Never The Virgin Mary

I remember being a bit sad (though I never admitted it) because I don’t get to be a Virgin Mary in Christmas related presentations. If I won’t be one of the angels, I’m probably a flower or a tree. Never the Virgin Mary.

When I was younger, I loved the spotlight. I just do my thing and I love performing. I grew up being a cheerleader, dancer, actress in school plays (think of me as Sharpay Evans with the attitude of Gabriela Marquez from High School Musical LOL) I’m pretty much competitive, I don’t get shy, I always have a big role—you probably get it already HAHA. So when Christmas presentations are approaching, I get a little bit let down. You see, I don’t get to be the Virgin Mary even if I acted so good or even if I have the most perfect costume for it simply because “No, the Virgin Mary has this angelic face and a whiter skin. Your skin is dark, your eyebrows are too thick you don’t look like the Virgin Mary at all”.

I didn’t tell my mom how bad I felt but she told me that it’s okay, I don’t need to play the Virgin Mary part anyway because I can have a lot of different roles that I can portray better.

I didn’t cry and later on realized that I don’t even want to play that role anyway.

At an early age, I learned where I place myself, when to place myself. I learned that I can be both great and amazing but not all parts of the play can be achieved through greatness, some roles are meant for me to play while some are not.

I don’t need to be too bold and popular, I don’t need to be bida bida all the time (bida bida is a slang in Tagalog which means, uhm, you know Sharpay Evans and how she is? That’s bida bida HAHAHA I can’t explain it)

I don’t need to always be that person everyone adores. I can be who I am and people can like me if they want as they can hate me if they want ~I don’t care.


8 thoughts on “Never The Virgin Mary

  1. Ayus lang yan…ako nga noon pag united nations gusto ko maging Ms. Japan or China or Italy or USA kasi cute yung costume pero lagi akong ginagawang Ms. Morocco, Bangladesh, Turkey at Saudi. Sadyang ganyan ang buhay 😂😂😂😂

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    1. Dati gusto ko sa United Nations yung mga Switzerland ganern HAHAHAH ginagawa akong India o Saudi Arabia tapos inuuto nalang ako ng kuya ko na ako naman daw eh si Princess Jasmin from Aladdin hahahaha


  2. Nung grade school ako, yung friend ko yung gusto ng drama teacher to be Mary sa nativity play because she was a better actress pero nag-veto sa principal. Gusto ni principal yung isang student na mas maganda and mas maputi sa friend ko (aminado naman ako haha) yung Virgin mary. Historically speaking as a Jewish woman born in the Middle East, the Virgin Mary would have been short with dark brown skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Also since she was a peasant most likely she would have worked all day, so she would have had a robust figure and rough worker’s hands. I printed out all that research and inaway ko talaga principal namin. Hahahaha.


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