Hi! I’m Althea with a resting bitch face since ’91. I don’t have a problem with you, it’s just that my face is normally angry looking no matter how smiley I try to be.

You’ve reached my free little space and here’s what you can expect from this blog:

  • Contains random stuff
  • Review fails (because I don’t know how to make a proper review)
  • My emotional outbursts
  • Random 1am thoughts

Let’s be friends? ❤


23 thoughts on “About

    1. I do believe you’re the only person who read that hahaha Thank you so much, Robert! Do you prefer being called Robert or do you have a nickname? 🙂 It’s nice to see you here in my blog! xx

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      1. Hi Thea, I am a Robert and I am a Rob, but never a Bob. 🙂
        You should try posting a series of photographs of various parts of your body on your blog and you would see your viewing figure soar!
        You might think I’m joking, or that I’m ‘trying it on’ but this is not so – I’m just thinking of another blog I follow (I just looked for it but couldn’t find it – sorry) did just that. She gets a lot of lurkers (people who look but don’t post) but says that the few people that do post are really nice and she enjoys chatting to them so much.
        Much kindness – Robert.


    1. WSow! You are my 100th follower! 😀 I know that’s not a lot but 100 is pretty significant already! lol. I have checked your blog just now and yours look so great and awesome! Looking forward to a more fruitful friendship with you ❤


  1. Hi Thea! I just discovered your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂 I completely understand your struggle to start conversations, although I can’t say I really relate. I’m more of an ambivert. Please check my blog out: anotebookonepenandme.wordpress.com.

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    1. Omg! I just saw your comment!!! I’m super gonna stalk you on my rest day this week hahaha thank you, thank you! You made my day ❤️ I’m happy you found me sorry ang mema hahaha pero totoo masaya ako. Sorry super late reply 😦

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