26 So Far

People may perceive my (ex) best friends as monsters or inconsiderate or something like that. I can only see them as angry people who weren’t able to think it through and may have pounced the moment their emotions kicked in. Who are we to blame if they got mad and have done what they did?

I mean, I think I understand why it all happened. I’d like to think that maybe, they were just so mad that everything went blank. And if that’s not the case, then it’s okay. I just feel like I really know them and they couldn’t have done what they did had they been thinking clearly. Maybe they got really really really really mad? I don’t know.

It’s pointless to keep writing about the past so maybe I’ll start soon enough to write how I could work on myself and be a better person. I’m giving myself a chance and I believe I can be a better person.

No matter how bad things went, no matter how mean I was back then, what’s important is that I understand myself now and there’s nothing else I would want but to have peace of mind.

Being 26, there are a couple of things that I have learned and will definitely try to keep in mind for as long as I live:

  • Those who are meant to stay are going to stay no matter what.
  • These consequences make you learn may it be the hard way or not.
  • You’ll never stop growing, you’ll never stop learning.

When all else fails, there will always be someone who will help you get through shit.


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