September 16 and 17

After the book signing, Kyx and I went to Ayen and Bella’s simple but fun 21st birthday celebration. I love spending time with these youngins cause I feel young too hahaha I’m their Ate and even if I am 5 years older, we still click together eh.

We stayed for about an hour then left for ramen at Makati with his friends.

This is my 2nd try at Mendokoro Ramenba. I didn’t like it the first time we went there but maybe because I ordered their tantanmen which is clearly not the best-seller (or ako lang nagdecide na hindi siya for best-seller?) Anyway, we were there around 9:30? Traffic from Pasig to Makati wasn’t that bad, it’s in fact very light and smooth. We picked Suwa up at Glorietta 4 and we went to Mendokoro Ramenba where we waited for Kenneth and King. We were in line for about an hour, there are a lot of people and we didn’t know it’s a big hit. I always thought of that restaurant as meh but then it changed! HAH! We ordered the Super Chashu, I didn’t order my own bowl cause I ate at Ayen and Bella’s birthday gig and I was still full so Kyx just gave me some of his and I LOVED IT GRABE ANO BA. Huhuhu. I always thought Ippudo was the best ramen place here in PH but I think I love Mendokoro Ramenba now!

After eating, we hung out for a bit with the boys and talked about life and all the fun stuff they have to share hahaha. Kyx’s friends are my friends too and it’s always nice to hang out with them.

Sunday, Kyx and I did nothing but cleaned our room, watched K-Movies and slept. I like slow and lazy Sundays more often than not. Nakapahinga ako ng maayos.

How was your weekend guys?
I was planning to go to the last day of the Manila International Book Fair 2017 at SMX Moa but decided not to. Aside from the fact that traffic would be so bad, there would be lots of people too and there’d be loads of books that I would buy even if it wasn’t part of my budget so I chose to sleep instead. Magagastos ko talaga yung buong sahod ko don kaya I didn’t trust myself hah!


14 thoughts on “September 16 and 17

    1. Emyel, nung payat pa ako lalong prominent yan eh huhuhu nung dati, akala ko normal yan tapos nung tumatagal, marami na nagsasabi na like nila yung cheekbones ko so damang dama ko na sya ngayon. Salamat!!! ❤ hihihi kilig meee


      1. Sige, i-try ko muna sa Ippudo then next ko yang Mendokoro.

        Heheh.. Natanong ko lang kung saan ka kase sa FB nakashades ka. Hindi kita makilala kapag wala kang shades. Tsaka curious din ako sa cheekbones na sinasabi nila. I guess minsan ang mga guys hindi talaga napapansin ang mga ganung details.


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