Powerful and Meaningful Advice From My Mom

I am not a talker, I guess. I mean I am quite talkative when I’m writing but say in person? Nope. I keep a lot to myself and most of the time; I bottle my feelings only to have it explode on a later time. A massive explosion at that.

So I was very angry, furious even—the other day and I let myself simmer down just a bit then I messaged my mom and told her why I was on my boiling point. I felt like I really am just talking to a best friend who absolutely understands my point. Like I didn’t have to explain myself to her because she knows me very well.

But what I got from her was a powerful and meaningful message which I can apply to everyday life. My frustrations and disappointments would probably go down the drain if I keep on doing what she told me. She told me this. “Let go. Don’t stress yourself with unimportant things and people undeserving of your concern”. TRUE THAT! AMEN! ATTA GURL!! That’s so true. That’s real talk in millennial speak!

If you don’t stress yourself from unimportant things, you live happily. If you don’t stress yourself with people undeserving of your concern, you don’t get disappointed that often!

It sounds so easy but it isn’t and we all know that. However, if you keep trying it then you might actually master it then the next thing you know is you’re less stressed and happier!

Think about it. I hope this helps you ❤

Xox, T.


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