Moving On

About 2 nights ago I think, a friend sent me a screenshot of statuses—indirect quotes and stuff like that, obviously intended for me from my exfriends.

I didn’t feel anything. I was a bit shocked because if I can remember clearly ako ang iniwan sa ere (I was the one left behind) so why bother post stuff about me? Isn’t it your role to post how happy you are with your life with no trace of me or anything that transpired?

That night, I dreamed about everyone from that circle. Including those who are still civil with me, everyone involved and semi involved.

We were at the beach, taking photos of each other. While enjoying the sun, I was thinking as to why are we together because we are not friends anymore right? In my dream, everything seems to be okay. Everything is resolved and we were happy. Aside from my confusion, all is well.

When I woke up, the aching heart is nowhere to be found. The clench in my stomach is not there. In short, I feel okay!

As of the moment, I am okay and I don’t feel as hurt as I have been before. I don’t know until when I’d feel okay but my fingers are crossed!


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