Healing Takes More Than Just Time


Over the course of time, in my healing process I realized that it’s more than just time. Healing takes a lot of courage and acceptance. You just can’t depend on how long you’ve been going through the same shit expecting yourself to just go and move on, get healed.

Of course, healing takes time. No matter how hurt you are, no matter how painful it is, no matter how long you felt like you’ve been suffering, all these are temporary and you will heal.

Through time, you’d embrace every single crap you ever dealt with and understand the pain it caused you. You will realize that it’s not because the universe wanted you to suffer but simply because everything happens for the greater cause and you must take your struggles as opportunity for growth.

Everyone heals in time, everyone realizes their mistakes, everyone understands each other given the right amount of time, the right moment.

Aside from that, you must take hold of your courage. With courage, you’d be able to accept things as it is without fearing what the future has to offer.


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