Depression Is

When will people ever understand the gravity of depression?

Depression is you—battling and fighting with yourself all day, every day.

Depression is knowing that you have people who love you, support you and are willing to help you no matter what but you’re just so sick, too sick of everything, even sick of yourself.

Depression is loving other people and thinking about them so much but you just feel like you’re ruining their lives by simply existing.

Depression is not knowing how and what to feel anymore.

Depression is more than just mere anger and loneliness.

Depression is speaking to people you love and crying out for help in a language no one seems to understand.

Depression is understanding that you have a problem within you, in the depths of your soul in the very core of your heart but nothing seems to make the problem go away.

Depression is telling other people how you feel in a subtle but meaningful way hoping they’d understand you.

Depression is not just felt because something sad happened.

Depression is always always lingering in all corners of your body ready to creep out and slip through at any given moment.

Depression is understanding other people do not care as much as you would have wanted them to be.

Depression is shutting yourself, bounding yourself from yourself.

Depression is not something that can easily disappear.

Depression is always a battle for as long as you live.



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