Here’s How You Will Get Over All The Pain

After all the pain and drama, after your heart being wrenched by some sort of brutal force, after all the betrayal, strong and sad words, after knocking you down, after everything that has transpired, you redeem yourself and realize that you’ve come a long way. You are done with this chapter and you are on your way to moving on. That’s what you will do and you’ll be as strong as ever.

Right now, you haven’t fully healed and that’s okay. That’s how it works anyway. You don’t get to forget as easily as you hope to but that’s how you will learn a lot about life and about yourself. You just have to push yourself harder to be stronger every day even if it’s such a struggle because believe me, you will be okay. Sooner or later, you will be fine and you’ll forget how much it caused you that terrible pain. You will forget you’re angry and that you will live a more harmonious life than ever!

You might be going through that phase wherein you get lost and confused with the emotions you have. At times you only think about happy thoughts and then you begin to miss these people who put you to so much shame and crisis. Then there are moments when you feel so mad and angry that you plot a lot of evil things in your head just so you could feel so much better. And then there are moments that you just can’t help but cry. However, trust that you will smile the next time you see them, heard their names or learn about them. You’d smile without the familiar hurt in your heart, without the clenching of your stomach. You’d smile sincerely and there are no more confusions.

Someday you will get past all the ugly stages of grief. Someday you will accept what happened whole-heartedly. Someday there will be no more pain you have to deal with every day. Someday it’ll all be okay. Until then, feel what you have to feel. Every time you knock yourself over by your tragic experiences, stand up well enough until it knocks you back down cause you know what, it’ll all be over and you’ll be stronger. Stronger than ever.


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