lot of adventures. Though I am a bit adventurous sometimes but I prefer the comfort of my home.
  8. I am very trusting and forgiving. For the most parts, it help me sleep well at night. However, it also breaks my heart more often than it should.
  9. I am really very quiet and awkward in person. I come off as rude because of how quiet and shy I can be but once I warm up, you’ll have fun with me. I think it’s very common but in general, I’m really quiet and awkward hahahaha.
  10. It takes so much to make me angry.
  11. My high school crush is now my boyfriend for 3 years! Woot woot!
  12. I think I have a disease wherein I am so addicted with books that I keep buying only to have the unread books piled up. I am trying this thing called finish-everything-first-before-buying-a-new-book. Hahahaha
  13. I lost my high school best friends 24 hours after my birthday, they pitted on me and kicked me out of our group. It was a huge drama and my mom was so mad haha. I am not proud of it but I am happy everything happened the way it did. It broke me, it almost killed me, I almost killed myself but looking back, it taught me so much more that it compensated on all the hurt I felt. I guess I want to include it as a part of “fact about me” because if not for it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.
  14. I love my mom so much. I’d do anything for her.

My 3 Questions:

  1. What is your advice for someone who had a friendship break-up?
  2. Are there any regrets you have? What are those?
  3. What is the most memorable and proudest moment you have in your life?


I nominate you guys (even though I know some of you don’t write or answer things like this but..) because:

  1. I really value whatever you have to say.
  2. I’m interested in knowing you more.
  3. Sometimes, things like these award award keme is fun to do (hehehe)

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I know I exceeded the number of nominees. Sarreh.

Also, do this when you have time. I’m looking forward to it hehehe.


Feeling Close Chronicles

Bakit at Paano.

When I started hardcore blogging, talking about almost everything, yung tipong nagbablog ako because of the sheer joy it brings at hindi ako nagsusulat dahil yun ang gusto mabasa ng tao kaya siguro walang masyadong nagbabasa ng blog ko. Pero ngayon, I (virtually) met people at dumami din ang kilala kong Filipino bloggers.

No one ever reads my content from my country before. Mahalin ang sariling atin pero hindi ko yun nakukuha. My audience were mostly bloggers from other countries and bilang lang yung nagbabasa talaga ng content ko. Until a week ago, the Filipino bloggers decided to create a group on Facebook, nagkaroon ng community at mas dumami pa ang nakilala kong Pinoy!

Dahil diyan, naexcite ako at talagang feeling close ako. Let me explain, excited ako sa friends kasi wala akong maraming friends in real life. So tinuturing kong friends talaga ang mga nakilala ko sa blogging community na mga Pilipino.

To my Filipino bloggers

  • Pasensya na kung feeling close ako, wagas makalike and comment kung paminsan pero ganon kasi talaga ako. ‘Wag sana kayo mabwisit sa akin hahaha.
  • Awkward akong tao pero I try my best to socialize kahit virtually lang hahaha.
  • At talagang sadyang excited ako to meet people through wordpress kasi so far, puro genuine nakikilala ko dito. Walang halong kaplastikan mga tao, parang totoong totoo yung mga nilalabas. Hindi kagaya sa ibang social media platforms na parang perpekto yung mga buhay nila. Dito mas nalalabas ko kasi kung sino ako at nakikilala ko kung sino kayo habang nakikilala ko pa lalo ang sarili ko.

Ayun, kaya if feeling niyo feeling close ako, pasensya na. FC talaga ako lalo na sa Filipino bloggers hahahahahah sabik ako sa friendship eh. Bat ba hahaha

Drinking Problems

I didn’t even know that it was already a drinking problem of some sort until people started telling me that I looked dry, drunk and alcoholic. I can’t say I’m alcoholic *siguro patawid palang but fortunately, hindi naman* and thinking about it, I figured maybe I was just an extremely heavy drinker cause I grew up with 3 brothers who are really heavy drinkers (not in a bad way hehehe I’m trying to justify pa lol) but you see, we’re not alcoholics. We just love our booze.

Alcoholism is not to be taken lightly. It’s a serious substance abuse that could lead to health problems and I’m fully aware of that. I’m not downplaying or portraying anything that I am not.

So back in the day, during my college years, my glorious years, I drank so much. I don’t do it on a daily basis at first and of course, I’m not one to drink around groups. I love drinking with just my friends. College stuff, workload and a lot of other requirements led me to feel so stressed out and I resorted to drinking every weekend. It has been a weekend hobby for me. I’d invite friends over my house and we’d drink at our garage. Chill drink lang, walang walwalan. But if my friends are not available, I’d just drink by myself. Ganong levels. I didn’t see anything wrong with what I was doing though.

I was still responsible. I study, I am good in class, I’m an okay person in general. But I drink weekly.

Until such time that I really feel like I needed to drink, any time of day. It’s as if I was always looking for an excuse to drink. It was as if my body is looking for alcohol and I needed to give in to it because if not, I won’t be able to sleep well.

I have my flask with me—EVERYWHERE I GO. With a small amount of booze, I’m at peace that I could carry on with the day and get by.

I am not a party girl but I look up booze mixes on pinterest just for the heck of it. I loved every mix I ever did with jell-o and gummie bears. I was crazy.

But one fine day, I just stopped altogether. I didn’t want booze, I didn’t crave for it the way I used to. I just didn’t feel like drinking that much anymore.

Now, I still drink (not as much) and I still have my flask 🙂

So I think that this isn’t alcoholism. It was just a phase I guess?

Did you have a phase like this?


If you have drinking problems, if you feel like you’re getting addicted to it, maybe it’s time to consult a doctor or a therapist. Especially if it is a result of a problem, depression or if it has anything to do with your emotional and mental health.

My problem was that it was purely out of sheer joy but it was not because I was depressed or what (I have depression but I didn’t drink because of it)

Gender Equality, Feminism, Chivalry and Sexism (I am all over the place so try to not judge me and how I wrote this)

This may sort of be a long read, but please please do read it. I really need your opinion, I crave for a discussion on matters like this. So please please please help.

I often have discussions like this with Kyx especially when we’re stuck in bad traffic.

How do we all fight for “Gender Equality” in a world that cries for chivalry, in a world that takes “feminism” in a whole different manner, in a world where if not all, most people are clueless how “gender equality” works.

How can we all be politically correct in all these? How can we live by gender equality when we could all be ignorant at times and how can we stop sexism?

Okay, let’s see how this goes.

  1. When you look “Gender equality” up on Google, the first thing you’d come across is how Wikipedia defined it. “Gender equality, also known as sexual equality, is the state of equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender. It is achieved through gender neutrality and gender equity”

In my understanding and in advocacies we’ve heard all over the world, gender equality is when both men and women have the luxury to live with the same rights and opportunities in all aspects. May it be at the workplace or privileges in the society.

  1. Moving to “Feminism”, when you look it up on Google, you’d see synonyms such as “women liberation”, and when you find how it is defined, you’d see something that crosses with “gender equality”. That Feminism is the advocacy of women wherein they fight for equal rights regardless of gender.


  1. Now off to “Chivalry”, it is defined as when medieval knights show courtly manners, nobility, courtesy and all that. In the 21st century, it’s more about being a “gentleman” (or correct me if I’m wrong cause that’s how I understand it)


Given these 3 things, let’s now discuss what’s up!

Case on point #1:

Many months back, I guess about a year ago, a woman in her 20s I believe, went viral on social media (at least here in the Philippines) because she posted a photo of a guy who she is accusing of not being a gentleman. The train was full and a lot of people are standing up, now the guy in the photo clearly didn’t give his seat up for the girl. The girl then went to rant on social media how she was so tired but then this guy is sitting pretty (actually looking tired and innocent AF). She said that the guy should’ve given his seat up so that she can sit instead of the guy. What’s your take on this?

You see, more often than not, I am all for gender equality. If a guy wouldn’t give his seat up for me then I wouldn’t feel bad. It’s not like I am more privileged than him. Gender equality clearly states that both men and women get the same rights in all aspects so why the hell would I get mad for not having a seat on a train while a man sits and I stand? I mean I won’t get bothered even if I was hella tired.

Well, the woman who posted the photo that went viral on social media gained mixed reactions from the public. Some were sharing sentiments with her stating “chivalry is dead” while most got upset that this woman is crying out loud just because she was not given the seat that the guy deserved too.


Case on point #2:

Pregnant Women are the priority

Now it gets tricky from hereon. So someone please tell me, why pregnant women be the priority whether in queue for a public transportation or in the bank? I mean I get that they are carrying the baby and it’s quite a discomfort and it’s heavy and shit but, what’s the actual basis for this? I’m not mad at pregnant women, I am seriously asking because I do not know for sure as to why are they prioritized? Is it plainly because everyone needs to understand that pregnant women are having a hard time in everything while they’re pregnant so we help them in all ways possible or is it just plain sexism? Please shed some light on this because I am not sure hahaha. All I know is that we let them get to ride in public transportation first than the rest, we give way even if we were first in line because they are top priority and as far as the “why are they the top priority?” is concerned, I do not know. **seriously. What do you think and know about this, put it in the comment box**


Case on point #3:

Using a lot of sexist terms EVERYFUCKINGWHERE and it just makes me cringe so much I can’t even

Have you ever heard of the phrases “be a man!” or “you’re acting like a girl”? These terms seem innocent but are completely and utterly sexist. In the Philippines, you’d hear a lot of phrases like this:

“kalalaki mong tao natatakot ka sa multo” (You’re a guy and yet you get scared of ghosts)

“kalalaki mong tao iiyak iyak ka diyan” (You’re a guy and yet you are crying?)

“kababae mong tao ang lakas lakas mong tumawa” (You’re a girl and yet you laugh so loud)

“kababae mong tao ganyan ka magsalita” (You’re a girl yet you speak like that?)

And so on and so forth. Just use “kababae/kalalaki mong tao” and then insert a stereotypical phrase and BOOM= welcome to sexism!


In my opinion, sexism is everywhere. In the household, in the work place in public, in the movie houses, in the neighbourhood, in school. My gosh. I have no words.

Are guys not allowed to get scared? Are they not allowed to cry when they feel hurt or happy? Are girls not allowed to laugh like a hyena when they feel like it? Are girls not allowed to talk a certain way?

In the Philippines, we are taught that men and women need to live a certain way, dictated by the society. But FFS, this is the 21st century and why are we still not educated on matters like this? Why do we keep ourselves away from openness and why do we fight battles we know so little about?

Why the hell do we cry out so loud fighting for gender equality when we are so ignorant about the phrases and actions we say and do? Why do we want chivalry, crying if a guy is not a “gentleman” when we clearly fight for “gender equality”? Why do we use sexist phrases in the 21st century like it’s normal?

Think about it. Let’s discuss. Let’s talk about what you think. Let’s educate people, let’s share information, let’s speak up, let us help each other with the exchange of intelligence and openness. Let us not leave ourselves ignorant. Let’s keep asking, let’s keep learning.


I know I only covered a speck of the issues in our society, I know there are other problematic areas about this and there are deeper root problems here so don’t judge me haha!