Freaking All Over The Place

I am freaking all over the place. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me anymore, I’m just like really all over the place, all over myself. I can’t even.

My talent is extremely so good you’d feel a pang of jealousy. I have a talent of complicating small things and turning them into big things until I bawl out and cry and have a meltdown. Ugh. (that’s really sarcastic for the most parts. You can tell right? Lol)

I have this dilemma wherein I can’t even figure out if I should be happy about this or not? When I was younger, I’d really save my allowance so I can buy one book. Before I finish that one book, I should have finished saving another one for a different book to buy. So I usually grow anxious more often than not back then, always afraid of not having enough books to read. Ahhh!

Now, my problem is I can’t stop buying books even if I have a lot more to read, so my pile of unread books are growing and that’s not something cute ya know? It makes me more all over the place. Like I’d read a chapter from one book then go over the next one. Oh god, I have a disease! (though I hope this is not a disease lol) Now, I plan to just stick to one book first and finish it then go over to the next one! I have stacks and stacks of books to firggin read.

The same goes for my tea collection. I have a lot of different tea flavors and each night I have to choose from all of them. Sometimes I get a little too tempted to drink 2 tea flavors just cause I can. -_-

Or am I just so indecisive lately?

A Book Review: The Girl On The Train

To start off, I love reading psychological thriller fictions. It makes me feel jumpy, I like the feeling of trying to find out the real deal behind the story. Now off to my book review lol.

I am rating 3/5 stars for this book.

The Girl On The Train is smartly written. It really has this “wtf is happening?!” sort of feel on the book. On the technical side: I love how the author Paula Hawkins can easily describe what’s going on in the scene which made it easier for me to see the scenario.

Also on the technical side: Maybe it’s not my type, like the style and how it was laid out. I like the different perspectives but it doesn’t stitch the story or the plot good enough for me to feel totally mind fucked. I guess I held too much expectation on this novel which left me a bit disappointed with how the story turned out.

In conclusion: I like the book but I didn’t feel the way I expected to feel. I was expecting a mind blowing plot twist. I was expecting a bang and “woah didn’t see that coming?!”. I guess towards the end, I have a hunch and it didn’t make a lot of sense as to why that should be the twist.

Overall, I like how it was written. I enjoyed the journey. Didn’t feel like it was a chore reading it. I wouldn’t recommend it though. Especially to people who loves thriller so much. But if you are looking for a good book different from your YAs, then this book is something nice! Also, I’m taking into account that I tried finishing it 1.5 days which felt super dragging for me and made it frustrating to find the “meh” or “blah” ending.

I have yet to watch the movie if I get a copy soon but I’m not on my toes, thinking I have more important things to do than watch it. I’m not being harsh. And for the ones who loved the book, good for you! Maybe it wasn’t what I expected to be that’s why I was giving it a 3/5 stars lol.




I want to write something with depth or something with a sort of explanation as to why I am not writing a lot recently. But right now.. I have nothing to share. Maybe in a few hours or days? But I’ll be here.

Anyway, let’s talk about fun stuff and my BOOK HAUL. Omfg. You would not believe this book haul!!

I am so excited to tell you guys about this.

So I think 2 weeks before, I was randomly looking at my news feed on Facebook when I saw a post about a book fair. It has this promo called “box all you can” as in you can box as much books as long as it fits in this rectangular box the Scholastic warehouse is going to provide.

Wednesday, 30th of November, I don’t have work so I told Kyx we shall go to the book fair. It’s a 20 minute drive away from home so it’s nothing far and Kyx wanted to go as well! When we got there, I was so damn frustrated because there were long lines and I checked the books but there isn’t any nice books left so I got sad. Kyx said we’ll go back on a weekend. Since I work on Saturdays, we planned going back on a Sunday.

Come Sunday, 4th of December, we woke up early, around 7 in the morning, had breakfast and left at around 730. Since it is a Sunday, no one really wake up early so the traffic was not bad at all, in fact we were cruising so smoothly and stopping only on stop lights. Lol. So We got there almost 8am, only a few people and books are still arranged properly. Here’s the awesome part.

799php (16 US Dollars) is the “Book Buffet”. There are books included in the book buffet wherein you can put as many books as you like in the box given you stack it properly without folding, bending or destroying. There were a lot of books and mostly classic novels! I DOVE RIGHT IN AND GOT ALL THE CLASSIC NOVELS AVAILABLE! Also got several Harry Potter books and the Hunger Games trilogy (in Hardbound) I only spent like 2,413 php (48 US Dollars) and scored a total of 37 books!!!

I was told that they were not able to replenish the book stocks since it was a Sunday. But still, I got a lot of books!!!!!!!! Here are some photos of my book haul. I am going back this Thursday and hopefully, I’ll get to buy more of the ones I wasn’t able to get last time! Sooo excited!

When we got home that day, I cleaned and fixed my book shelf! I was so pumped up and was able to fix everything. I was so darn happy!!!


It’s one of the days that even if I keep seeing Kyx’s face (every day) I still want to see him some more. I mean I cannot wait to get off work so I can see him again and I can listen to the radio with him or sit beside him and do nothing.

Okay, aside from all that sappiness, I will talk about how I enjoyed my weekend.

You won’t believe it (unless you’re one of the few people like me) but I would rather spend my weekend in my bed, drinking good coffee or tea while reading a book or while writing something random. I would rather hang out with my family or just chill with my friends while we complain about getting fat and being so caught up with work. But this weekend in particular was something different!

Last weekend, I was feeling very positive as of late, I even worked overtime for 3 hours (take note) ON A SATURDAY. I was supposed to have a waxing appointment but the wait time is about 2 hours so Kyx just picked me up from work. It was raining so hard and the traffic was really bad. The moment we got home, I ate my lunch (it was already about 5pm and I have not eaten lunch which was crazy). Then I read a chapter from “Library of Souls” (written by Ransom Riggs and this is the 3rd book from the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) I have been delaying this book because I love the series so much I can’t let go of it! Anyway, I took a nap then I went ahead and met up with my high school friends. We had unlimited Margarita and we went to the famous clubs here in Manila (It was my VERY FIRST TIME to step foot to a club) it was really a spontaneous and fun night! I went home around 4am and slept like a sad person cause I was too tired from everything but my heart was happy!

Sunday night, Kyx and I went out with our friends. We went to this Fil- Mexican place at Kapitolyo. Everyone was lining up and waiting to be seated so we decided to go to a chill kind of pub called St. Patrick’s (I think) and they drank a pint of beer. I didn’t because I was trying to detox (I kinda drank 10 glasses of Margarita the night before so yeahhh) After about an hour, we walked back to Silantro. We waited for roughly 5 more minutes before we were finally seated. It was so worth it though because the food is amazing. I love love love Silantro! We ordered Beef Nachos and Burritos. EVERYTHING TASTED SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD I even forgot I was on a strict diet! (oops!!)

That weekend was one for the books I guess. I loved every bit of it. Mostly, I would hate something when I decide to leave the house and regret it afterwards. This is one of the rare times that I actually loved everything without complaining or hating myself or wishing I was curled up at my room reading a good book! So below are the pictures to sum up my happy weekend! (If you are not seeing the photos yet, I am probably still editing lol)

How about you guys? What do you think about trying to do different fun things over the weekend and coming out of your shell every once in a while? I feel like this particular weekend was liberating for me! It is good and bad in some ways but nonetheless, I enjoyed everything!


Together with my high school besties. 😍

Cheers to friendship! 🍻

A couple of Margaritas through the night 😙

Inside Valkyrie 🙌🏼

At the Palace Pool Club (we were so awkward we didn’t know how to party!)

Kyx and I 😙

Beef Nachos! (The best Nachos I have ever tasted!)

Dinner with these amazing guys!

😁 😍 😘

I realized that sometimes, you just have to let things flow by itself, go with it and enjoy every moment. It is a good time to be alive. It is amazing to be alive!

Also, I have been so caught up with work (I knowww it is driving me crazy already) so my apologies for the sudden MIA and rare visits. I promise to make my rounds and make up for you my friends here. Also, I would get to the Blogger Recognition Awards wherein my friends nominated me. I swear I am so overwhelmed and happy about it. I just have to get around doing it. Maybe I shall do it tomorrow! I am really sorry, please don’t feel neglected. And guys? I am alive okay! Hope everyone is doing well.

Xox, Thea

Nice Saturday!

Slept an hour early last night because I was too damn stressed for Friday. I had to end it the moment I can.

I was planning to wake up a bit later than usual for my Saturday work (I usually wake up at around 7:30 in the morning and leave by 8:00am. I’ll be sure to be at the office before 9:00)

I was planning to prepare 30 minutes later than usual because I feel like there wouldn’t be bad traffic since it is a morning and of course, a weekend. But lo and behold, our maid had to knock at our room around 6 in the morning to get the laundry basket. After opening the door, I cannot sleep anymore. I closed my eyes until it’s time to be up for work. -____-“

Went to the office, ate a chocolate croissant and had .

It was an okay day. I don’t want to talk about work anymore. Just thinking about my office is making me crazy haha.

Kyx (you pronounce that as KICKS) went to my office and picked me up. We headed for lunch. There was bad traffic but it’s all good. I took snapchatting on a whole new level while stuck in traffic! HAH! So we ate Halal Guys for lunch. We couldn’t think of anything else to eat and Kyx didn’t want to think about which Chicken flavour he wanted at Frankie’s so Halal Guys it is. We enjoyed our food (though we didn’t finish it! He serving could be big or we just don’t eat a lot)

After eating, we went and used our free tickets to watch The Conjuring 2. We are not fan of horror films but since there aren’t any marvel films on the theatre now and nothing interests us more, we tried to see what the fuss was all about. It was a bit scary thinking that it happened in real life. The film is bearable and the way they told the story and executed everything seems amazing to me. I enjoyed the film!

We ate ice cream after that. Our favourite Sea Salt Caramel at Merry Moo!

I tried looking for my L’Oreal serum, Tea to try and a couple of biscuits I wanted at the grocery store BUT EVERYTHING ISN’T THERE OH MY GOD. HOW FRUSTRATING.

Went home, fixed our room a bit and now I am blogging!

I have a makeshift blogging table now and I love it so far. Now I am off to finish my tea, probably try to paint several geeky stuff and read Me Before You. I am halfway through it and I don’t want to finish it yet BUT I want to finish it before the movie comes out (in case there would be spoilers on the internet, which would highly be VERY POSSIBLE) so maybe I shall finish it tonight!

How was/is your Saturday? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Xox, Thea

Interests and whatnot

I have been doing a lot of things for almost 12 months  now and I don’t know exactly if this is the stage of my life wherein I wanna try everything and see if that’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve tried several hobbies which then faded in the background as soon as something more important comes up. It is a bit frustrating looking back at how I was but now I can just thank myself for trying whatever I felt like trying—and I’m not even scared to do so! Also, Kyx have been supporting me and even surprising me with whatever stuff I have interest on for a period of time.

I’ve been itching about this thought for a couple of weeks now and I can finally say it out loud (or over the internet) wait, before I start about my new found hobby, let me give you a couple of my hobbies and the hobbies I tried and grew fond of but were mostly shoved on the background.

First, writing. This one I never stopped loving. Although most of my works are perhaps too personal or overly work related, I still squeeze some poetry with short stories as much as I can. However, if I am left too busy with work, I just try writing but end up not posting it on my blog. BUMMER!

Second, planning/using and designing my planner. After leaving my job of 2 years, I started pouring my time with decorating my planner. I’ve watched videos and did a couple of DIY stuff for my planner. I even bough a lot of planner and craft supply just to be able to fulfil my decorating skills. Soon as I worked for a company again, I left my planner undecorated.

Well, I love reading and I am very passionate about it. When I say passionate, it means I love investing on books and reading them just makes me feel really happy about everything in my life. I will never grow tired nor ever give up reading.

Now, I am thinking of painting. I have never been a good painter. I just love arts and crafts. Doodles and abstract work. Whenever I see good artists, I am always left in awe and amazement. I can never be as good as them and I accepted that for the longest time. I never saw this coming but I ended up with a (great) artist! As all of you may have known, Kyx is really good at his craft—digital art. I can never be good as he is and I am not even close to 1 fourth of his goodness, so I have never thought of painting digitally. As time went by, I missed my doodling. Hey, I don’t really doodle that much. I just sort of use my pens and other art stuff for nothing important. AT ALL. Then I saw a painting over the internet. It looks so simple, so amazing. Then I felt a jolt of hope. I CAN DO THAT TOO! I said. With a silent prayer of course. I know that as simple as it looks, it is but hard to create an intricate watercolour painting. So here I am with a new set of art stuff—watercolor, sketchpad and brushes!

Let me give it a try and then I’ll give you guys an update of how it went. Let’s hope I’ll stay artsy and last forever than leaving my art stuff at the back of the bookshelf again. Hmm


Have you tried being so interested with a lot of things all at the same time? How was it? I’d love to hear from you guys! 😀



Hi guys! Since I’ve put this new baby blog up, I have been both excited and stressed out about it. Jumping from my ever reliable tumblr and blogger, I chose wordpress (which can be a bit frustrating since I don’t have enough extra income to actually choose premium). I cannot HTML my way out to this and cannot customize so lo and behold, I had to make do of what is available here that is free. Lels.

So aside from that little boo boo, this blog has been running for a good 2 months now and I only figured what I wanted this blog to be. I am tired of just ranting. So here, my blog shall be filled with insights and random awkward experiences that could be useful to anyone, everyone! Also, I have a few readers now so I might as well fix what I want to write here (I am still afraid of judgy eyes and critics but I shall ignore them now)

For now, I will write my interests and whatever there is that could be of help.

I will also write about watercolour, books and a bunch of realizations! So excited for this new phase of blogging!

(I have been blogging since 2004 and only now that I want it to be serious lol)

Please hit me up, let me know what’s up by commenting, emailing me or just reach out when you want to! I am very open to collabs, work, write-ups and whatnot. Also, I want to meet new people who writes about stuff! *smiles*