What’s New?

I have written something and scheduled my posts but apparently, it didn’t go through again. I shall post them all soon—or even today if ya’ll don’t mind.

Uhm, what’s new? Nothing. I’m just trying to live super healthy as of the moment and hopefully, I can keep up with it.

I haven’t eaten pork since I don’t even remember anymore! I do yoga at least twice a day, before going to be and before getting ready for work. I ate a good portion controlled meal for breakfast, same for lunch and I plan on just having fluids for dinner today!

My gosh, yoga isn’t boring at all! It’s also not easy but I love it. I love doing yoga every day!

Unfortunately, no professional yoga class ever fits my schedule so I have to do it on my own through videos I see on YouTube. It’s very effective and helpful, geez.

I also got back to reading one whole passage from “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…Omnibus” daily. Before I start my day in general or before I work. It helps me have a more positive vibe to my day and that pretty much makes a great difference for my outlook in life on a daily basis.

Whenever I ask how you guys have been, no one really answers! But lemme ask again, how have you been? : )



2 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Glad things seem pleasant! As always, I miss you very much! As for how I have been, it has been rocky! Super cheerful because of the Spring air and sun, but them lonely too. Ahhh emotions, gotta love em. ☺

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