Turning Things Around


“How will I ever get back up from this trauma? How will I ever be okay after all these things happened? How will I ever move on? How will I get over everything when the pain crushed me so hard, my bones shattered inside my body. How?”

The thing about every painful thing that happened to our lives is that it is inevitable. Sadly, everything happens because it’s part of our fate. It’s meant to happen or it happened for a reason that will be for the betterment of ourselves. Sometimes, it’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that something tragic happened to you. Why not anyone else? Why not them instead of me? It’s simply because it is meant for your own growth.

How to turn things around when everything and everyone failed you? When you were pushing towards success but you end up being beaten down almost to your grave. When the betrayal is so damn impossible to believe because these people were your backbone for the longest time! When everything was going so damn well but you blinked your eyes and everything turned into total disaster?! Simple. You pick up everything that was thrown your way. You pick up everything. You pick up the shit and gems that have been thrown in your face and use it as the main substance that will help you grow into something better. Better than the people who tried to destroy you, better than yourself. Use everything for your own well-being and turn it all around. When you get shit, turn it into something important to you. Turn it into your own advantage. This is your chance to turn bad situations into opportunities. Into windows of learning and growth.

Because if things are meant to destroy you, then the more you should be able to counter it by using it into your advantage. Do not let anyone destroy you or dull your sparkle. Do not let anyone kill you inside. Do not let yourself be broken for so long. Cause trust me, you deserve better than all the crap the world has to offer.



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