To My Dear Friend

Sometimes, for odd reasons, we doubt ourselves and our capabilities. We let our weaknesses get to us instead of focusing on our strengths. We look at other people and seek their approval because we don’t think we’re good enough but that’s wrong.

My dear friend, you may think that you’re weak and that you’re too far from your goal but you are stronger than what you think. You are strong enough to be alone, strong enough to not seek validation from those who oppose your working style and belief. You know your craft, you know your strengths and if you wish you’d be as strong as other people, you’d be surprised as to how they wish they’d be as strong and powerful as you.

You know how to use your head. You may have been thinking a lot lately but in a non-personal level, you think better than anyone else. You are rational, reasonable, logical, wise and smart. You don’t put yourself in situations that may end up catching you off-guard as much as you don’t put people or their feelings on the line.

You don’t care about other people’s business if you’re not being asked to be part of it. It’s enough for you to show your care but enough to limit yourself from being nosy (even if you are not being “nosy” anyway)

You do not use other people’s weakness for your personal gain. Instead, you tell people how they can overcome problems and small issues.

You try as much as possible to be a better person for other people. You do not bring them down just to make yourself feel better.

You live a humble life. I mean you don’t boast about what you have and you don’t find the need to belittle people. In short, you may be privileged but you don’t use it against other people and that’s a good thing!

You may be a workaholic (take no offense) but it’s okay to breathe. You’re dedicated so much on your job, clinging onto it, clawing everything when it’s okay to stop. Your endless concern for revisions are funny and (I hate to admit it) but necessary because truth be told, you just want everything to be okay, fine and perfect. (*work wise, do know that we have different styles in working and you may be misunderstood sometimes but your intentions are good so don’t think people will not support you)

You may try to belittle yourself and doubt what you can do, you may think that your life is less happy than others’ but other people look at you in a different light than you look at yourself. Stop bringing yourself down. Take a step back, breathe and cry when you need to but always remember that no one has ever figured their life as early as 26, 27, 28? No one has ever been so sure of themselves even if they project otherwise. Trust me. As cliché as it sounds, it’s okay. Everyone goes through that phase. You may not feel okay soon but you’ll come around and you’ll see what I am trying to say. At the end of the day, there are a lot of good things about you and you just don’t realize it.


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