Hola Amigos


I owe you guys a biggie. If not for you all who keep reading and visiting me and wanting to hear from me, I would have died a long time ago by killing myself. In all honesty, I am compelled by my suicide thoughts but with dear people like you guys, you give me so much hope in this world. In all the cruelty, you continue to strive for kindness and show me that no matter how simple, you gave me more care than anyone could ever give.

I mean ya know, aside from my family, you guys are amazing with the support you keep giving me.

I am off to visit your blogs and hopefully, be updated by your writings and rants and realizations and experiences. I enjoy tremendously all that you have to share so I may do it slowly, but I’ll surely visit and leave you guys comments ❤

I also haven’t been painting. I painted a month ago but I haven’t finished it. Sometimes, when you get off of the track it’s a bit harder to go back.

I also haven’t told you much about the fun stuff I experienced with my friends! So maybe I’ll do it within this week.

I can’t wait to visit your blogs and read about everything that transpired in my absence!

I’m so sorry that I was MIA. I found myself always curled up and kept ignoring social media that my blog kinda suffered as well. Let’s get back on track now shall we?



15 thoughts on “Hola Amigos

  1. Oh my god, I had no idea you were struggling with suicidal thoughts 😔 I’m so sorry Althea 😔 Please know that you can talk to me *any* time at all! I used to struggle with depression and anxiety myself so I know a little bit of what you’re going through. Take the time for self care and don’t worry too much about social media and stuff online – your health is the most important thing! ❤️

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    • I used to be really suicidal hahaha but thank goodness for people like you, I’ve managed to stay alive!! Or maybe I still am rational, like whenever I want to die I’d think back and realize that there’s so much to live for!! It’s si hard especially for an introvert like me (most people just don’t get introverts hay naku!) pero thank you talaga. I’m glad to have blog friends and even gladder to know that you’re a Filipino too! (I don’t have a lot of Filipino followers kasi kaya I’m super thrilled that I have at least 2-3 Filipino followers) o ayan, ang daldal ko diba hahahaha. Thank you talaga!! I appreciate it 💖

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      • never thought serious pala yung ‘suicidal’ chenelyn na yan. akala ko wordplay lang. good thing you overcame it already *hopefully*. this little box wouldn’t cater kung pag-uusapan natin yang topic, for I had a share myself. 😀

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      • Ang hirap iexplain minsan, parang yung suicidal thoughts hindi yung sa papansin levels kagaya sa movies minsan. Parang minsan okay na okay talaga ako tapos naiisip ko nalang na magpakamatay nalang kaya ako para tapos na lahat ng iniisip ko. Chikahan tayo soon! hahhaha Thank you, minsan struggle talaga pero minsan naman I get by. 😀

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      • i guess on my side, naget over ko na yung thoughts na iyon. sometimes make me sad na lang pero not to the point that you need to take away your life. maybe i just learned to accept who i really am.

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    • Thank you Kendall! I felt like I have missed a lot of your life updates. Please don’t think that I’ve ditched you and that I don’t value you and our friendship. I always think about you and I am always hoping that you’re feeling better than ever! ❤

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  2. I’m glad you’re back to blogging again! I’m scared for you, knowing now how much you’ve been struggling–I hope you realize how much I (and you’re other readers!) value your words, your personality, your artwork and everything that is unique about you! Even though we’ve never met, I really care about you and hope you’re okay! ❤❤❤

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    • I am really happy to know that!!! (your comment made me teary eyed. seriously!) I don’t make instant connections in person or on a day to day basis but with you and my other readers, I have this instant connection with you guys! I always think about how you guys are, like how you are, how’s your relationship with M, how’s your chess thing going and so on. I really care about you too and hopefully, our friendship (even though we’ve just known each other here) would last!! 🙂

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      • That’s makes me happy, too! As a fellow introvert, sometimes I feel like I can make stronger connections through writing than speaking… maybe you know the feeling! Just because we connect through a blog doesn’t mean our friendship doesn’t go beyond that!

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  3. hindi ko alam actually ano icocomment ko nung una dito after I ‘stalked’ your previous posts. Hindi naman ganun katagal yung hiatus mo. lol. kung ako ma writer’s block or mag busy-busy-han, takes me months!

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    • Oo nagiinarte lang ako na matagal yung hiatus ko. Nawalan ako ng gana sa life, sa pakikipaginteract, sa social media. Parang lahat ng nakikita ko sa IG at FB natitrigger ako malungkot ulit pero ngayon mukang okay okay naman ako so we’ll see how this goes hahaha 🙂

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