Let’s talk About Billboard Guy


It went viral on social media about a day or two ago. A “CEO” asked a local actress to have a coffee (date) with him through a billboard.

It gained a lot of attention over social media but reactions were a mix of puppy dog eyed people praising and telling the guy how brave he is and the other half are composed of those who rather thought it was creepy, uncalled for, bragging and pathetic.

Here are links that may help you:

a lot of local news sites in the Philippines wrote about it and oh well, it went viral on social media sooo.. what can you say?

For me, I find billboard guy so creepy. Aside from a lot of underlying issues, it’s plain creepy.

  1. I am never a fan of grand gestures. No. I don’t like those and I hate attention if those who will be looking at me are not people I know. So, no. I don’t like grand gestures.
  2. The way billboard guy talks (on his posts) it seems like he’s bragging every single thing he ever accomplished in his (stupid pathetic) life (I sound so mean cause as much as I am trying to be objective and rational, I can’t hide the irritation!! Ffs!) It’s like he mentions a lot of things he bought and places he’s been every chance he gets as if it is a determining factor whether people would opt to date you or not.
  3. The usage of flashy things and money is so pathetic.
  4. Doing something so grand that involves the public? I mean come on, the girl he’s asking is a public figure. She will be judged so hard whether she says yes or no and the annoying thing is? She never asked to be part of that. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK RIGHT?
  5. After that attention seeking moment, the guy decided to post articles about him going viral. It seems like he really loved the attention right? Which makes it a bit more annoying and creepy.

Again, this is from my personal point of view.

We can say that the guy is able and really is a fan of grandiosity but hahahah he is not sincere. LOL.

Oh and he turned out to be a scammer: https://twitter.com/waniedoo/status/882048742660100096


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