More About Cohabiting

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that cohabiting is right (or wrong). I’m just saying that we are entitled to decide on the things we do with our lives. As long as our families support our choices, as long as you get your act together and try your hardest to be responsible adults, as long as you’re not hurting anybody, then I don’t see anything wrong with the whole cohabiting thing.

Okay let me get a few things straight first before I go on with this issue.

  1. I am all for respecting other people’s opinion and beliefs. I am not one to argue whether they think something is right and wrong. I just feel like we don’t need to impose our own beliefs on other people and expect them to abide.
  2. I have learned in my Speech Communication class that whenever you are in an argument, when you are on a debate about a certain issue or topic, never never never EVER put religion in an argument. It’s just plain ol’ bias and sorry but (bullshit).
  3. All points are valid. As long as you do not impose it on others.

Moving onnnn, let’s have a jolly talk about cohabiting and whatnot. Recently, Nadine Lustre (a Filipino actress) caught mixed reactions when she gave a statement about cohabiting with her boyfriend, James Reid. She didn’t really confirm nor deny it but she sure gave a statement any millennial would have given and the public couldn’t help but give their two cents on this matter. Like I said, I don’t care if you think it’s right or wrong, I just hate it when people impose their values on others. Also, I’m not even a JaDine fan okay?

I guess what triggered me to write about this is when a lot of people said stuff like “Since when did something become right just because many are doing it?” GURL, WHAT?

Why do people impose their own (religious) beliefs on others? I mean okay, we all get that you have strict family “values” and you have this perception of what’s right and wrong and that it’s immoral to cohabit with your partner before marriage because?? Oh yeah, because “what will our neighbors think?” or “what will aunt debra say if she finds out?” or “what will my amigas say if they find out my unicah hija is living together with her boyfriend?” and no, I wouldn’t give you the “it’s 2017” crap or “everybody’s doing it, be open minded” bullshit. But I’ll have to say that your beliefs may not be the beliefs of others and that’s alright! Your principles and family “values” may be on a different page but that doesn’t make it right as well.

Other people wrote about statistics and how marriages fail because of cohabiting. I mean come on people, what is the deal? Why throw your (stupid) statistics and meddle with other people’s life? You don’t even know them in real life. Like do they know you exist? I mean if a relationship fails, it most certainly did not fail just because a couple cohabited to begin with, because relationships work when two people make it work. Relationships fail because of the inability to compromise, understand and love. Some people even get married without cohabiting and still end up screwing their relationships!

At the end of the day, when people screw up, let them screw (the fuck) up because that’s part of the learning process in life. That’s part of growth. When people make mistakes (of cohabiting and ending up being shit) let them go back home.

I was gonna say à “Cohabiting is all sorts of fun and drama. Get over your stuck up asses and leave people alone. You’re welcome.” But it seems so offending for those who oppose cohabiting so, maybe I’ll just end this with an open minded note. If you are not for cohabiting, get your facts straight and do not impose your values on others. If you are for it, that’s also fine!

In a nutshell, what I’m really trying to get at is the issue on how people impose their beliefs on others, dictating what’s “right and wrong”. If you firmly believe in something like you think it’s right or it’s wrong, go ahead. No one is stopping you. Just don’t force others to believe in that when they have their own beliefs.


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