Life Lately

For a while I have succumbed to my depressive tendencies but since I am out of my shell again, I will fascinate you with my enthusiastic writing spirit.

  • I have updated my Everyday Reads and I am happy that my list is growing! Personally, I’d love for all the members of TFIOB to be on my list but I can’t seem to put everyone’s link all at the same time. Jusme. Please please help me, please leave me your links on the comments below (ang artista ko dito chos) so I can add you. The ones I have added already are the ones I’m close with our the first ones who exposed me to the Filipino blogging community but it doesn’t mean that I will have it exclusively only for those I like because at this point of my life, I like everyone in TFIOB and I don’t mind reading your blogs on a daily basis! So please, help me. Comment your links and I will gladly put your link on my blog! ❤
  • Hmm what else? Oh yeah, I am actually comfortable with my “strict” diet, I love my skincare products and right now as of the 3rd of November around quarter to 6 in the evening, I am feeling happy and okay. Whoohoo!
  • Also, Amielle, Ica, Krishel and I have discussed the Japanese movie entitled “Tomorrow I Will Date Yesterday’s You”.  (It was because Amielle went crazy and she asked us what we know but of course I didn’t know the movie so I watched it. Ayan, naulol din ako.)
    The movie is SOMETHING. I swear. I didn’t pay much attention to it but towards the end, I’m going crazy without even knowing it. HAYY! You guys should also watch it. NKKLK. (I also told Jolens and Amielle told everyone in TFIOB to watch it hahahahah kaloka) I don’t know if this is a good movie but it’s something. hahaha!
  • After the holiday (October 31 and November 1) I didn’t like the idea of going back to work but miraculously, I was able to finish everything I needed to finish and I am even working in advanced to avoid backlogs! Hah!
  • What else? Oh during the Halloween, I read the first 3 books of Harry Potter again and when I was done, Kyx and I watched the movies! Kyx was not a fan but I think he turned into a Potterhead after 3 movies hahaha. I forgot how much feels and love I have for these books! NKKLK.
  • Also, I forgot to publish my #KyxAila serye!! I’m so sorry!!! Hahahahaha I will schedule the posts tomorrow hihi.

I have something to write about and I am excited to write it all. My mind is racing and I need to chill! I’ll probably write tomorrow.

XOX, Tee



12 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. atlis naman dun sa discussion natin eh may natumbok tayo kahit isa sa mga tanong ni emyel. =)))))))) at ayun, ang hinihintay kong serye, sa wakas! #nagdedemandhere lol love you ate! <33


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