Let’s Talk About Fun Things

I failed to mention the fun things I did recently and I don’t know, maybe I let the sadness wallow up and wrote the crazy situation I have been. It’s been almost a month since the thing happened and I’m really happy that I’ve been keeping up with life and I haven’t stopped trying. I have kept going and this is really amazing for me.

Here are the things that I did recently which I am grateful for. The bad things happened but the good times kept rolling too and I just failed to verbalize how happy I am to not have a miserable life at best.

  1. April 27 – Spent time with my family. It was also my sister in law’s birthday so my brother cooked a great lunch for us to share. Amazing, amazing, amazing! After our happy lunch, Kyx and I picked me and my sister up at home, went to the mall with his cousin and nephew—and we ate at our favourite ramen place, Ippudo! Again, we were treated fantastically and it’s always nice to have that experience. After early dinner, we went ahead and watched Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 with the kids and we had an amazing amazing time!
  2. April 28 – Kyx and I spent time doing grocery shopping and watching Attack on Titan. Though tiring, this day was still enjoyable at best.
  3. April 29 – went to the office and after office hours, our team went on to a Team Outing in a place called Samland, Laguna. We had so much fun bonding, drinking and talking about nice stuff. The next day we just had a great lunch and went home.
  4. April 30 – after our team outing, Kyx picked me up and we stopped by at KFC to grab dinner and then watched Attack on Titan the moment we got home. Afterwards, I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night throwing a tantrum that Kyx finds funny -_-.
  5. May 1 – Happy Labor Day! Kyx and I just had food delivered while we enjoy Attack on Titan season 2. I also did some Yoga after a 2-hour nap and eat fresh mixed fruits. I also watched Riverdale’s latest episode and I feel like I had a fun-filled day hah!

Also, I started bullet journaling. So far, I have wasted a lot of money on attempting DIY planning and all that. Now, I am trying to stick to this new journal and I hope and pray that I am able to stick to it until the end of the year! : )


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