I need an outsider’s point of view, no biases. Because I need to wrap my head around something.

This is not a pity party.

If you haven’t heard of my story just yet, please take a peek at these links and you shall find out.

Anyway, life hasn’t been really great lately but I am holding up. Really. I am not crying about it and that’s a huge deal because mostly, I cry about a lot of things, even the simplest ones! So it’s totally an achievement to not cry over things like this. Great.

Here’s the thing:

You’ve been friends all your life, you know each other very well but there were times you threw snide comments, lash out, got irritated and annoyed at one point, maybe a lot of times, but you were there when they needed a friend. You weren’t such a fake ass bitch all along but you had your moments and a fair share of rudeness and bitchiness that you thought was okay at that time. When you felt really bad about what you did, you make up for it and be really nice. But then again, no friendship is perfect and you still blew some parts off. Then you don’t know exactly what triggered everything but then all of a sudden, your friends ganged up on you in a very spiteful manner, sending screenshots of conversations, stuff you told them in confidence, it was so horrible and embarrassing. But just to be clear, it’s not all you. You were with another friend/friends, and that friend is agreeing and throwing snide comments as well in it for the bitch party you may or may not have started. However, you’re the only focus. The things you did and said from years back were pulled through again and was thrown in front of your face for the whole world to see. Again, these people are you friends since forever.

Do you have a “do differently” or you actually deserve it?

I deserve to have lost these people as friends, I know that. But do I deserve what happened? Exactly what happened? Does anyone deserve it? To be treated like that? This is not a cry for help but a call for definite and honest answers. This is not me playing victim, but I really want to understand why. I need to know if you were on the other side of the boat, will you have humiliated your friend as well? Would you have done the same? Please tell me. I really need to know because I’m being pushed over the edge of suicide. I know I wouldn’t do it, but I am just about to open that unpleasant idea. Don’t take this as a warning, I am not warning anyone, I just really want to be honest with what I am feeling and where I stand as of the moment.

I need your answers. It’s important to me. I wanna hear you.


10 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR OPINION. PLEASE.

  1. Darling. Smile. Be happy. You deserve it. Friends. Real friends wont do such thing. Just consider this as an elimination process . Be positive. You just got rid of one huge trash in your life theres no point of keeping this “friend” of yours. No friendship is perfect. But no friend uses your shit against you too. Love U. Smile sweetie

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m guessing you’re my aunt, my ninang, my sister, brother, or a very dear friend! ❤ Know that I love you too and that I take comfort in people like you in my life no matter what happens ❤


  2. Hi Thea:) I am sorry that things aren’t happy right now. I know how you feel, sadly. Friendships are really hard and extra hard to just drop. You know what I mean? No matter how awful they are to you it’s hard to say whatever forget you. I eventually ended up distancing myself and we all seem happier our separate ways. For months I struggled with this and was even depressed at one point. But I feel better off now. I hope things work out. I’m always here if you need me❤️

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    1. Kendall! One of the few who I love!!! Thank you so much! I have been meaning to email you about this but I figured you;ll absorb my sadness so I plan on talking to you about this once I feel okay and well. Hahaha! Thank you so much for being there for me all the time no matter how busy we both can get. I really appreciate it and I take comfort that I still have people like you in my life no matter how far apart we are ❤


  3. In my opinion, everyone deserves respect. Even if you have something negative to say about someone, you should say it with respect, and out of a genuine hope that the person will learn something from your criticism that will help them.
    Sometimes people lash out–feeling angry, overwhelmed, desperate, whatever–we all do it. And we might say things we regret, but if we apologize and try to make things right we’re doing our best. We’re only human!
    On the flip side, being a true friend also means forgiving when someone has done something wrong or stupid or hurtful *if* and *when* the person has done their best to apologize and make things right.
    I feel like I’m writing an essay, but what I mean to say is: friendships are complicated. You’re absolutely right to feel betrayed and wronged. I don’t think these women were fair in the way they treated you, and you shouldn’t internalize the things they accused you of.
    It’s okay if you made mistakes in your life. No one is perfect! You still deserve respect, love, and some true and trustworthy friends! It might take awhile to find new friends, but don’t let your bad experience keep you from trusting people or make you feel bad about yourself!

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    1. Thank you!!! I laughed when you said you felt like you were writing an essay hhaahaha! But every word you said rings true and it made me realize good things about myself and how I can pick up life lessons in this experience. Thank you for being honest and for helping me get through this. You’re one of the people here who make me feel that I matter.. that my feelings are important. Thank you so much!!! ❤

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  4. Thank you! You’re also one of the people here that makes me feel that I matter. I’m always glad that you took some of your time to make me feel better. I really appreciate it! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. Because you mentioned “being pushed over the edge of suicide”…

    Such “friends” are not worth losing your life for.

    Look at the incident as a way to understand people and also yourself. Avoid people with negative energies; they will either influence you or destroy you if they can’t influence you. It is not the number of years you’ve been with those “friends,” it’s the quality of time you have spent with them.

    You will always matter, even if others think you don’t. You exist, therefore you are of value to the One who chose you to exist. But it is up to you to make your time matter–with the quality of people you surround yourself with, and the kind of things you create in this existence.

    It’s tough, but this too shall pass. Nobody’s perfect; even angels and saints made mistakes. People will always make mistakes (and they can always learn from those mistakes) but they can always make improvements to their person too. 🙂

    I wish you well.

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    1. Wow Concerned Visitor! Thank you so so much for what you said. Eve if I have moved on from this experience (it all happened 1 year ago) I am still grateful and I feel very much inspired and encourage. Thank you for your kind words and in times that I will feel down, I’ll look back to what you said to cheer me on. ❤


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