Friday Mini Meltdown

Everything was going well yesterday until the clock struck 9 o’clock.

Before my mini meltdown, let’s talk about first how my Friday went.

Woke up early so that Kyx can renew his license and so I can get mine. It didn’t take too long for the licensing staff to finish so we probably just spent a good 15 minutes in their office. It was pretty early so we went to the mall and I shopped for an office bag (I don’t buy bags and shoes regularly. Usually, it takes about a year or more before I buy another and this one is long overdue) after getting myself a bag, Kyx and I went grocery shopping then headed to Pepper Lunch for lunch. We bought a book that I’ve been dying to read (The Alchemist –I gifted a copy to a friend and I felt like I wanted to have my own so..) afterwards, we bought Japanese mochi balls (donuts) and milktea, then drove to Kyx’s dentist.

The whole time he was having his teeth cleaned and braces adjusted, I was watching Korean Drama (She Was Pretty) which was pretty awesome.

Headed home and bought Pork Barbecue and Inihaw na Bangus for Dinner.

Ate dinner, drank tea and I tried sketching my next artwork.

*cue mini meltdown*

It was over 10 minutes that I have been trying to sketch my next artwork but I can’t seem to properly sketch it. The proportion, measurement, look of the eyes, nose, the butterfly. Until I got so frustrated with myself and (ugly) cried for 30 minutes. Kyx had to pause the work he was finishing because he had to comfort me. I fell asleep immediately after my mini meltdown.

I just can’t believe how I let myself struggle like that. How I cry ever so easily because of the little things. It’s like I am crying over spilled milk more often than I should. It’s just hard.


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