May 19 – 20

I have yet to put the pictures on the stuff I have drafted (marami sila) but I have yet to post it because I want to add the pictures already but I didn’t have the time to do that yesterday! -_-

So today, let me update you with my weekend as if it was interesting enough hahaha.

Saturday – we had no plans so I was just really looking forward to taking a nap once I get home but since Kyx had a meeting with his officemates at Glorietta and he’s thinking that since he’s already out of the house, why not grab some dinner with his friends and me. So After his meeting and late lunch, he picked me up at 4pm. We’re waiting for King and Jerome so we had ice cream first and I bought a book at fullybooked (I swore I wouldn’t buy anything but I can’t be trusted inside a bookstore so..)

After that, we met up with King and Jerome at Mendokoro. I think we learned about Mendokoro 2 years ago when we were searching for the best ramen in the Philippines (Sorry Mendokoro but Ippudo is still our number one) and we loved their Super Chashu. Also a side note, ever since Ellen Adarna’s issue, the waiting time went on for more than 4 hours! (the longest we had to wait back then was a maximum of an hour hay)

Anywaaaaayyyyyy, we got there at 7pm and since the wait is taking forever, we walked to the nearest 7-11 and stayed there for about an hour. When we got back, we waited for another hour. Haaaay haahha. The ramen is good nonetheless. Kyx and I just shared a bowl and ordered 3 pieces of Gyoza and right after dinner, we all went home!

Sunday – woke up early because Airah and I would go to church. Digs dropped us off and after church, we met up with Kyx and Rubs. We ate late lunch at Ippudo (I love you, Ippudo) and met up with Aki and Vannessa for Deadpool 2. We enjoyed the movie and had coffee after. I love hanging out with these people even for just a few hours because they’re like the realest friends ever!

Nothing really fancy about my weekend. It’s just worth sharing because I really had a nice time!

Currently Watching: Haikyuu!! and The Kissing Booth

Currently Reading: Stay Sweet, Crazy Rich China Girl Friend and Genuine Fraud



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