Glitch Glitch: Immortal Days

I wanted to show you all art pieces from Glitch Glitch: Immortal Days 2 man show by Angge and Crist but I have to tell you that I am such a failure when it comes to blogging. I should have gotten the names of each art piece but whatever. I’ll do better next time I swear.

Glitch Glitch: Immortal Days by Angge Lorente and Crist Espiritu

Glitch Glitch, the collective name of visual artists Crist Espiritu and Angge Lorente, unveils their latest artworks in a two-man exhibition titled “Immortal Days”. The show features a collection of artworks that urges one to go back to those years of juvenile exploits. Yesterdays of endless endorphin rush brought about by transient fancies, bad decisions and substance experimentation. Days when one surrendered to hazy nights of seemingly endless euphoria. Glory days that went on forever. These were the years that birthed your happy place. These were the days when you were immortal.

Angge Lorente explores/ exploits the human anatomy in its most primal; stripped of all mundane labels like gender, age or job descriptions. In her paintings the subjects are exquisite mishmash of flesh chucked onto the canvas with geometric figures, organic patterns, and textures creating engaging compositions. These process results dimming the inherent vulnerabilities of the subjects. By stripping away all the unnecessary, what remains are creatures of pure beauty driven by wanton desires and intractable emotions. Lorente’s art is a mirror that reflects our idealized selves… perpetually young and electric.


For Immortal Days, Crist Espiritu went on a relatively experimental path and presents his latest series called “Repurposing Memories”; a series of found objects, videos and mixed media assemblage. The artist states that “…the best days are those one could barely remember. Days wrapped in dopamine haze wherein the truth is blurred out thereby converting the experience into raw emotions unbound by logic’s boring gravitational pull.”
With this in mind, Espiritu reclaimed objects with inseverable links to his personal past and exorcised the intrinsic stories within each of them. Beaten up skateboards, wornout sneakers and other items all became raw materials for the process. Through creative alterations the objects are given new functions and are transformed into artworks that looks to the future instead of staying mere relics of years long gone. With this approach both the process and the final artworks inevitably become allegories for the coming of age.


Glitch Glitch believes that in today’s robotically fast-paced world, art serves as a break from all of life’s monotonously bland programming. With this show, Glitch Glitch shoves into focus the quickly depleting health bar you are given to navigate this rigged game that is your existence. No sense in setting your gears to a slow crawl towards the end. Go out and live your immortal days.

(Glitch Glitch: Immortal Days write up (I didn’t write this)


They both very much differ in style and execution but both outputs were lovely! I love Angge’s realism and the play she did with black and white and grey while popping some gold and red. I bet it has so much more than what I can understand and I regret not asking Angge these things but she was actually really busy entertaining a ton of guest! *Congratulations Angge!*

I also love how Crist played with mixed media. There’s so much details in his works and it screams passion in all the pieces. It’s on the funky and bright colored paints but you can tell there’s something deeper than just vibrant images and colors.

Here are the photos that Kyx and I managed to capture. You must remember that Kyx is very uncomfortable with taking photos in public, He is so awkward and shy but whatever, I however got him to take my pictures and I can tell he’s cringing but didn’t want to disappoint me lol.

*I didn’t edit the photos I took of Angge and Crist’s art pieces so you can see it raw.


Don’t let your frustrations drag you down. You deserve more, you deserve better than that. 

– – 

Sharing with you another watercolor painting I did on this rainy Saturday evening.

Concept was originally from Ate Enon De Belen

Paper: Canson watercolor paper (student grade)

Watercolor: Winsor and Newton Cotman 45 pan set

Brushes: Martol brushes no. 1,3 and 5

Watercolor Chronicles: Is It Summer Yet?

One of the many things that can actually help me destress is through watercolor painting.

This painting is inspired by one of Maria’s paintings (her ig is @ maria_morjane)– a watercolor artist. She’s really amazing, friendly and an overall great person.

I used winsor and newton cotman set for the most parts but used Gouache at the same time.


Watercolor Chronicles: Small Art Pieces

This is how I am spending my Saturday night; shaking off all the bad vibes and stress this week has given me. Whoo!

These small art pieces are painted using winsor and newton cotman 45 half pan set on canson watercolor paper. Pēbēo was used for some details. 🤗

Art inspiration from Pinterest of course 💖

Watercolor Chronicles: “It’s All I Have”

When you’ve given everything but it’s still not enough. When they ask you “is that it?” and you answer “it’s all I ever have to begin with”

I got me some art inspiration from Miss Enon De Belen. (look her up on instagram)

I first saw her loose watercolour portraits last year and that’s when I started to like watercolour. All her artworks are my peg but I can’t seem to come close to her magic. She’s really such a talented artist! You better check her out!


This was painted on Canson Watercolor Paper using 2 brushes (I forgot the sizes) together with Wisnor and Newton 45 half pan set (cotman;student grade paints)