I said it so many times then find myself relapsing and being sad all over again right? But this time, I am so thrilled to share with you all that I finally found myself all moved on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANG WILD.

I prayed for this day to come long enough. There were so many hopeless nights that I would cry stupidly, praying that God may grant me healing, forgiveness and peace of mind. I kept praying and crying and praying and crying over and over and over again. I waited for this day to come. I hoped for this day to come, to finally close that sad sad chapter in my life.

So how did this day finally arrived? In the latter days of 2017, I vowed to keep focusing on the things I still have, celebrate life and take the painful things as learning experiences and part of growth. I was still a bit sad I think, I was still trying to find closure. Hindi ako matahimik eh.  Then come February, I muster up the courage to find closure with an individual. I found peace in my heart afterwards. I also didn’t want to reach out to others anymore, I feel like I have exhausted all my efforts and maybe it’s not the time to talk to some people. Maybe someday in the future. The good thing is that I finally accepted that fact as well.

A friend from that same circle reached out to me and my heart is overjoyed. I figured I didn’t lose everyone anyway. I have no words to describe how happy I was when that friend messaged me.

In all of those things, in my sleepless nights and desperate call for prayers, I have learned enough to love myself.

  • If people wouldn’t grant you the closure you deserve, make the closure for yourself. You don’t need validation, you don’t need to run after people who have shut you out of their lives already because there will come a time when they will seek for peace of mind and eventually learn to forgive you anyway. They may not still give you that closure you are looking for but the fact that they forgave you already should be enough.
  • If you have forgiven wholeheartedly those who have hurt you, you wouldn’t be running around kicking yourself with guilt. Learn to forgive no matter how much pain they have caused you.

And the most important thing I will live with from now on is not wanting to validate whether a person likes to be in your life or not. Hindi na natin kailangan tanungin yan.

My thoughts are scattered at ang gulo gulo. Itinawid ko nalang. hahah

Nga pala, thank you to everyone who helped me come to this point. I have friends who prayed for me. I have you guys from being blog readers, supporting one another in the blogosphere to being friends, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. So pano? Kitakits na ulit!? 😀


Guess Who’s Back?

Aila (1)
Digital Painting by Kyxarie Peralta

It has been a year my friends, The journey, my journey—our journey will begin in about 2 days from now. Tomorrow, the 8th of April Manila, Philippines time, my life will change, everything will turn upside down and I wouldn’t know where to start. You guys then will be my support, my strength and my fortress.

What a year it has been!!! I couldn’t believe that it has been a year already and look at me, all moved on and not hurt or pissed anymore! There are hiccups along the way, losing friends—my best friends (or so I though) was not easy and you helped me get back on track. You all here, helped me one way or another. I felt like I was drowning or even being buried but you helped me get back on my feet. That’s intense!

So to celebrate the year it has been and my 27th birthday here are my goals or resolutions or to-dos hahaha.

  • I’ll be more around, more present.
  • I’ll try to be more interactive, I swear I am trying my best hahaha.
  • I will continue to change for the better.

To everyone who continue to read whatever I have to write and listen to whatever I want to say, thank you. Thank you for being there.

To the TFIOB family, ilang months lang yata akong HIATUS ang dami na nadagdag hahaha let’s see each other again soon!

And most especially to these people:

Space, Kat, Kate, Amielle, Alona, Jhem, Aubrey, Lhory, Bharath, Jolens, Ica, Eca, Krishel, Mommy Meg, CJ, Chammy, Aysa, Kuya Keso, Jassie, Rhea, Kuya Jheff, Ely, Jonathan


Aside from all the ganaps in the office, I wanted more space for myself hence the little hiatus but I’m still on twitter anyway. I guess that’s the INFJ in me. Bigla biglang nawawala hahaha. I hope you understand. I needed to focus on healing myself emotionally. I went to church (almost) every Sunday, I went boxing about 2 to 3 times a week, I worked on myself so that I could give or share more of myself to you diba hehehe.

I just want to say as well, I AM BACK ❤