“If I could go back, I’ll fix it”

In my healing process, I have found that I only think of the “If I could go back, I’ll fix it so that everything will be okay again” kind of stuff when my mind is clouded and eyes blinded with tears. Realizing now, that for me, is a band-aid solution. Aside from the fact that it is not actually possible, it’s also no good to wish that things could go back to the way it were after a specific circumstance.

There are exemptions to this however. A loss of a loved one such as death and all that but when it comes to life changing things such as a break up, friendship break up, career problems, boss problems, money problems and all that, you get to experience this not as punishment but as growth. So there’s literally no point in regretting shit when it’s for the sole purpose of your own good.

Remember, if you haven’t gone through the crap you have to deal with back then, you wouldn’t be as strong and successful as you are now as a person.

Get over it, look at it as lessons and make a rainbow of your own after the storm.


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