Mini Goals for 2019

I don’t have anything planned for 2019 yet because I am trying to teach myself how to get through each day with the “one day at a time” mentality. Mostly it will be very very very difficult for me but at least, I am trying. I have set mini goals though and maybe these are resolutions? I am not sure but whatever.

  1. One of my main problems is I suck at replying to people. Whether it is a message or a comment, I suck at it. The most that people get from me is if they tweet me because 80% of the time, I wouldn’t miss w twitter comment or something like that. Although there’s about 20% chance I would miss it but still.. (oh forgive me for the use of ellipses he he) so this year, I will work more on my ability to actually reply to people. It’s not their fault I suck at it and it’s nothing personal. 80% of the time, I didn’t get to see it. AT ALL. and 20% I reply on my head. This time I’ll be more reliable when it comes to virtual communication. Hayy
  2. I don’t know but I don’t save people’s numbers on my phone. I guess I’m too irresponsible and lazy to do so. This year, I’ll try to save people’s number!!
  3. I’ll try to smile more. I don’t do it in person that’s why I get mistaken for being super sungit but I’m just really shy. Too shy to smile levelz.

Maybe I’ll add more to this list soon!


10 thoughts on “Mini Goals for 2019

  1. I completely am the same way for the first two!! Sometimes I worry that people will think I am being snobbish to not respond to their comment or something but sometimes I’ll reply in my head and just completely forget to actually write something haha I’m the same with texts too sometimes. With the third I think I’m actually the opposite. I think I smile too much and it makes me come across as ditzy or inferior/insecure 🙄 I’ve actually been trying to smile less in certain situations!


  2. Again, that #3 though. HAHA I think I’m the opposite. The last award na nakuha ko during the last training that I took was the Killer Smile Award haha how I wish pwede kung iinclude yan sa resume ko para may mailagay naman akong bago. Ewan ko ba, I smile too often -habit na nga eh- that people don’t take me seriously and that they think they can make fun of me and/or trample me so so easily. May downside rin talaga ang pagiging bungisngis. 😊😊😊

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    1. Awww friend I feel you. Struggle nga yan ng mga smiley face. Ako naman resting bitch face talaga so akala ng mga tao masama ako or masungit huhu. Pero masungit talaga ako pero hindi naman sobra ahhaahha cheret. Miss you friend! ❤ Masaya ako naging kaibigan kita.

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      1. HAHA I feel you din naman. Kasi kung hindi ako smiley face eh simangot galore naman kaya madalas rin naman akong napagsasabihang masungit at maldita. I’m very very happy too that I can call you my friend kahit na hindi pa tayo nakakapagkita ng personal. 😊😊😊


  3. Haha. #2, I think that’s all #adultingproblems. Hindi na rin ako masave ng # 😅 Minsan tuloy nakakahiya kasi everytime my colleagues would call I asked them sino po ito 😂 Anyway, that’s a nice “resolutions”. Push girl 😊❤

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    1. Naku nakakahiya nga talaga kasi lagi nalang natatanong kung sino hahaha o kaya naman may magtatanong kung may number ako ni ganto ganyan pero wala ako mabigay kasi di ko sinesave hahahahha


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