I Want To Give Up

Ayan. Ganyan ang drama everyday.

But then, I realized na tuwing nagigising ako kinabukasan I am given another chance yet again to make the most out of my blessings. To keep going.

So bakit ako mag gigive up diba?

Next time na yung buong chika. May pasok pa ako bukas hassle hahaha


Life Update!

While waiting for my shift to start, I thought I’ll update you guys haha. Ever since I started my new job, I didn’t have enough time for things I like to do–blogging included. Work is so demanding, my time is not enough for a lot of things but I am really enjoying life right now. Everything aren’t always sparkles and rainbows but so far, it’s been good.

New Work – AMAZING! I’ve been learning a lot of things. The training is super hard and thorough but it’s going to be helpful in the long run.

Family – Happy as can be!!

Friends – I could not ask for more.

Maybe I’ll write a longer post later tonight. I miss you all!!! I miss writing. I miss everything. ❤️