Same Story, Different Perspective PART 1

I wrote a really long blog entry last night but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my laptop and I wanted to cry but whatever. Leche.


It feels a lot easier to tell the story now that I have finally moved on. It’s like I am telling the story from a different perspective!

One of the favourite things I have learned and focused on from the emotional mess I have endured in the past were “intentions”.

It was the day after my 26th birthday. I was in a really happy mood especially that my best friend Gee and I agreed to have dinner at Eastwood after months of not seeing each other. I arrived at Mcdonald’s—our meeting place around 20 minutes earlier. While I wait for Gee, I ordered fries and Coke.

While waiting, an earthquake happened. I thought I was just dizzy but I saw how the tables and chairs swayed, people looked at each other with a bit of panic in their eyes. I stared down at my Coke and saw that though it wasn’t splashing, the black liquid is definitely moving. I held on to it knowing full well that it might spill if the earthquake decides to be more extra. After a good minute or 2, I messaged my friends. I was worried that something might have happened, I want to make sure they were fine. They said that they felt it too and that they’re okay.

Gee arrived and we headed to Bigoli’s. It used to be Fazoli’s, our ultimate fave back then. After eating, Gee had to run quick at the Globe center , something to do with her postpaid line I guess. So while waiting, I checked my phone. There was a message from K in the Group chat. She sent photos of wrecked buildings caused by the earthquake and then said “sana may nabagsakan nalang niyan eh” (translation: “I wish someone got hit by those”—pertaining to the building wreck) I knew instantly something was wrong. Then she suddenly sent a new message containing screenshots of old conversations as proof of my snide comments. My comments were not bad but it was bad enough to be exposed like that. I was trying to pacify the situation, admitting to what I said and apologizing if someone have found it offensive when being offensive wasn’t my intention. Maybe it was blunt and insensitive but what I said was true and it wasn’t meant to be mean! But somehow, my words were twisted and I was frustrated to further explain myself especially when no one was listening. By the time that everyone was just going crazy, I said my piece again that they were taking what I said the wrong way and still no one cares, I left the group chat.

I was hyperventilating. My world was spinning and I can’t even continue eating my chicken which of course had gone cold already. I can’t even drink. I was in shock!

I waited for Gee and told her what had happened, after dinner I went home and cried my eyes out to my mom. I told her everything that happened and I was ugly crying and I think I messaged Kyx too so he drove to my mom’s house and comforted me as well. They were also in shock that something like that had to happen, it was really petty! I was crying so much that my mom wanted to intervene. She wanted to call someone, the barangay, the cops, whatever. But I told her I need to do this on my own.

My mom’s eyes were super wide and she has this look of hurt in her face. She looked strong and at the same time helpless. She lit her Marlboro lights and puffed it while telling me how I should speak up for myself and don’t let these people talk to me in a very degrading way. (did I mention I was called a bitch, two faced friend et cetera haha)

I think I calmed down eventually but still in shock and I wasn’t able to sleep well that night. I was crying sooooo hard every minute it flashes back in my mind.

I never got to talk to these people after I left the group chat. At least not immediately.



It’s the early 2000s and as I wait for my school bus, I called Faye using our landline “Wala pa si tito bobbit?” –tito bobbit is how we call our school bus driver. I had to call her just to make sure that the school bus hasn’t arrived yet because I am starting to think that maybe, tito Bobbit forgot about me or that I was still sleeping when he came to pick me up, gahh my anxiety. Obviously, wala pa because Faye is still there. Faye gets picked up first, then me, then Bea. The phone call ended immediately because there’s nothing to talk about at just 6:00 in the morning. I called Bea and told her that Faye has not even been picked up yet. She’s relieved because she just finished taking a bath so I told her to get ready “bilisan mo na!”

I turn the radio on and turn it up as Avril Lavigne sang Complicated. “somebody else ‘round everyone else you’re watching your back like you can’t relax, you’re trying to be cool you look like a fool to me”. I don’t really like her, well my best friend Gee and I didn’t like her but I sing along to the song and hear my school bus honk its horn and I ran for the door. My brother Aldous wanted me to eat pandesal with Ligo sardines because he insists it tastes good. Sometimes it tastes good but more often than not, I don’t like it. “Di ka kakain??” sounding a little disappointed, I smiled and said “eh andito na si tito bobbit eh”. In a few seconds, I am out the house, running to the gate. “Hi Tisay!” tito Bobbit greeted, I used to hate him for calling me Tisay but since he started that when I was in 1st grade, I kinda grew to just let him call him that even if he meant the opposite of “tisay”.

I enter the school bus (it wasn’t a bus per se but a big van filled with girls since I go to an all-girls school) and sit on my usual spot in the morning trip. Everyone is quiet inside the bus, most of my friends are  trying to still catch some sleep before school happens and some are just staring blankly somewhere. I sat there, look out the window and kept singing Complicated in my head. I reached for Cool Air gum in my pocket and ate two of it. Usually I would save the other piece for a different time.

I can’t wait to reach school and tell my best friend how I like Complicated and loathe Sk8er Boi like it’s the most important thing to say. I started thinking about how my day would pan out, I can’t wait for lunch time because we’d go play at the school’s Playground! No one usually goes there at lunch time so I like it. I am already planning the course we’d take for my made up Global Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple and smile at the thought that of course, Gee and I would win again today. We always aim to be the Champs especially since I stopped being a scaredy cat for the high monkey bars and bridge we’d cross.

I remember how I felt that day, I remember how easy everything was and the only thing complicated was Avril Lavigne’s Complicated.

Welcoming the 12th Month of the Year

Can I just say that Ari’s Thank U, Next is how I want to close 2018? Hah! It’s very timely.

Anyway, I am writing this on the 1st day of the last month of 2018 and I can’t help but feel actually happy that this year is almost over. It wasn’t the best but thankfully, it wasn’t that bad either! So here’s stuff I want to share with you:

  1. It has been a year of healing for me. I’ve spent so many days learning to let go, embracing my journey to moving on from the pain. No matter how slow my progress has been, this year made me really go for it, yaknowamseyn?
  2. This year is when Kyx and I finally moved on to a different stage of our relationship. We veered off from our pettiness without even noticing it so I’m all for it! I loved it!
  3. There has been so many heartaches I faced this year but what’s good to point out is that it wasn’t about anything from the past. They’re mere heartaches of the present and there’s something about it that makes me feel stronger? Like at least I am dealing with present things right?
  4. I’ve finally learned how to love myself. I mean we all have the notion of loving ourselves but not really knowing how to do it and how it works. This year taught me that and made me realize how I should take care of myself.
  5. No more forced interactions just so I could be called “nice” or “polite” and that means a fuck ton for me. I love just being true to myself now more than ever.
  6. I’ve prepared myself for what’s in store for me in 2019. I mean I know 2019 would be a lot tougher compared to 2018 but I’d like to say that I’m stronger so it’s going to be fine won’t it?
  7. I’m actually excited for the days to come. My doors are open, I’m ready for more growth, for more opportunities!

2018, you were really awesome. I mean you didn’t mean for life to be this dumb for me but I had a good time. I’ve had loads of memories both good and bad, not to mention all the stuff I’ve learned! I’m sorry I want this year to be over but you’re unforgettable anyway *wink wink*

Relasyon Chronicles

Kagaya ng lahat ng relasyon, hindi perpekto ang sakin, ang sa amin. Hindi naman kasi talaga laging masaya, laging nakakatuwa, laging walang tensyon. Hindi ganoon.

May paminsan minsang pagsundot ng mga nakakainis na scenario. Mga nakakabwisit na quirks at mga nakakapunyetang problema na gusto mo nang malusutan pero stuck kayong dalawa.

Lagi din naman nagiging maayos, laging nagiging okay pagkatapos.

Magkasama kami sa bahay. Nagki-cringe ako sa term na “live in” kasi bukod sa wrong grammar ito dahil siguro shortened term ng “living in one house together” hindi magandang pakinggan. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Kaya mas gusto ko nalang yung term na magkasama sa bahay hahaha.

Iba ang buhay ng magjowang magkasama sa bahay kaysa sa hindi. Para kayong nagbabahay bahayan na hindi. Para kayong unofficial na mag-asawa at bilang next level na ang relasyon niyo at hindi lang simpleng magbf-gf in a conservative country—iba din yung mga tinatalakay na issue at problema.

Nitong nakaraan may hindi kami pagkakaunawaan. Masyadong mataas ang levels ng aking emotions at hindi ko makontrol ang nararamdaman ko. Masyado akong mabilis maiyak at mainis. Hindi nakakatulong. Sa panahon na ito, kagaya ng mga nakalipas—siya ang laging kalmado lang. Maunawain sa tantrums ko at iniintindi ang mga bagay na hindi madaling intindihin tungkol sakin lalo na kapag nilalamon na ng emosyon.

Sa simpleng problemang ito, may kaunting pagsagi sa utak ko ng “baka kailangan ko nalang ng ibang tao”. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Simpleng simple lang yung problema namin, hindi 3rd party, hindi tungkol sa pamilya. Napakasimple kaya hindi ko malaman kung bakit kailangan ko pa yun maisip.

Pero sandali lang bago ko narealize na hindi ko kailangan humanap ng iba. Hindi solusyon ang hiwalayan o kung ano pa. lalo na kung simple lang naman ang problema na pinapalaki ko lang pala.

Hindi ko sinabi sakanya yung sumagi sa isip ko, never akong nag-threat ng hiwalayan kasi alam ko at the end of the day, lagi naman din kaming nagiging okay.

Kasi kahit habang masungit ako makipag-usap sakanya, maririnig mo agad agad ang mga salitang pasensya na na sinsero at walang halong sarkasmo. Maagap siya, mabilis siya humingi ng pasensya lalo’t alam niyang may pagkakamali siya.

Hindi ko kailangang maghalungkat ng mga nakakainis niyang ginawa upang maipunto ko lang yung mga kamalian niya o areas of improvement.

Habang sinusungitan ko siya, ang sagot niya sa akin ay “Pasensya na. alam kong nagkulang ako sa parting iyon. Babawi ako.”

Hindi pa ako kalmado kahit narinig ko ang mga iyan. Sabi ko lang sakanya “sige na sige na, maghanap ka na ng panonoorin natin”. Dali dali naman siyang pumunta sa computer niya at nagtagal siguro ng 30 minutes bago makahanap ng panonoorin sabay sabi “okay ba sayo tong horror?” tapos pinalapit ko siya at niyakap. Nahimasmasan na kasi ako. Hindi na ako parang tigreng aatakihin sya.


 Iba lang kasi talaga ang mga pinagaawayan ng mga magkakarelasyon na magkasama sa bahay. Simple pero mas nakakainis kumpara sa hindi. Hindi ko masabi dito kasi masyadong personal hahaha. Inexplain ko lang kasi nabanggit ko yung tungkol sa magkasama sa bahay eh hahah. Pero siguro ganoon talaga. May mga pagsubok na napaka petty pero doon mo makikita ang karakter ng taong karelasyon mo. Kahit ang gulo gulo mo na kausap, mahinahon pa rin siya at kalmado lang.

Wala lang, nakwento ko lang.

Loving Me #1

August 7, 2018

I decided to make this a series thing because it’s a huge chunk of what I am working on this year.

How did it all start? I’ve tried for so long not to care about what other people would say and think about me but it was soooo hard especially that I have been a people pleaser for a very long time—so changing my ways entirely was a difficult process. But maybe, practice really does help, I was able to slowly immerse myself into the I-don’t-give-a-fucking-damn-about-what-they-say-and-think realm and there’s no going back! *insert victorious laugh*

I don’t know exactly what happened. I just woke up one day and thought to myself that I’m done being the people pleaser that I was. I’m done walking on egg shells around people who do not seem to like me for who I am. I am done sugar coating things, I’m done trying to look good for other people, I’m done not liking myself just because some people don’t like me. I’m just done with all of that and I was like fuck it, I love myself better now and I won’t care if others don’t. I’m done running around the vicious cycle of caring and not caring and then going back to caring again like I was stuck in some loop. I’m done with that.

It was also very toxic for me to keep caring and then out in the back not caring again, then after a while would care again like?? It’s just so fucking confusing already plus I don’t like it when my emotions get the best of me so there’s that.

It’s just (I’d say this again and again) so freeing to just be able to love yourself and not care whether they like you or not.

Are You A Ticking Time Bomb?

What to do when you are not happy but you can’t pinpoint the reason why you’re sad?

Have you ever felt like a ticking time bomb and you didn’t even know you are one until the point that you are just about to explode? I don’t know exactly why some of us are like that (I am included) but maybe there are a lot of factors like your environment, your background, how you were raised, your personality and the list goes on. So I can’t speak in general but I’d speak openly about myself and my own experiences.

If we are not in a social kind of setting (a party, a meet-up, a getaway, outing, gathering, reunions etc.) I normally am quiet, reserved, shy. I don’t look approachable either. I have this focused look on my face when I’m writing or reading, I don’t look at people, I don’t listen to what they’re saying unless they’re talking to me. I keep to myself a lot hence the twitter account (I speak the things I can’t say out loud on twitter so deal with it haha)

Over the past year, I have developed into having a friendlier face (still not friendly enough) but people still wonder if I’m mad, angry or going through something. I like to think a lot and I don’t say things outright. Delayed reaction ako lagi mga besh. I don’t comment or react instantly but when the situation sinks in, you’re in for a ride.

So in a nutshell, I keep to myself, I’m quiet and I don’t talk if I don’t have to but there are a lot of things going on in my head that once triggered, it’s either I’ll throw a fit, shut you out of my life or worst—give in to panic and anxiety. You see if you’re like me, a lot of emotions and feelings get bottled up inside so when I get upset, I don’t even know what exactly upsets me simply because I didn’t react right away or I didn’t deal with it the moment it happened. I have the tendency to shove it at the back of my head only to pop up right when my emotions are about to explode.

Now, here’s what I do to deal with things like this.

  1. Take a step back and listen to yourself. Talk yourself out to handling your emotions well by practicing to feel what needs to be felt at a given moment.
  2. If you feel like crying, cry it out. You don’t always need to understand why because it will only mess you up a little more.
  3. Once you’re calmer, try to analyse and understand yourself as to why you felt like crying or why are you upset. Evaluate what triggered you and what your actions should have been at that time.
  4. Take your time, being okay will not happen even if you already want to be okay.
  5. Get yo ass on to the mat and do yoga! (or meditate, do anything that helps relax your mind)

Last week I was so stressed out that I ate so many cookies and did yoga. I have to pay for the calories now so I’d go boxing but now I can’t because I spent so much on skin care again. Now I think I have to look for a new coping mechanism hahaha. This cookie and online shopping thing is bad. So bad. Hahaha

Note To Self #1