Live a Happy Life!

Why is it so hard for some people to be happy with their lives? Why is it that they focus more on the things that hurt them, on the things that are causing so much pain in them, on the people who are nothing but toxic to their souls? Why is it so easy for them to look at the flaws instead of the good ones? Why is it so easy to generate more hate than love? Why is it so easy to misunderstand something rather than understand it instead?

If you take a step back and try to look at things in a non-judgmental perspective, you will notice how people tend to complicate a lot of things when in fact, they can easily just choose the easier side.

  1. Stop focusing on the things that hurt and cause pain. Instead, focus more on the things that make you smile. Try to block out every single thing and person that only makes you sad. They are not worth your tears and heartache. There’s more to your life than the hurt and pain so let it go.
  2. When you notice someone’s flaws, mistakes and stuff they didn’t intend to do, try to remember the things they did well on. Those things when they hit the bull’s eye. The times that they were just perfect in a situation. Overlook the flaws as much as you can and you’ll be able to start overlooking the negative things on a regular basis.
  3. Avoid generating more hate. Hate is powerful enough and you need not set it aflame more than it already is. Instead, dig deeper in your soul and find the love that may be hard to give. In situations when it is easier to just be mad, get angry and get even—take all the strength and energy that you can muster and crush those negative emotions with love.


But then, in a nutshell, always try to step back before weighing what’s good and what’s bad. Look at the bigger picture and you’ll see a clearer image of the whole thing!


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