Burning Bridges


Of course, if it isn’t for the famous burning of bridges for a better you and a better future?

They said that we shouldn’t burn bridges but that’s also different from one person to another. My mom always told us that cutting ties are hard but when necessary it is to be done.

I never wanted to burn bridges but maybe, it is now for the best and that’s necessary not only for my future but also for my growth as a person.

“Sometimes, you get the best light from a burning bridge.” That’s very true because these are learning experiences and these are things that you wouldn’t have seen if you didn’t burn bridges and cut ties.

I’m speaking while the wound is still fresh, while everything just happened very recently but what’s good is that I kept my cool, I stayed rational and I know just what to do now from hereon.

It’s also not easy to burn bridges especially if the bridge you’d be burning is built with a good foundation, if it stayed there for as long as you can remember. But while crossing that bridge, you find out that it’s better to burn it that look back—sometimes, it’s not worth it anymore.

Friends come and go, they do but not in the way we imagined it to be. Sometimes we feel like it’s just growing apart but when the time comes that bridges were to burned down, you look back in a state of shock while everything explodes right before your eyes. And kablam! The bridge you once loved was burned, never to return again.

What am I saying and what am I getting at? Burning bridges is necessary and not something we should all be afraid of.


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