How Did I Gain New Filipino Friends Here???!! (UPDATED)

Seryoso. Guys, where did you find my blog? Hahahahaha

I can’t believe it. It makes me so kilig that I found new friends here. New followers and that’s not even the catch, the catch is new FILIPINO and Asian followers and friends!

I don’t get as much Filipino blogger friends. I always thought no one in the Philippines ever really reads my blog until Kate came along, then Say Cheese! came along. Until Ica and then the rest just followed!

Why am I so fascinated. Ang babaw ko diba. It’s just that it makes me so kilig and finally, I can write in Filipino. One of the many reasons why I write in English is because I don’t have Filipino followers. Now I can write in Filipino (Tagalog) for more emosyon! LOL.

Just really grateful and I want to thank you all especially my new Filipino blog friends. Again, I don’t get as many kaya I really appreciate you guys.

Check their blogs here:

Ica // Kate // Say Cheese!

Keira // Isabelle // Krishel // Pen and Paper // Princess // Amielle

Vienna // Monch

Did I miss anyone? If so, please comment so I can give you a shout out! whoo!!

Also, do you guys get notified when I put the link of your blog here? If not, how do I do that? or is there such a thing? hahaha Thanks!


30 thoughts on “How Did I Gain New Filipino Friends Here???!! (UPDATED)

  1. Haha nahanap ko tung blog mo ate nung nagcomment ka sa post ni ate Ica. I saw na Filipino ka kaya ayun I checked out your blog.. 😁😊 Ang happy ko nga rin noong marami rami na rin mga friends kong Filipino dito sa WP..😁

    At ate hindi ata nanonotify ung blogger pag nilink, magnonotify lang ata pag isa sa mga post nya ung nilink mo.. Ganun ata..haha based on experience lang. Haha

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    • Gahhh I should have included your link in this post!! I shall edit! 😀 hahaha ang saya kasi to meet people here. I feel like everyone is awesome and genuine. Sa ibang social media kasi parang hindi naman intimate hahaha 🙂


      • Hahahaha it’s okaaaay! Yaaas coz dito we get to read glimpse of our deepest thoughts unlike in other social sites. But I’ve met a lot of my internet friends na din and now we can talk deep shizz ☺️Hoping to meet you guys din 🙂


  2. I found you through this post! I was searching for real talk/tough love type entries on WordPress search and I was drawn in by this particular line: “The world will keep its pace and spin, the sun will continue to rise and set, night will come as days would and life goes fucking on no matter how badly you feel.” So I followed and started stalking your blog tapos nalaman ko na best friend mo pala si Gert so I followed you na rin on insta hahahaha #stalker

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  3. Yay! Looks like we found the same group of followers 😀 I follow a lot of the same blogs. I think I found your blog through the same followers also! Unfortunately, I can’t understand Tagalog :/ But google translate does!! So I will always understand what you are writing haha

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