“How Much Money Do You Have in Your Bank Account?”

I have a bad habit of being harsher than I intend only because I say things with no bullshit and no sugar coating. I don’t intend to mess around or make fun of anyone, I just literally say what I think, when I think it. So this may sound harsh and rude but I am only speaking the truth and stating facts. Don’t take it against me. LOL.

Case on point: Money, Savings, Spending, Bank Account, Money in the Bank

I find it really astonishing as to how some people react over other people’s money habits such as how they spend and how they save. I mean I couldn’t wrap around my head as to WHY THE FUCK YOU CARE ABOUT HOW OTHERS SPEND WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN ANY WAY AFFECTED BY IT? LOL.

  1. People have different upbringings, aspirations and goals. You can’t be a pushover and impose what you think is right and what works out for you because it might be different for other people. When I see someone spend so much money on things, I dismiss the idea of judging them right away because they might have really wanted to spend their money on that particular thing or they saved for that or anything.
  2. If people spend way above their needs and would borrow money from me when they have spent all their money, then I’d probably get annoyed and blame it on the “cause you didn’t prioritize shit first didn’t you?” only under that circumstance will I put my judgment on the table.
  3. Who are you to say something about other people’s savings and spending habits? You did not work for that money so might as well shut your piehole?

I mean really, some people may put their judgment first and say a lot of things about other people but hey, did you stop and think first before opening your mouth and putting your opinion out there? Cause last time I checked, I work damn hard for my money and everyone knows DAMN WELL I DO! I have enough money saved everytime I get my paycheque from work, enough to send my sister to school, enough to buy my needs, enough to fucking eat ramen on a weekly basis (if I may add that)

If you are also curious as to how hard I work? Well I WORK 6 DAMN DAYS A WEEK. I don’t get to have 2 day offs so you do not know me, you do not know how hard I work and you don’t have any say or any right on how I live my life. You can go judge your own self for judging other people.



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