Positive Thinking and Responsibilities

Finally, my mom will be retiring. She started working since she was 17 and now she’s almost 54 and she hadn’t stopped since! Imagine how hard it is. Well, in the Philippines, we are not expected to work until we finish college. Like in our culture, our parents pay for our education from Pre-school to College. That’s how it is and that’s how it has always been. I think mom worked super hard because she sent us to really great schools without the help of anyone else. She’s a single mom. Get the picture?

I think it began to make me super anxious and stressed out when she is being overworked in her office. She’s usually on overtime and would always take home work even after spending about 16 hours or more in the office. She’s almost 54 and she’s not getting any younger! I was so worried so I am glad to take on huge responsibilities so that she’ll stop working.

With the help of my brother Theo (yes, my brother’s name is Altheo and I am Althea. No we’re not twins lol) we will be sending our little sister to school without having to ask mom for money. I don’t think I was ever ready for a huge responsibility but I know I can do it, we can do it!

I am staying positive about this and I can’t be any happier that at least right now, I am finally able to give back to my mom. She worked every inch of her soul just so we could have a beautiful life. She gave everything she have for us, for her children without asking anything in return. As I type this, I feel like a lump in my throat is forming. I am about to cry because I am so happy that finally, my mom can stop stressing herself out because her children will be there to support her.


2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking and Responsibilities

  1. I definitely think this is a really good decision for her after a lifetime of work to retire. It’s great that you and your brother will be helping her out with your sister’s school. I’m happy for you, Thea. 🙂


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