It has been what? 2 hours and I can’t even compose a decent ‘thank you’ speech?

Just to be clear and so that I can steer away from my words being twisted again, I’d like to inform you that this isn’t a pity party I want to throw. I was being honest and I didn’t just focus on my side of the coin. So if you feel like I am seeking attention and crying out for help, then you can hop off easily. Also, this blog is not meant to bash, scrutinize or even destroy other people. I didn’t even drop a name. I clearly talked about my experience, the way it happened and oh yes, it was very unfortunate. My mom was so angry. But all should be well and I may have a few more hiccups but at least I am moving forward.

Now, off to what I’ve been meaning to say.

I am overwhelmed with the support I received from people whom I thought I didn’t matter. A lot of my old friends messaged me not to ask for juicy details but to tell me that I’ll be alright. That everything will be fine in time. They didn’t pick sides or bash the people who did me wrong just to make me feel better, instead they focused on how I can be helped.

Your words—no matter how simple they may be are powerful and encouraging for me. It’s part of what keeps me going. I may not be too close to everyone who showed their support but they still ended up making me feel okay, taking their time to read about what I had to say on this blog and messaging me, reaching out, just to tell me I’d be okay.

Some of these people even shared a few of their own experiences and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

All that matters now is how I will take this as a learning experience, opportunity for growth and something other people will learn from. I am grateful for the people who stood by me in this dark and tough time of my life, those who didn’t judge my (ex) friends for what they did and who didn’t judge me for what I did before.

Thank you so much for everything. My heart is again, full.


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