Almost 26!

I was recently looking at my blog archives and guess what, IT’S A YEAR NOW SINCE I OPENED THIS BLOG! Hurray! This is my blog’s 1st anniversary and I would be making a 1 year anniversary post in a while. However, since this blog is 1 year old, it means that I’m also about to turn a year older!

What have I learned for the past year? What have I gone through? What happened to me? What changed? What progressed? Where I am now emotionally and mentally?

First, I have learned so much about myself. I learned to embrace my flaws and appreciate my strengths. I think I even started liking myself more!

Second, I feel like I have gone through shit and what amazes me is instead of being bitter about all the problems I encountered, I’m rather grateful and I loved life more! Looking back, I can’t even remember everything that has been part of my anxiety, depression and stress. According to “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…Omnibus” if it will not matter say 5 years from now, then don’t stress yourself too much about it. So I guess I should move forward and master that perspective and it will all be good.

Third, I gained more knowledge and wisdom (not that I am filled with it but I guess I learned new things). I gained new friends, learned to trust other people, learned to let go of people who do not give me importance, learned to value the ones that have been there, learned to understand more!

Fourth, what changed is pretty much my life perspective. I changed the way I look at things and I try my best to be as positive and as loving as I can.

Fifth, I guess my emotional and mental state improved. Although it’s hard to really let go and lighten up every day, I’m sure I’m doing okay.

The favourite thing I have learned though is getting rid of hate and insecurities. I love that I love myself more. I love that I see people in a brighter note, I love that I appreciate people even if I didn’t like them at first! I love that I don’t really dislike other people anymore. I used to get annoyed or irritated by people even if they’re not doing something to hurt me or even if they’re not generally mean to me or what. Now, I just appreciate everyone! I only get a little annoyed or irritated if that person is doing something that is really really annoying!

Now, even if I am an introvert and I don’t really like socializing that much, I still appreciate people and I find them cool or cute. I don’t get irritated or I don’t secretly hate on them. I genuinely like them now and it feels good. Aside from that, I don’t even have a reason to get mad at someone if they’re not doing anything mean right? So I suggest, if you’re still on that phase, let it go.


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