“I Belong”

Over the course of time, over the years, I created my own world while making myself belong to a small group. When that failed me, I lost that group and was dumbfounded to realize that I didn’t belong anywhere else!

I have a bunch of other small circles but I’m not a solid part of it. It’s like I’m just there for a wee bit but when all else fails, I don’t get to be remembered simply because I don’t truly belong there.

Maybe it was my fault. I succumb to the world I created for many many years without realizing that losing those people would make me feel like I don’t get to go anywhere else.

It’s hard to try to fit in on a spot you didn’t have in the first place now that you’re 26—that’s my thought all day everyday. Then I realized, why do I even try. To be honest, at 26 years old, I shouldn’t bother anymore.


3 thoughts on ““I Belong”

  1. Hi ate. I remember when I was in my 1st year in college, wala akong naging circle na nagstay ako nung year na yun. I have this group nung nagstart yung class, all girls kami & two gay friends. Di kami nagclick, nagkaron ng misunderstandings ganon. Hanggang sa napunta ako sa ibang group, which until now, friends ko pa rin. Pero di ganon ako ka-close sa iba, pero kasama ako sa circle na yun. Minsan feel ko na isolated ako kasi may mga pinaguusapan sila na di ako makarelate kahit kasama ako sa group na yon. Ayun, feel ko lang na di ako marunong makipaginteract sa iba, kaya naiiwan ako. XD

    Hehe, naalala ko lang dahil sa post mo po. :—)

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    • Siguro iba lang talaga yung meant na maging friends mo. Ako for the longest time I have a solid group pero recently, di na ako part non kaya siguro I was longing and struggling to be part of another group. But then I realized, siguro things will fall into place din kahit wag pilitin. Kasi during my recovery period (after my demise sa “solid” group ko) I was really trying to fit into other group of friends (though friends ko naman talaga sila, di lang talaga ako part ng group nila) pero something was off. Parang hindi naman talaga ako part so I felt like I didn’t belong there. Ang dami kong sinasabi hahaha pero okay lang yan, at least malalaman natin kung ano ba yung gusto natin by spending alone time with ourselves. 🙂 Walang better companion than yourself kaya kaibiganin mo muna sarili mo 😀

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  2. Totoo po. Hahahaha mas okay na isa or dalawa lang yung friends mo atleast feel mo na part ka nila sa buhay nila. And yes to self-love. Narerealise ko yun ngayon na andito ako sa Pampanga and wala talaga akong friends dito kasi di naman ako nagstay ng matagal, now lang ako tumira. Hehehe. Dami kong life advices na nakukuha sayo ate. Tambay talaga ako sa blog mo, parang breather ganon. 😂

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