Thank You for Saving Me

This is probably the hundredth time I am writing this. I was actually about to post something like this yesterday after working so hard on it, but I feel like it’s filled with drama and grabe ako makaemote so I’m going to start all over again and we’ll see if this gets published.

How do you say thank you to people whom you have not met but were there for you any time of day when you needed them? How do you say thank you to the ones who have saved your life a couple dozens of times and they have not even seen you face to face? So here’s to you guys, to every single one of you who have been so helpful especially in times when I was in a dark dark place. Basically, everyone on my “Everyday Reads” and a couple more who have reached out to me one way or another. I wanted to post all the comments you left that really made a big impact in my life but there’s just so many that choosing only a couple from each person would not do it justice. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Every comment you left, every comforting words you shared with me when I was just about to pull that trigger (metaphorically ah. I don’t have a gun lol) helped me heal, helped me see the light, helped me think about things rationally.

I guess I wouldn’t be here, physically present, if it were not for people like you. Our simple conversations and exchange of thoughts mean a lot to me and I am hoping we continue to have this kind of relationship until the end of time. (see? Ang drama)

Also from spending time with me in hard times to enjoying with me in funny times (when I wrote the KyxAila serye haha) thank you so much.

Thank you for being there when no one else was.


17 thoughts on “Thank You for Saving Me

      1. Ahahahaha namimiss na rin kita ate pate mga kwento mo, dami ko nang namiss 😂 namimiss ko na rin kayong lahat 💛 iba talaga feeling pag nasa blog huhu at waw thank you sa appreciation ng existence ko haha kayo rin, lumawak talaga yung mundo ko ng ilang percent dahil dito 😂 Happy New Year! 🎇


  1. Hi, pero pwede papalit nung link ko sa ‘everyday reads’ mo. HAHAHAHA jk pero new year! Gusto ko talaga yung new beginnings feel ng new year kaya fight lang. lets make 2018 a great year!! ❤


  2. Ehhhhh…. Ano ba yan? Wait lang. Kinikilig pa ko eh. 😊 I want to say the same thing to you too, thank you for being one of the new people/friends I have gained in probably the lowest year of my life. Yung regularly mong pagchicheck in sakin nun, it meant a lot to me. Kinikilig pa rin ako pag naaalala ko. 😀 Salamat friend.

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      1. Papunta ako don. 4pm out ko derecho ako Gateway. Dun sa Banapple sa Gateway magkita kita. DM kita sa twitter, text mo ko. PUMUNTA KA! hahaha ❤


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