Life Update!

I owe this blog an update of what has been going on in my life lately.

In February, I started a manager in training position at a retail company, met a lot of wonderful people at work, learned so much, endured so much already in the past days and fought with myself whether I really wanted this or not.

In March, I went to Tokyo, Japan with Kyx and our friends. It was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever experienced and I don’t think I will ever forget how it made me feel.

In April, I turned another year older. Wee! I am 28 already and I am still as confused as I was back when I was 23. Hayayaya what do I really want to do with my life? I secretly just want to stay at home and do whatever the hell I like with an apartment business on the side. Hayayayayay.

Now, I am writing this so that you guys know that I am still alive, confused and need help mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Hahahaha!


Hello Hello Powz!

Hello! First of all, I am writing this blog entry with my new keyboard from Miniso!!!! I think it’s just 700 pesos and why is this keyboard relevant anyway? Well, after leaving my copywriting job, I didn’t have time to get my good old netbook fixed and so I had to resort to using my ipad for blogging. However, it is very exhausting to type using my ipad without a proper keyboard so ya get what I mean?

Anyway, I am excited to share with you my detailed experiences for the past 2 and a half months in my new job.

It’s funny how I can’t think about good things to say because as of right now, all I can think about are the horrific stuff I have dealt with such as people being so balahura at the fitting room, tapos yung mga nanggugulo ng mga super magagandang folded items. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining (but I really am)

In short, nakakaloka talaga. Everyday, I think about how I have come up with this decision to choose this career path, everyday I struggle with the same thoughts. I question myself and think that maybe I have very poor decision making skills at the age of 28. (OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I just turned 28 about 2 weeks ago!!!) There were times that I would cry myself to sleep because I don’t understand myself anymore.

Pero bago nga yung detailed chikabels ko, matutulog muna ako because I have worked a full 12 hours shift with only an hour-long break!!!! NAKAKALOKA.

So ayan, sorry kung nabitin yung chika ko. Basta pramis, bukas chichika talaga ako. Sana basahin niyo! Hahahahahhahahahahahha

P.S. Wag po tayong baboy sa fitting room guys, ang daming nagkakalat sobra. Minsan sisinga sa tissue tapos iiwan yung tissue doon. Guys sino bang dadampto non diba? I mean yung mga siimplengg ganyang bagay wag na gawin. Kasama sa work namin maglinis and all pero hindi kasama yung ganongg klaseng kababuyan levels. And to top it off, may mga mangungulangot tapos ipupunas sa pader ng FR. wag po ganon. Kami yung magkikiskis nung kulangot ano ba yun diba ahahahha ang daming binibili, may pera magshopping pero yung kulangot ganon ganon nalang ipapahid sa pader diba? I kenat powz hahahah. Ayun lang.

Lalagyan ko nalang ng password to next time kasi baka maligwak pa ako sa werk kapaag may nakakita muhahaha pero next time na.

See ya! Until next chika!!