Hello Hello Powz!

Hello! First of all, I am writing this blog entry with my new keyboard from Miniso!!!! I think it’s just 700 pesos and why is this keyboard relevant anyway? Well, after leaving my copywriting job, I didn’t have time to get my good old netbook fixed and so I had to resort to using my ipad for blogging. However, it is very exhausting to type using my ipad without a proper keyboard so ya get what I mean?

Anyway, I am excited to share with you my detailed experiences for the past 2 and a half months in my new job.

It’s funny how I can’t think about good things to say because as of right now, all I can think about are the horrific stuff I have dealt with such as people being so balahura at the fitting room, tapos yung mga nanggugulo ng mga super magagandang folded items. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining (but I really am)

In short, nakakaloka talaga. Everyday, I think about how I have come up with this decision to choose this career path, everyday I struggle with the same thoughts. I question myself and think that maybe I have very poor decision making skills at the age of 28. (OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I just turned 28 about 2 weeks ago!!!) There were times that I would cry myself to sleep because I don’t understand myself anymore.

Pero bago nga yung detailed chikabels ko, matutulog muna ako because I have worked a full 12 hours shift with only an hour-long break!!!! NAKAKALOKA.

So ayan, sorry kung nabitin yung chika ko. Basta pramis, bukas chichika talaga ako. Sana basahin niyo! Hahahahahhahahahahahha

P.S. Wag po tayong baboy sa fitting room guys, ang daming nagkakalat sobra. Minsan sisinga sa tissue tapos iiwan yung tissue doon. Guys sino bang dadampto non diba? I mean yung mga siimplengg ganyang bagay wag na gawin. Kasama sa work namin maglinis and all pero hindi kasama yung ganongg klaseng kababuyan levels. And to top it off, may mga mangungulangot tapos ipupunas sa pader ng FR. wag po ganon. Kami yung magkikiskis nung kulangot ano ba yun diba ahahahha ang daming binibili, may pera magshopping pero yung kulangot ganon ganon nalang ipapahid sa pader diba? I kenat powz hahahah. Ayun lang.

Lalagyan ko nalang ng password to next time kasi baka maligwak pa ako sa werk kapaag may nakakita muhahaha pero next time na.

See ya! Until next chika!!


I Want To Give Up

Ayan. Ganyan ang drama everyday.

But then, I realized na tuwing nagigising ako kinabukasan I am given another chance yet again to make the most out of my blessings. To keep going.

So bakit ako mag gigive up diba?

Next time na yung buong chika. May pasok pa ako bukas hassle hahaha

Life Update!

While waiting for my shift to start, I thought I’ll update you guys haha. Ever since I started my new job, I didn’t have enough time for things I like to do–blogging included. Work is so demanding, my time is not enough for a lot of things but I am really enjoying life right now. Everything aren’t always sparkles and rainbows but so far, it’s been good.

New Work – AMAZING! I’ve been learning a lot of things. The training is super hard and thorough but it’s going to be helpful in the long run.

Family – Happy as can be!!

Friends – I could not ask for more.

Maybe I’ll write a longer post later tonight. I miss you all!!! I miss writing. I miss everything. ❤️

The Art of Deadma: Boss Edition

I can’t believe I’m talking about this because I am the last person I can think of that would “deadma” something especially if it would trigger so many feelings.

With everything that happened to me, I have learned how to control my emotions, to choose my battles, to know how I should react especially in stressful scenarios. It wasn’t easy but the moment I was able to get the hang of it, then all is well. Hence I have learned the art of deadma.

After the holidays, my boss gave everyone in our team his Christmas gift. Everyone had their gifts on top of their tables except me. Yup! You got that right, he didn’t bother giving me a gift. He left me out.

Had it happened a year ago, I would’ve bawled my eyes out. It would have hurt me so bad that I would overthink every single detail. I would make assumptions as to why he would have left me out! But now, I don’t care as much as I always did.

Whether his intentions would be to hurt me, to make me feel bothered or not, I don’t care. I wouldn’t give him the slightest satisfaction of seeing me hurt or affected and the good part is I am not even pretending to be unaffected!

Because last night, I was just thanking God for all the blessings he gave me. He answered my prayers especially when I asked him to grant me healing. I feel so blessed just by thinking about my family, friends and loved ones and that is enough to make me feel happy. I don’t need  gifts in fancy wrapping papers, I don’t need fake love. I got what I need and that’s enough.

So the art of deadma works well especially when you feel satisfied, happy and blessed beyond belief. Whoo!

Same Story, Different Perspective Part 2

The days have gone by and all I could do was write about my feelings. You all were there when I was so down and you knew what happened.

Now that I have moved on from it, I realized how important intentions are. I realized how it is good to figure out the intention or objective of someone when doing something so that you will understand what’s up. I mean if you know what the intention is, you would probably be more rational or understanding right? I don’t know if you get what I mean but that’s that. Hahahaha

Like maybe, if they knew that my intention was nothing but just simply saying what I had in mind and that it wasn’t meant to offend, that I am just really a blunt and a half insensitive nobody in their freaking right mind would be so angry.

I guess what I really wanted to say is this.

I have forgiven you already and I hope that you know what you did was wrong. What you did was cruel. You wanted people to hate me the way you did and so you had to hurt other people’s feelings just so you could succeed. I know it did make you a little happy and felt as though you have accomplished something but I also think that what victory and joy you felt did not last long. It couldn’t have lasted long because for sure you have realized that you made a big mess out of a small puddle. It wasn’t even supposed to be messy looking back. Hahaha. You made me look as if what I said were wrong, as if my comment of “dati naman na siyang maldita” was not true when in reality IT IS WHAT IT IS. The person I was pertaining to in that comment even admits to it (pero confused ako kasi nagalit din sya kahit na totoo naman and she was even proud of it so??? Di ko gets)

Everything is in the past now. You were calling me out for what you think is “betrayal” but what you did was the actual exact same thing! It’s funny how you can twist words and stories but I do hope you get really good sleep at night. Because I do. You know why? Because I figured my intentions were clear, I figured that though it may have been very wrong for me to speak so bluntly and insensitive, I never spoke of lies. I always always just described how I saw it. And now I know when to shut the fuck up, thanks to you being all twisty and stuff. I have learned that though my intentions were clear as crystal, people can twist my words and tell a different story from it. It’s so stupid that I am only realizing this now. Hayyyyy.

Oh well, all is good now.

I don’t have plans on being friends with these people anymore and it’s not painful, it’s all forgiven but it should all be left where it belongs—in the past.

Same Story, Different Perspective PART 1

I wrote a really long blog entry last night but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my laptop and I wanted to cry but whatever. Leche.


It feels a lot easier to tell the story now that I have finally moved on. It’s like I am telling the story from a different perspective!

One of the favourite things I have learned and focused on from the emotional mess I have endured in the past were “intentions”.

It was the day after my 26th birthday. I was in a really happy mood especially that my best friend Gee and I agreed to have dinner at Eastwood after months of not seeing each other. I arrived at Mcdonald’s—our meeting place around 20 minutes earlier. While I wait for Gee, I ordered fries and Coke.

While waiting, an earthquake happened. I thought I was just dizzy but I saw how the tables and chairs swayed, people looked at each other with a bit of panic in their eyes. I stared down at my Coke and saw that though it wasn’t splashing, the black liquid is definitely moving. I held on to it knowing full well that it might spill if the earthquake decides to be more extra. After a good minute or 2, I messaged my friends. I was worried that something might have happened, I want to make sure they were fine. They said that they felt it too and that they’re okay.

Gee arrived and we headed to Bigoli’s. It used to be Fazoli’s, our ultimate fave back then. After eating, Gee had to run quick at the Globe center , something to do with her postpaid line I guess. So while waiting, I checked my phone. There was a message from K in the Group chat. She sent photos of wrecked buildings caused by the earthquake and then said “sana may nabagsakan nalang niyan eh” (translation: “I wish someone got hit by those”—pertaining to the building wreck) I knew instantly something was wrong. Then she suddenly sent a new message containing screenshots of old conversations as proof of my snide comments. My comments were not bad but it was bad enough to be exposed like that. I was trying to pacify the situation, admitting to what I said and apologizing if someone have found it offensive when being offensive wasn’t my intention. Maybe it was blunt and insensitive but what I said was true and it wasn’t meant to be mean! But somehow, my words were twisted and I was frustrated to further explain myself especially when no one was listening. By the time that everyone was just going crazy, I said my piece again that they were taking what I said the wrong way and still no one cares, I left the group chat.

I was hyperventilating. My world was spinning and I can’t even continue eating my chicken which of course had gone cold already. I can’t even drink. I was in shock!

I waited for Gee and told her what had happened, after dinner I went home and cried my eyes out to my mom. I told her everything that happened and I was ugly crying and I think I messaged Kyx too so he drove to my mom’s house and comforted me as well. They were also in shock that something like that had to happen, it was really petty! I was crying so much that my mom wanted to intervene. She wanted to call someone, the barangay, the cops, whatever. But I told her I need to do this on my own.

My mom’s eyes were super wide and she has this look of hurt in her face. She looked strong and at the same time helpless. She lit her Marlboro lights and puffed it while telling me how I should speak up for myself and don’t let these people talk to me in a very degrading way. (did I mention I was called a bitch, two faced friend et cetera haha)

I think I calmed down eventually but still in shock and I wasn’t able to sleep well that night. I was crying sooooo hard every minute it flashes back in my mind.

I never got to talk to these people after I left the group chat. At least not immediately.

Kwentuhan Tayo #2

Jusko naman, kwento ko lang last night yung moment of enlightenment ko ha. Kasi naman 2nd day palang into 2019 umiyak na ako kaagad, ano ba naman yan diba? Pero don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing. I was just really feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotional. Andiyan papasok bigla yung self-doubt at takot, napangungunahan ako ng ganitong thoughts kaya di ko kinakaya na napaiyak nalang ako hahaahhahha.

Sobrang bago kasi itong career change na ito para sa akin. Ang personality ko kasi is sanay ako sa routine. Sanay ako sa alam ko. Ako yung tipong pipiliin yung long travel na kabisado ko kaysa sa shortcut na hindi ako familiar. Ako yung uulit ulitin ang order sa paulit ulit na restaurant kasi ganon talaga ako. In short, hindi ako talaga sana sa taking risks, seeking the great perhaps and all that. Hindi ako sanay umalis sa comfort zone ko so this year ko yun gagawin and natatakot ako hahahah. Syempre normal lang naman siguro ang makaramdam ng ganitong emotion kaya hindi naman ako naiinis sa sarili ko. Isa pa, naiisip ko na sobrang mahihirapan ako kasi ibang iba talaga yung career path na tatahakin ko ngayon. Hindi siya ever sumagi sa utak ko na gagawin ko kahit kailan but here I am??? So paano diba? Kaya ko ba? Gusto ko sanang umatras, umurong, mag-BPO na lang ulit ako kasi mas alam ko kalakaran doon pero sabi ni Kyx kasi, ngayon pa ba ako susuko? Ngayon pa ba ako aatras eh andito na ako.

Feeling ko hindi ko kasi magagampanan ng mahusay yung position kaya lang ang nega ko naman kung ganon. So eto na:

  1. Sigurado ako, hindi ibibigay ni Lord sakin ito kung hindi ko kakayanin. Sabi nga nila, lahat ng challenges na binibigay sa iyo ay kaya mong malampasan. So kaya ko din siguro ito no?!
  2. Dapat paulit ulit kong isipin ano nga ba ang purpose ko why I started? Ano ba yung goal ko bakit ko ba ito kinuha. May deeper reason so dapat lagi kong balikbalikan yun.
  3. I fear that I won’t have enough time anymore for my family and friends dahil sa super busy na ng magiging work ko, kaya lang sometimes kailangan ng little sacrifices like this for a greater reason.

Ngayon naman kalmado na ako eh. Kagabi lang ako nagiinarte. Sige 2019, i-push natin ito!